The last two pictures were taken a few minutes a ago, about 3 weeks after the end of my 6 day water fast. How I Gained It: I have always been on the heavy side all of my life, but I never really gave much thought to healthy living. Breaking Point: Over a year ago, I decided that it was time for me to take control of my health and change my lifestyle for the better.
How I Lost It: One of my female cousins had gastric bypass to assist her with weight loss, but I didn't want to go that route. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and best products. The Neera Natural Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan is an effective cleansing diet that helps you eliminate accumulated toxins and lose excess weight. During the Neera Natural Plan, you replace all solid food with the Neera Drink, a nutritious mix of water, lemon juice, Madal Bal Syrup and a touch of cayenne pepper.
Whether you aspire to work up the corporate ladder or manage day-to-day affairs as a homemaker, Neera Detox understands the complexities of your life.
Dubbed the "Spanish version," this is a popular plan where you substitute 2-3 Neera Drinks for breakfast or dinner.
The Spanish version is a great way to work your way slowly into a health plan, It's also a good way of extending the cleansing process after a more disciplined detox. Once-a-Week PlanIt's highly beneficial to give your digestive system and eliminative organs a break from constant digestion and elimination even for a day. Three-Five Day PlanThis plan is an effective way to lose weight and is recommended for first-timers who find it difficult to adapt to the 7 day fast.
If you're suffering from bulimia or binge eating disorder, you must be extra careful with fasting. A?a‚¬A? If youA?a‚¬a„?re experiencing exceptional discomfort, such as aches, fever, acute pain, unusual rashes A?a‚¬a€? please consult one of our doctors at our store locations. The key to a successful detox is removing toxins or accumulated waste matter during your cleansing process. Dry BrushingDry brushing promotes lymphatic drainage and helps to loosen the toxins stored in fat pockets under your skin. Sauna or Steam BathA sauna or steam bath is a relaxing way of removing toxins through your skin and helps to alleviate bodily aches during the detox. What's really handy is that a batch of the Neera Drink can be pre-mixed at the start of the day, making it really convenient to stay on the Programme. How much Neera Drink you need may vary depending up on your constitution, lifestyle, activity and climate. The success of the Programme hinges on the proper elimination of toxins from your system, and our special blend of tea is important for eliminating accumulated waste matter in your stomach and intestinal track. To make TeaSteep tea bag in a cup of hot water for 2-3 minutes to make a light laxative tea. Breaking the FastAs George Bernard Shaw once said "Any fool can go on a fast, but it takes a wise man to break it properly." So, plan your transition back to normal diet wisely! Once you determine the length of your detoxification, you will need to stock up on lemons and distilled water.
In addition to the Neera products, our company also sells high quality supplements, all of which are listed in the Physician Desk Reference. Neera Natural Lemon Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan and master cleanse reviews show that our product is not just hype and speculation. In addition, I've been doing weekly 1-day cleanses, and I feel better than I have in years! We should not be surprised then that a sufficiently prolonged fast, thanks to the syrup and lemon, achieves such extraordinary results.
We have honestly talked with hundreds of people who have done the diet with maple syrup and then done it with our syrup, and they told us how much better they felt during the diet, how much more energy they had and how much easier it was to stay on the diet with the Madal Bal syrup. During the diet most people drink a cup of the laxative tea to make sure they have a daily bowel movement. If you feel the need for variety, then once or twice a day you can drink a cup of herbal tea or freshly squeezed citrus juice (orange or grapefruit). Peppermint tea especially supports the cleansing process, offers relief from headaches, cleanses the palate and neutralizes any mouth or body odours that may arise.
Depending on your body size, you should drink about one gallon of liquids, including the Neera Natural Drink, per day. When you go on a cleansing diet like the Neera Natural Plan, your body can overcome these addictions by getting a break from your normal diet. Most people who perform the Neera Natural Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan do it as a way of starting a new, better diet and lifestyle. For most people, drinking some laxative tea or the "sea salt shake" is recommended during the diet. We do recommend you consult your physician first, if you have any sort of medical condition.
People with type 2 diabetes have successfully and safely performed the Neera Natural Detox and Cleansing Diet Plan. The great thing about the Neera Natural Plan for type 2 diabetics is that it is a great weight loss diet, which is a major factor in decreasing the effects of diabetes. The Neera Natural Plan as prescribed by Stanley Burroughs does not use any fiber in the diet.
