A new study that is about to hit the presses didn’t intend to say anything about fat skinny people, but they weren’t counting on ME.
This study included over 50,000 people aged 18-90.  Between the years 2000 and 2005 about 3% died, which was statistically just enough to ask “why?”  In brief, they compared body weight, blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes with mortality risk. So is skinny the new fat?  Being lean with type II diabetes is an indicator of EMPTY CALORIES; it could be riskier for all-cause mortality than obesity in diabetics. And no, if you’re a skinny diabetic, this DOESN’T mean gaining weight will make you live longer.  it just doesn’t.
Figuring out how best to eat, physiological insulin resistance, and an homage to pioneering nutrition research.
To make a long story short, all the starch-fed rats died while all the butter-fed rats lived. To determine if this was specific to dairy (butter) or a general effect of a high fat zero carb diet, Bainbridge repeated the experiments with lard. To be sure, these studies exhibited a high degree of animal cruelty… but their simplicity is laudable. Instead of starch, lard, and butter, Hynd and Rotter used milk and bread, cheese, and casein.
The interesting finding was in kittens, who sadly maintained insulin sensitivity when fed fish (high protein) or cream (high fat). In this CROSSOVER study, different doses of coconut flour were incorporated into common test foods to see how they impacted the blood glucose response to said test foods. Indirect confirmation of the presence of ketogenic medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil can be seen in this study by Romestaig. Acute and second-meal effects of almond form in impaired glucose tolerant adults: a randomized crossover trial. In this excessively high quality study, the effect of 4 different types of almond preparations on glucose tolerance was assessed. Basically, the participants were fed a breakfast of OJ and Cream of Wheat with the equivalent of 33 almonds (42.5 grams) for a total of 75 grams of carbs, and blood glucose was measured over the next 2 hours.
Whole almonds, almond butter, and almond oil, on the other hand, all blunted the glycemic response.
Solution: whole almonds (with meals?), almond oil (with whatever), and regular [non-defatted] almond flour (for baking?). It takes more sugar in the form of “date paste” (Cranberry Almond, 19 g sugar) to compensate for the lack of “invert evaporated cane juice” (Peanut Crunch, 14 g sugar) or “invert dried cane syrup” (Toasted Coconut, 16 g sugar). These bars rely on the sweetener brown rice syrup which is primarily glucose (significantly less fructose than invert sugar), but it’s complimented with agave (significantly more fructose than invert sugar)… end result?  Organic high fructose corn syrup (a polished turd). These bars are sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, invert sugar, and a little coconut sugar.  These bars have more protein and less sugar than both Perfectly Simple and ActiveX.
Pro #2: while it’s only 6 grams of protein, you’ll never guess where it comes from… crickets!
To put this all into perspective: relative to the nutritional profile of Quest protein bars, these noobs pale in comparison. To put the issue to bed before it is even raised, the volunteers were given professionally prepared food for about half a year and paid ~$2,500 if they stuck to the plan.  They STUCK to the plan.
Burning an additional 300 kcal per day is like losing over 2 pounds of fat per month by doing exactly nothing. This seemingly paradoxical conclusion suggests energy intake is the primary determinant of weight loss, independent of energy expenditure and diet composition.  It is either a violation of The Laws of Energy Balance, experimental error, or evidence of dark magic.
157 grams of body weight lost per day over the period of 7 – 10 days), confirming that the less you eat, the more weight you lose (duh).

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