Weight Loss Workout Plan – When looking at the photos of you and your friends, do you like the shape of your body on those pictures?
Sometimes we are not quite aware of how we look or what type of shape we are in until we look backwards. 53% of all doctors are overweight, and 66% of our population are currently overweight and on their way to being obese.
Here at Armageddon Weight Loss DVD Program we have been proactively fighting obesity the only way we know how to; by involving doctors, scientists, fitness experts and champion athletes.
Welcome to Armageddon Weight Loss, the only and best weight loss fitness DVD program taught by 15 experts who are doctors, scientists, fitness experts and champion athletes.
We hear this all the time “I need someone to be there to push me because that is the only way I will get in shape.
It’s time for us to move beyond the idea that the best products are necessarily made in our own neighborhoods and focus more on what actually works.
You see it everywhere, one trainer who is suppose to know everything , one doctor who is suppose to know everything, one diet that is suppose to deliver it all.
I was watching a boxing match a few days ago and I couldn’t help but notice that the winner kept saying my team, my team, my team! While we are at it, compare our team to one trainer featured on P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution or Jane Fonda’s workouts DVDs and you get the point really quick.
As I have said over and over, approximately 66% of our population are currently overweight and by 2020 in just 8 years, 75% of our population is projected to be overweight. If you have not tried Armageddon Weight Loss Exercise DVD Program, you really should to give us a try. A common misconception among those entering a fitness regiment is that cardio activities burn the most calories.
Strength training is also a critical component to achieving the type of lean, fit look so many participants desire.
This is why Armageddon weight loss DVDs has spent so much time with its all start professional team of over 14 doctors, scientists, fitness experts and champion athletes developing a holistic exercise DVD program to offer a complete weight loss fitness program. At each level, Armageddon Thunder, Armageddon Lightening, and Armageddon Hurricane, Armageddon Weight Loss provide a balanced training regimen that is personalized to each participant.
Besides weight loss and muscle tone, strength training provides other exceptional health benefits. There are few things that will derail your fitness and weight loss goals more than an injury.
To begin with, we have developed three phases of our exercise DVDs to ensure each participant starts slow and gradually builds up to a more intense workout.
Our expert team of 14 real degreed scientists, champion athletes, medical doctors and fitness experts have developed each phase of our fitness DVD program to build strength and endurance steadily to greatly reduce the risk of injury, while expanding your knowledge  base and providing you with an amazingly toned or ripped scientifically built body! In addition,  included with your purchase of Armageddon Weight Loss Exercise DVD Program is an injury prevention plan by Armageddon’s physical therapist consultant, Dr. All three phases of Armageddon weight loss and fitness DVD program, as well as your injury prevention plan, are included in your one time purchase price. ARMAGEDDON WAS DESIGNED TO COUNTERACT THE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF FADS AND GIMMICKS ON THE MARKET BY PROVIDING REAL SERIOUS HARD SCIENCE TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE HONEST RESULTS. It scientifically impossible to not lose weight if you follow your personalized program designed by Armageddon’s team of real scientists, doctors, and fitness experts, including registered dietitians and champion athletes.  We know this is a huge claim but we stand by this promise. In addition to our outstanding customizable exercise DVD program that covers strength training, cardio, flexibility, correct biomechanics, health psychology, biochemistry, the physics of weight loss, injury prevention and so much more, each participant also gets a fully personalized nutrition program to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals. One of the biggest reasons that Armageddon Weight Loss Exercise DVD program works is because every participant is paired with a coach to keep them accountable. If you are like most people, having someone keep you accountable is a big part of the reason you ever get anything productive done. Each coach with Armageddon exercise DVD is highly trained and armed with the knowledge to build a customized weight loss and exercised program for each participant. In addition to accountability and emotional support Armageddon weight Loss coaches are also a point of contact to modify your exercise DVD program if something isn’t working.
Unlike other fitness DVD programs, Armageddon’s personalized coaching is included in the purchase of the exercise DVD program.