We recommend that you try not to drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages during the Neera Natural Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan. If you are going to go "cold turkey" off coffee during the cleanse, you might experience some caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headaches and irritability. If the caffeine withdrawal symptoms get too bad, take an Advil rather than drinking another cup of coffee. Athletes in training may experience a reduction in stamina, and are advised to cut back 60-70% of normal training intensity for the duration of the diet. Like all tree syrups, an unopened can of Madal Bal Syrup has a long shelf life unrefrigerated--about 3 years.
I lost an uncle to a heart attack, my grandmother to cancer, my 35-year-old cousin found out she had breast cancer and my 36-year-old cousin was found by her teenagers on their way to school dead from hypertension.
I had been working out with my trainer, Tissilli Rogers, for over a year and only saw small results because I wasn't consistent or dedicated to changing.
I have changed the things that I allow to go into my body, and that has allowed my abdominal area to improve.
The simple and natural ingredients stimulate your body natural cleansing ability, freeing up all the energy that is normally spent on the digestion and elimination of solid food. The Neera Drink is liquid food that satisfies your hunger and gives you energy, while allowing your digestive system to rest and your body to cleanse. It incorporates Madal Bal Syrup, which was developed in Europe and formulated specifically for the needs of the diet. With just two meals a day, the plan aids the body's natural cleansing process that occurs at night. Our Once-a-Week plan is a convenient detox plan where you'll get to eat most of the week but still experience cumulative benefits when you carry out the Programme consistently.
This easy to follow plan allows you to experience visible benefits with moderate weight loss and noticeable improvement in skin texture and vitality. It lasts 7-10 days and yields optimal results by keeping the body in a fasting mode for the ideal length of time. Bear in mind that the key to permanent weight loss with Neera Detox is to be consistent with periodic fasting.
Nevertheless, seek advice from a health practitioner before extending the Programme beyond 10 days. No matter how careful you are with your diet, some build-up of toxins and metabolic waste is inevitable.
You may experience more acute cleansing symptoms or 'healing crises' if your body is especially toxic. You will begin to feel revitalised and energised as more toxins are released and eliminated. It cannot be absorbed and passes right through your system, clearing the intestinal tract of layers of debris and accumulated waste matter. Use this time instead to walk, do stretches or like exercises to improve blood circulation and aid in the process of eliminating waste products. Use a natural bristle brush or a loofah to brush the skin of your entire body starting from the feet, moving upwards towards the heart. We recommend increasing steeping time gradually, a minute each day, during the Programme to increase the laxative effects of the tea as you become more accustomed to it.
Your digestive system has been at rest for several days, so plunging into normal diet may shock your digestive system, liver, and kidneys.
We carry items that can be used for weight management, sports fitness, men and women health, joint health, mental performance and anti-aging.
I'd been reading about the importance of cleansing and how a detoxifying cleanse could assist with 'resetting' your body's metabolism, giving you a greater chance of success with weight loss efforts.
I expected to be ravenous and was pleasantly surprised that even though my energy levels were down slightly by day 5, I never experienced all that much hunger.

I was using a different product at the time, but after listening to him rave about how great he felt, I had to try it myself.
I incurred thousands of dollars in medical expense during the time that I suffered with this disease, but fortunately I had insurance most of the time. Burroughs, I waited a month before testing myself to see if, in fact, I was actually free of this ailment. By allowing the digestive and assimilatory mechanisms to rest (anabolism), the body's energy flows in a centrifugal pattern (catabolism), thus favoring the elimination of toxins and residues. It was formulated specifically for the diet with the right mineral concentrations and nutritional value.
Several people who weren't able to stick with the diet using maple syrup told us our syrup made doing the diet possible for them and enjoyable! A number of celebrities have done the diet, including Ashanti, Robin Quivers and many others. Since you are just on liquids, there is nothing solid to create a bowel movement, so we recommend the tea.
The idea of the cleanse is to rest the digestive tract and allow the body to focus its energy on cleansing. Peppermint, rosehip and chamomile teas are useful complements to the Neera Natural Drink and make a nice contrast in taste.
Teas and juices should only be sweetened with the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, if at all, and don't use or add any dairy products.
You can make the Neera Natural Drink less sweet by using 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of syrup to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, or if you are especially hungry, you can add more syrup.
Unlike many other diets where the weight loss is mostly water weight, most of the weight lost during the Neera Natural Plan comes from the loss of diseased cells and fat tissue. By the third or fourth day of the Neera Natural Plan, you'll most likely feel really good, healthy, vibrant and clear, because your body is cleaning out all the junk in your system. Many people suffer from underweight conditions because they are not getting the necessary nutrients they need from their diet, or they have a toxic condition in their body that is not allowing them to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food they ingest.
A lot of people have had great success with the diet in lowering their blood pressure and cholesterol.
The diet was originally developed by Stanley Burroughs to help cure a patient of stomach ulcers. While the Neera Natural Drink contains sugar from the natural tree syrups, a "no-no"A? for diabetics, each glass contains a fairly low amount. The idea of the diet is to rest the whole digestive system as much as possible, and to let the body naturally clean itself out with help of the Neera Natural Drink's ingredients and an occasional laxative.
By the time you get to the fifth day of the diet, and have been off caffeine, you will feel so good that you will probably question whether or not you really want to go back to drinking coffee.
Medicines may lessen the effect of the diet, but before you stop taking them, you should be in agreement with your doctor. Some people like to chew gum during the fast to have something to chew on since they are not eating food. If you really must chew gum, we recommend a naturally sugar-free gum like Peelu gum, or others like it that can be found at most health food stores. Avoid strenuous exercise, as intense exertion may encourage toxins to be reabsorbed rather than eliminated. Far from interfering with your training, the Neera Natural Plan is a wise investment for any athlete. Once the can is opened, it will still have a long shelf life, but we do recommend refrigerating the can to maximize its life span.
My third year there, I started taking Zumba classes, and I had lost a great amount of weight. As of today, I have lost 65 pounds, all while working, raising my nephew and working on my Ph.D.
More than 3 million cans have been sold world-wide, a testament to its popularity and effectiveness.While being a great cleansing diet, Neera Natural is also a safe weight loss diet.
Select a range of detox plans, from a 1-day regimen to a 10-day plan; all designed for you to experience its countless benefits. By just fasting once a week, you can experience gradual weight loss and kick start yourself toward a healthier lifestyle. If you're suffering from a health condition, you may experience symptoms identical to the sickness itself. Below are steps you can follow to aid in the elimination process:Senna Tea - Natural Laxative. To make a salt water flush, add 2 level teaspoons of non-iodised sea salt to one litre of lukewarm pure water. You may be wondering how it's possible not to eat during the Neera Detox Programme and still continue with your job. Our supplements are highly absorbent to ensure that the body can benefit from the product, rather than having much of it go to waste. Doctor reviews suggest that improvements for various ailments and chronic conditions are seen in patients who use the cleanse.
A friend directed me to your web site, and I carefully studied what you had to say about The Natural Detox and Cleansing Diet - how it worked and why it was good for our bodies. So I had all the tests, including having a camera put into my stomach (twice) to try to determine why my condition was not improving.
I intentionally began to eat foods that I knew would send me into a gastro-intestinal attack that could continue for days and sometimes up to a week or more, before the fast. Bearing in mind the words of Hector Durville, 'The intoxicated person thinks and feels through his toxins,' we may understand why, after this program involving intracellular and neuronal purification, a person feels more lucid and tranquil. The whole reason for the invention of the Madal Bal Syrup was to make the diet much easier. This ensures that waste material will not be too concentrated in the organs of elimination as the body goes through the cleansing process.
Also, one of the greatest benefits of the Neera Natural Plan is that people usually kick their "bad food" addictions. When you come off of the Neera Natural Plan, you won't want to go back to your old diet because you feel so good, and the mere idea of eating junk food will seem repulsive. You'll lose excess weight and then feel so good that you'll want to launch into a consistently better diet and lifestyle. Some people are under the misconception that drinking lots of laxative tea will help them lose weight. During the Neera Natural Plan, people who are underweight will usually lose a little bit more weight; however once they come off the diet, they will gain the weight right back and usually add a few more pounds to get them closer to their natural weight.