Included in your Armageddon’s personalized weight loss DVD program are  personalized cardio plans, Your 216 pages personalized Armageddon Nutrition Guide book and meal plans, custom grocery list, your 79 page Science of Weight Loss book, a Sports Injury prevention plan, and the world’s largest exercise DVD program.
What truly sets Armageddon’s weight loss program apart from competitors are that all the personalized programs are developed by a team of real experts that includes: real A Physicist, Biochemist, Psychologist, Neuroscientist all with PhDs, plus, contributions from our Medical Doctors including a an endocrinologist, and gastroenterologist. Armageddon means the final battle; this is our battle against fads, gimmicks and misleading advertisements. Even way worse, are supplements, fads and gimmick peddling companies who continue to trick and deceive us in to buying their unnecessary products and services just to make a dollar.
There’s a popular phrase among health and fitness professionals that goes a little something like this “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.”  The nutrition part of your weight loss DVD journey is just as important as the fitness DVD portion. Typically with exercise DVDs consumers are only provided with a one-size-fits-all workout plan with no nutritional information to back it up.
Another common misconception in the fitness DVD and weight loss DVD industry is that complete and proper nutrition can only come from supplements. One of the many reasons Armageddon Weight Loss is the best exercise program to lose weight is because it does not require the use or purchase of supplements.
Many weight loss exercise DVD programs emphasize the need for supplements in your diet and then sell them directly to you. Yet, what is striking is that, according to the CDC 66% of our population are overweight, and each year we increase this percentage by one point.
It is far easier to identify junk food manufacturers these day; many of us know who they are and what they are selling.
Additional nutritional knowledge and instructions are also directly included in your Armageddon Weight Loss DVD program.
In addition, each participant not only receives a truly personalized nutrition program, and exercise regimen, you are also assigned a professional health coach to help you through your journey.
These types of program typically leave the real work up to you to figure it out, and then claim credit when you get there. At Armageddon we have built the best weight loss DVD for women and men available because we continue to do our very best to address as many aspects of science as possible to address fitness and health. Our Medical DoctorsGet better results learning directly from our amazing team of Armageddon medical doctors.
If the answer makes you disappointed, probably this is the time for you to do some diets and get shaped. If you do not have time to go to the gym, so at home, you should have so instruments that will help you to work out.
By using barbell and any other fitness instruments, you are supposed to fulfill the targets. If most of our doctors are not even healthy and cannot fix themselves, why should we trust that they have all the answers? Only by having a true holistic team of experts do we stand the best chance of getting ahead of this disease particularly for the next generation. Your weight loss fitness plan will be personalized based on your objective.  You will be provided with a complimentary coach to keep you accountable,  personalized cardio, strength training, yoga, and wellness education including the science of weight loss that includes biochemistry, physics, endocrinology, neuroscience, gastroenterology, healthy chemistry, immunology, all taught by our doctors and scientists. What if the personal trainer that is there lacks the knowledgeable to actually get you there? Armageddon means the final battle, this is our battle against fads, gimmicks, quick fixes and well intentioned programs that are simply one dimensional and will not deliver the scientific sustainable outcome that you really need to become healthy. Even thought he was the one who ultimately fought in the ring, he knew that his victory was not solely achieved based on his efforts alone, but instead by the collective efforts of all his coaches.

Just because someone lives in your neighborhood does not make them the most qualified or the best!
We have a much more powerful, scientific, realistic weight loss exercise DVD program to help you achieve your results.
By 2040 if we continue this trend it is projected that 100% of our population will be overweight. Enjoy and see why Armageddon weight loss the the best weight loss DVD program on the market. While cardio exercises are an integral part of an overall fitness DVD program, it is not the only way, or even necessarily the best way, to burn calories. ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS IS THE MOST SCIENTIFIC BASED WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS PROGRAM AND THE ONLY PROGRAM TAUGHT BY 10 REAL DEGREED SCIENTISTS AND CHAMPION ATHLETE INSTRUCTORS.
Without building muscle through an effective exercise DVD program, your weight loss results will not be as physically appealing. Every purchase of Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD includes all the aspects of a well-rounding weight loss DVD program: cardio, strength training, nutrition, Physics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Flexibility, Sports Injury Prevention and so much more.
Any fitness DVD or exercise DVD that promises spot training, for example a DVD that only gives exercises for a tight butt or promises just six pack abs, is a waste of money.
It can force you to completely remove the exercise DVD portion of your regiment causing a quick stop to your weight loss fitness plans.
Armageddon weight loss DVDs have three editions of increasing intensity to help you build strength and endurance gradually, reducing the likelihood of an injury. It helps to build a solid fitness foundation while providing you with a very strong scientific foundation about weight loss fitness science. Bruce Wayne, the creator of Armageddon Weight Loss worked on the Bone Marrow Transplant, Lungs Transplant and Burn and Trauma Intensive Care Units for over 11 years at Harvard Medical School Largest Teaching Hospital in Boston. When coupled with the customized cardio and strength-training program, every participant in the Armageddon fitness DVD program will lose weight!
Plus we also provide personalized cardio based on your fitness levels and also the science of weight loss so that you will learn scientifically how to lose weight and keep it off. It’s much harder to skip a workout or over eat if you know a coach is going to be calling you later on that day to see if you are keeping on track with your weight loss DVD program.
Join us.Each coach with Armageddon exercise DVD is highly trained and armed with the knowledge to build a customized weight loss and exercised program for each participant.
Sure, we all have intrinsic motivations for doing things, but left to our own devices many of us would overindulge in couch sitting if we didn’t have bosses to know that we got to work on time. Because of the accountability that the Armageddon Weight Loss DVD program offers, you won’t find the Armageddon exercise DVDs collecting dust next to other failed fitness weight loss DVD purchases. Not only do the coaches know what will work for different types of people, but they also offer an emotional support system to go along with your weight loss DVD program and your journey that can sometimes be challenging. That level of accountability and personalization is not available with any other fitness weight loss DVD programs. No one at Armageddon weight loss exercise DVD program will ever try to upsell you anything. Yes, Armageddon is the world’s largest, most personalized, most scientific based weight loss exercise program on the market.
In addition we have wellness experts including clinical registered dietitians, exercise physiologist, fitness experts and champion athletes.
Join us in our campaign to help yourself and others get true accurate information and become healthier and fitter than you ever have in your entire life.
We simply cannot and should not as specie allow fads and gimmick peddling companies to continue to promote and market their pseudo science (fake science) products above healthy scientifically proven healthy methods. If a personalized nutrition plan is available, it is almost always at an additional cost to the fitness DVDs themselves. All the proper nutrition the human body needs can be acquired from a balanced diet with very minor exceptions. What is harder is to identify, are the wolves in sheep clothing companies who try to attach healthy names to very unhealthy foods. When you see these commercials you often see success stories and testimonial as if it was just their nutrition instructions that was responsible for the results of these people who are featured; most participants who are most often very toned. Our promise is to continue to seek out the best and brightest minds, to learn, research and develop our understanding about how the human body function and to teach you how help it functions as efficiently as possible. Obesity is a highly preventable, very easily treated disease for those who are committed and are proactive. You will also be provided with sports injury prevention taught by our physical therapist and biomechanics instructions experts. Just because your trainer is in good shape does not mean he or she understand weight loss fitness science.
Here at Armageddon Weigh Loss we have built and continue to develop the ultimate team consisting of Medical Doctors such as an endocrinologist, a Neuroscientist, a Gastroenterologist, an Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor and more. Plus, compare our Weight Loss Exercise DVD program to Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, neither of which offers ANY actual fitness instructions and again you see the flaws within these programs.
And as I have also said, while I don’t expect literally everyone will be overweight; what is quite clear is that there will be rampant increases in heart disease, cancers and diabetes and a collective reduction in the quality of life for all Americans.