Lemon juice is one of the best alkalizing foods there is, which is counterintuitive since it is acidic until it is broken down in the stomach. The idea of the diet is to drink many glasses of the Neera Natural Drink throughout the day giving the body a steady dose of simple carbohydrate. If you have type 2 diabetes and you would like to perform the Neera Natural Plan, we recommend that you get the permission of your doctor. The diet is very popular with women who have finished nursing, however, or for women who are trying to conceive.
Since you are trying to get rid of toxins during the Neera Natural Plan, drinking coffee is counter-productive. Any vitamins or supplements that you take during the diet add to the digestive load of your system, diverting some of your body's energy from cleansing to digestion.
It is better to do the Neera Natural Plan while still taking medicine than not to do it all. When we engage in vigorous activity, the body is forced to call upon extra reserves of energy and synthesizes energy from protein and fat. A warm bath with mineral salts is a nice addition to the diet- or a sauna, especially if you are experiencing aches from the detoxing process.
Some people need to repeat the diet to fully cleanse their body, especially if they were particularly toxic to begin with. I lost my mother that same year and made the big move to Atlanta, not knowing if I would be able to find a job or not.
I was used to doing a tough workout, but working out at home gives you the freedom to be yourself.
I do not eat fried foods or processed foods, and I drink more than a gallon of water daily.
A favorite weight loss plan by celebrities, the program will help your body move towards its optimum weight.
By the end of the third day, you will begin to feel revitalised and energised that continuing the Programme becomes relatively easy and enjoyable. Eating too much too quickly can be taxing on your digestive system, liver, and kidneys as your body will have been at rest for a number of days. By fasting once a week, you can give your body a break from the constant demands of digestion.
In fact, these common Cleansing Symptoms are good signs that Neera Detox is working, as your body is in the process of releasing harmful toxins. Also, a surprise was that I didn't gain the weight back when I went back to eating normally.

Finally through my husband, I learned about the diet and was blessed with a copy of Stanley Burroughs's Master Cleanser. Foods like beans, milk, highly seasoned foods, and by the time I started the fast, practically anything I consumed, even water at times. Stanley Burroughs originally recommended the diet for ten days, and many people do it longer than that. Plus remember, the only thing you are going to need to buy for the week is lemons for the lemon juice.
As you probably know, the foods that aren't good for you are usually the same foods that make you overweight. This happens because during the cleansing process of the Neera Natural Detox Plan, the body will usually heal itself from the toxic condition that was preventing adequate nutrient absorption. Since ulcers have several different causes, however, we always suggest that you check with your doctor first.
However, most doctors are going to be unfamiliar with a cleansing fast like the Neera Natural Plan. If you really feel the need for caffeine, tea is better than coffee, and green tea is better than black tea.
You might want to slowly wean yourself off coffee before the diet or be prepared to take extra rest the first few days of the diet. If you are taking any vitamins or supplements on the advice of a healthcare practitioner for a particular ailment or deficiency, then you may wish to keep taking them. However, the act of chewing is the start of the digestive process, and some people believe that it also starts cravings which can make the diet more difficult.
This is a demanding process distracting the body from its cleansing priorities, and when compounded by the release of lactic acid from muscular activity, only increases the toxic load. There are world-class athletes who perform the Neera Natural Plan several times per year as part of the "recovery phase"A? of their training. Remember that just by trying the diet, you are doing your body a tremendous favour and it will reward you for it. It has slightly higher calorie counts than the ABC diet and lasts for 30 days with a few fast days along the way.
I am raising my 10-year-old nephew, and I came to the conclusion that in order to watch him grow up, I had to make a change with my health. My lifetime goal is to inspire that person who doesn't think it can be done through hard work and dedication. The release of stored toxins from the body usually occurs in the first couple of the days when you implement the Programme. Although the most challenging part of this programme is to fast, sabotaging hunger pangs or crankiness will not appear when you follow the steps as instructed. Doing a cleanse 4 times a year at the start of each season gives your body a feeling like new!
I started my fast on May 28, 2006, with the idea of fasting only nine days--and ended it 42 days later. Amazingly, I had no adverse effect except flatulence, which I would not have been able to pass prior to the fast, and now could without taking every prescription and over-the-counter medication known to man.