Come see why Armageddon Weight Loss is the world’s largest, most personalized, most scientific based and simply the best weight loss DVD program on the market. This is why so many people get discouraged when they start a cardio-only program and fail to see the results they desire.
Sure, you may be slimmer just by shedding some pounds through diet or cardio alone, but it is impossible to have a firm, tight physique without building muscle through strength training. Each element holds a special place in a weight loss DVD program and cannot be removed if you want to achieve the best results.
At Armageddon, we know that only exercising one area is a waste of time because we have the science to back it up. Building muscle through strength training helps counteract muscle loss associated with poor dieting and nutrition and aging. The frustration of an injury can often discourage people to the point of never returning to their weight loss fitness DVD program. Your injury prevention plan offers extra guidance with topics, tips, and techniques to make your exercise DVD progress as safe as possible.
The goal for us here at Armageddon Weight Loss is to teach you how to achieve true sustainable weight loss based on hard science. An Armageddon coach is like a friendly boss that makes sure you do your workouts, plan your meals and stay focused. It’s common to hit a plateau when embarking on a new fitness DVD program and the coaches can help you get over that hurdle. There are no extra supplements or coaching sessions to purchase; it’s all included in the initial price of Armageddon’s weight loss DVD program.
To achieve the kind of fitness results these weight loss fitness DVD programs are portraying on their website and advertisements (which are often fitness models and not real participants anyway) there has to be a strong personalized nutritional element. If this projection is correct, by 2040 in just 27 years, 100% of our population is projected be overweight.
Only with all aspects addressed can participants reach their health and fitness goals in a safe, effective, and healthy way. The savvier fad peddling companies try to get by this fact by mentioning that proper diet and exercise is required.
However, it is also way overdue for us to discontinue to have one size fits all solutions such as, one personal trainer flashing their six pack, one doctor writing yet another book on weight loss, or one more diet that solves everything. In addition you will also be provided with personalized meal planning by our registered dietitian and fitness instruction provided by our champion athletes.

We also have many scientists such as a Physicist, a Health Chemist and Molecular Biologist and a Biochemist… all with PhDs! Most likely not.  So just because some nice personal trainer with good intentions lives in your neighborhood does not mean he or she is the most qualified or have the best answers. How about that new HCG program, you know the ones with the drop that you take while you starve yourself eating only 500 calories per day?
At Armageddon Weight Loss, we understand the obstacles an injury can introduce into a weight loss journey. To reduce injuries, the Armageddon Exercise DVD participants are not allowed to attempt the Lightening Edition until completing the Thunder Edition first. He has dedicated his life to help people get the most scientific information to help them become as healthy as possible. This inclusion makes Armageddon fitness DVDs the best value of any other fitness DVD programs available.
The price is your wife, husband, mother, father, children, your best friends and our neighbors’ health.
To find real life proof, take a look at our Armageddon Weight Loss DVD success stories and client page. These weight loss DVD programs are experts at marketing supplements, which is evidenced by the fact that the supplement industry is a 32 billion dollar industry. Now, while I don’t believe that everyone will be overweight in 2040, certainly I am hoping I won’t be forced against my will to eat a cheeseburger just to conform to the new “normal”; what is very clear is that there will be rampant increases in heart diseases, strokes, cancers and diabetes.
Obesity is responsible for over 3 million related deaths each year including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and so much more.
We also need to look at our entire work life balance and the litany of processed foods that are far too readily available.
Now compare this to just one instructor in a fitness DVD such as P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels videos or a personal trainer with good intentions in your neighborhood and you can understand why Armageddon Weight Loss is a far superior and the best weight loss fitness DVD program. Fixing your own car does not automatically make you a mechanic, neither does getting a 3 month or 2 year certificate make you more qualified than 15 different experts! In addition, we also have a team of health experts such as Registered Dietitians; and I don’t mean a certified nutritionist! First starvation diets are simply not sustainable, therefore whatever result that you achieve are most likely not sustainable over long periods of time.
These are your husband or wife or partners, your children, your cousins and your aunt and uncles. The stronger muscles developed through Armageddon Strength Training DVDs along with your flexibility and biomechanics instructions will help to prevent injury throughout Armageddon exercise DVD program. That is why we have recruited a team of real scientists, physical therapists, registered dietitian, and champion athletes to develop a gradual, multi-phase exercise DVD program that builds a solid foundation before throwing participants into intense workouts their body may not be ready for. With our super star team that has come together at Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Program, you can be certain that all advice given to you is based in true, tested scientific fact.
All of our participants are real, everyday people who followed a personalized program from Armageddon Weight Los and achieved phenomenal results; all without the use of supplements.
That’s like providing someone with tires and gas, telling them they need an engine for their car, never providing them with one and then claiming credit for them making it from Boston to California driving. Curabitur tincidunt, justo eget pellentesque pellentesque, massa turpis sodales arcu, vitae sodales mi purus in dolor. Even though this disease has finally been confirmed by the AMA, most hospitals and medical facilities are not fully trained or have the infrastructure or resources to effectively address obesity.
We need to look at the absence of health in the workplace and the lack of scheduled time in our own individual day that is actually set aside for health.
The longer you take to come to term with this fact, the longer it will take for you to get to your results and the more money and time you will waste trying to get there. While the movies were quite entertaining to watch and required that you sort of put your brain on ice during a two hour movie, we all knew that they did not reflect reality.
In addition, most of these programs go to great length to convince you that you need numerous shakes, supplements and magic specialty food items to achieve your results… Rubbish!
Strength training in a fitness DVD program must be balanced across the body to be effective.
The benefits of including strength training in your fitness DVD program really do go on and on.
Just like school, you learn more and more complex science when you have mastered the previous levels. Not all, in fact not most, in fact, NO OTHER weight loss DVD program has such a comprehensive team of experts gathered under one roof to help you get fit and healthy. All activities are provided in a schedule to help you doing the weight loss workout plan well. Some exercises need to be done in workout A are pulling up, barbell front squatting, Romanian deadlifting, etc. The best weight loss program is the one that consistently deliver results even if the program is presented consisting of personalized planning and DVD instructions.
I am talking about Clinical Registered Dietitians that have masters’ degrees in nutrition sciences.
While some exercises in workout B are conventional deadlifting, Bulgarian split squatting, etc. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. This loss of personal responsibility has resulted in a highly preventable disease becoming an epidemic that is only projected to rise. If the science is sound, you are more likely to achieve sustainable results versus someone local to your neighborhood who hold your hands, tell you jokes, but fail to deliver you the results you are looking for. So if we know this to be true, why do we continue to subscribe to these false and misleading products and services. Plus, we also have a biomechanics expert with a master degree and a physical therapist with a doctorate degree. The Hurricane Edition exercise DVDs will take your fitness to a level you never dreamed possible while introducing scientific knowledge that most personal trainer are not even aware of. Talking about weight loss workout plan, you need to consult this with expert so that you will have exactly what you need in the correct ways. The cardio workouts are divided into two exercises, each will be done about 5 to 10 minutes. While movies may offer a great escape from life’s many stressors, not using a team of scientists, doctors and fitness experts collectively, not individually is quite an insane path for us to continue to take as a society. To complete our circle we also have champion athletes such as a 50 mile ultra runner champion, rowing champion and weight lifting champion. Frankly, you will become more knowledgeable than most personal trainers and in better shape than many!
While not literally everyone will be actually overweight, what is clear is that more people will become overweight and on their way to becoming obese including more and more doctors. In addition, if doctors truly had a solution for obesity they would be the fittest people on the planet if they also were willing to make the sacrifice to put their own health first and lead by example. However, when you combine your program with your personalized complimentary coaching your local personal trainer simply cannot compete.

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