You probably will spend less money during the cleanse then you would if you went out one night for a nice dinner.
For more information about using the Neera Natural Plan to launch into a healthier more natural diet, please see our Maintaining Good Health page. We recommend drinking no more than 2 cups of the herbal laxative tea per day during the length of the cleanse.
Once the person comes off the diet, the body is able to better digest and absorb nutrients and able to get to a more normal, healthy weight.
If you get their permission to do the diet, we recommend doing it under the surveillance of a health professional. Also most gums contain processed sugar or artificial sugars and chemicals, which we recommend avoiding. You will find that your body performs more efficiently when it is cleansed and purified, experiencing higher energy levels and performance. Carrying out a 2-3 day or longer fast followed by short fasts each month guarantees lasting benefits. You'll find that each time you revisit the Programme, it will be easier and more enjoyable. Common symptoms of healing crisis are fever, headaches, extreme fatigue, aches, pains, sleeplessness, sinus congestion, catarrhal expulsion and skin eruption.
Senna tea works as a natural laxative to help break layers of accumulated waste matter in the stomach and intestinal track.
Going without food is much easier than you think with Neera Detox, but like any health programme, you will require the willpower to help you get started.
Neera Natural Lemon Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan, which is designed to rid the body of toxins that accumulate from the food we eat and the environment we live in.
We regularly get emails and phone calls from Neera customers who have lost weight, have beaten chronic health conditions and who are feeling more healthy and energetic as a result of the detox and cleanse. Cleansing the body will lead you to a much more healthy life and you won't need to replace parts due to getting old-- you are keeping all systems clean, fresh and like new.
During the first 30 days, I lost 30 pounds, an incredibly good side-effect, and have had no other problems with acid reflux since. After several weeks of jubilation and daily reports to my husband about my continued gastro-intestinal-distress-free life, I began to wonder how I could be free of an ailment just by fasting and drinking lemonade. This will satiate your hunger and give you the energy to keep going while aiding your body's cleansing process. A good starting point is to mix up a 2-quart batch in the morning and drink from that throughout the day.
Type 2 diabetics who have performed the Neera Natural Plan tell us that they simply keep a close monitor of their blood sugar levels, as they normally should. However, if you are taking vitamins or supplements for just general health, we recommend that you stop taking them during the diet and then resume after the diet. I strength train with my trainer two days a week, and she keeps me on track with my goals and how I can not only meet but exceed them. Since your skin is the largest eliminative organ, you may experience a rash or eczema, or pimples may appear.
These are all signs that the detox is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances.
Start with a mild brew, steeping for only 2-3 minutes on the first day and gradually increasing steeping time by a minute or two thereafter.
If you intend to carry out the programme for more than 10 days, your transition to a normal diet is half the length of your duration on the Programme.
The product stimulates the body natural cleansing process by giving it a break from the constant work of digesting, assimilating and eliminating solid food. I now eat a very balanced alkaline diet - mostly vegetarian - but, after reading your instruction pamphlet, I've also started adding lemon and cayenne to essentially everything I eat.
Studies have shown that long-term high sugar diets and high processed-carbohydrate diets become addictive. If you are suffering from a chronic skin disorder, the condition may temporarily worsen in the early stages of the Programme. Drink lots of water and the Neera Drink to help flush toxins out of the body and get plenty of rest. The first two days were a bit hard, but by the third day I felt the most amazing energy, my eyesight was better and all my cravings for things such as the coffee I love were gone. I can honestly say I love working out, and I love encouraging others though my Facebook and Instagram. However, such symptoms usually last only a few days before it clears, leaving your skin more radiant as toxins are released from under your skin. Do not give up when discomfort arises so that the body can do its work to heal from the inside out.
If you have a sensitive stomach and cannot consume Senna tea, you may want to try a salt water flush each morning and have one cup of Senna tea at night.
At the end of 6 days, my skin was softer, my hair was shiny and people were saying, "Wow, you look great!" I am a coach to people from all walks of life and with all kinds of goals. It's a pleasure to see people write to me and say that I inspired them to make those healthy changes! Cleansing symptoms usually last between 1 to 3 days as toxins circulate and are eliminated. The best testimonial I received from a client was that his fear of running in a race was gone; he felt calm, peaceful and had a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

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