We feed them, we nurture them, and we dedicate a large part of our lives ensuring that they are healthy and developing as they should be. Tobey’s getting old, but we want him healthy so he’ll be with us as long as possible!
Just like any other weight loss solution, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight 10 week turnaround is only effective if you are consistent. That’s great that in 10 weeks it can make that much of a difference and turn things around. That’s not surprising that 50% of pets in the US are overweight given the fact that obesity is a huge (pun intended) problem for most people in the US. I completely agree on wanting to keep Davinia and Indiana around as long as possible and will do whatever I need to do in order to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy.
Whether it’s a thyroid problem or too many table scraps, finding the best dog food for weight loss is important if your dog needs to shed a few pounds.
So, yes: dog obesity is a problem, and if you think your dog is carrying a bit too much weight, please make a trip to the vet’s office. On this scale, a score of 1 would represent a dog who is drastically malnourished and dangerously thin. Then, check any other places on your pup’s body where her bones stick out naturally, like her spine. Of course, if you think your pet falls outside of the normal range, just take her to the vet. While picking a good dog food can help your pup lose weight, there’s no mistaking what actually creates fat loss: a net calorie deficit. You can try to pick a food that has fewer calories per cup of food (like the ones we’ve listed below), but you should really try to exercise portion control as well.
It’s typically best just to ask your vet how much to feed your dog, but reducing her calories so that they’re under her total daily energy expenditure is something you can’t miss if you want her to actually lose weight.
First, all of our rules for good dog food in general still apply to any food you’re going to get for your dog to help her lose weight. For example, a good, recognizable source of quality protein should still be the first ingredient. If you can check those three boxes and still follow all of our normal dog food rules, you’re in good shape. If you’re feeling a bit daunted at actually finding good dog foods that fit this profile, don’t sweat it.
Premium Edge makes pretty good dog food in general, but they make an especially good weight loss formula. Additionally, the fat content is lower than average—about 13% of this food is fat, which is respectable.
Finally, there are a lot of good, green goodies here: kelp, carrots, berries, apples, tomatoes, and plenty of others. This is another dog food we like, and it’s a great option if your furry friend is carrying a bit of extra baby fat (or just fat, baby!). It doesn’t have as high of a protein content as some of the other foods we selected for this list. The protein here comes from two sources: chicken meal and salmon meal, which are great sources of protein for most dogs.

The fat content is only 11%, but it contains plenty of good omega fatty acids from both fish and flaxseed. This formula is a canned (wet) dog food with high protein, low fat, and high amounts of good, healthy vegetables. What we really dig about this recipe, though, is that after meat, fruits and veggies make up 5 of the 7 main ingredients. So, while we’d like to see a few higher-quality fats, the meat-and-veggies vibe of this food makes it, in our opinion, a very healthy choice for a tubby dog. Where this food really shines, though, is in the big variety of leafy greens; it includes broccoli, spinach, parsley and kale. Even when they’re naughty and break things around the house, we still love them unconditionally.
They are a part of our family, but unable to speak and verbalize their needs, or when they are in pain. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight Food, but This Mama Loves only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hopefully there will be a shift in the epidemic and more dogs and cats will be able to achieve their perfect weight.
We’ve consulted several different experts, vets and dog handlers to figure out the best course of action if you’re looking for a dog food that’ll help your pup lean up. It shouldn’t be a secret that obese dogs are a lot more prone to health problems that those at a normal weight. You want your pup to be healthy and happy, and that can be tough if she’s got a bunch of health problems.
If you take your dog to the vet to see if she’s overweight, your vet will use a nine-point system to test her—kind of like any scale of 1 to 10 (except this one is 1-9).
A score of 9 would represent a dog who is extremely overweight to the point of being dangerous. Of course, your vet is an expert, and you may be a bit biased, but it can still give you a good idea of how healthy your dog’s weight is.
You should be able to feel each of her ribs without too much trouble, but there should still be a bit of fat over them. In most of these areas, you want to be able to feel the bones, but there should be a thin layer of fat over them. You still want to avoid weird ingredients, like corn, soy, sugar and other commercial fillers. Not outrageous, but still very high, and that’s one of the things we’re looking for in a dog food that’ll help your pup maintain a healthy weight. The carbs come from white potatoes, which isn’t our favorite source of carbs, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
It does contain avocado as well, which some dog owners like to stay away from, but it’s a relatively small amount. In fact, this is what our girl eats most of the time (not this specific food, but she does eat this brand). Protein comes from beef and eggs, and the fat comes from canola oil (not the best source of fat; we’d rather see fish) and a small amount of flax oil. Seriously, though, this dog food has shown up on our blog about a million times—but for good reason.

Those things have tons of fiber, which is important for a dog transitioning onto a new food.
Then check out this one on the best dog food for big dogs or this one on grain-free foods.
We go to great lengths to help users better understand their dogs; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.
That is why it is SO important that we do our best to keep them as healthy as possible, so that they may lead long and healthy lives! Hill’s Science Diet’s 10 Week Turnaround program helps pets lose the extra weight, without the hassle of counting calories! In addition to information about prizes, you’ll also find weight loss tools, tips and articles; tons of bi-weekly prizes, and the chance to win FREE perfect Weight food for a year! They are our fur babies so we are going to treat them as such and we want nothing but the best for our family, which means getting them on a good and healthy food and helping them manage their weight.
I mean, when I see a fat dog or cat, I immediately jump into conclusion that the pet owner is really doing his or her job.
We’ll cover healthy weights for dogs, and then we’ll give you some specific dog food recommendations towards the end. If her ribs are visible to the naked eye, she’s probably a bit too skinny, and if you can’t feel them at all, she may be overweight.
You also want to try to make sure your dog’s food has plenty of good fruits and vegetables, which creates a well-balanced nutritional profile. At 49% protein content, there’s a lot more protein in here than there is in most dog foods. We like that there’s so much fish in here, too, since it’s also a good source of healthy fat.
It’s just quality stuff, and, in fact, we’re thinking of transitioning our pup on to this for a while. All of that comes from pretty good ingredients as well: chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal and ground flaxseed.
Their Science Diet Perfect Weight food offers a breakthrough blend of natural ingredients that helps pets burn calories no matter how active they are. But sometimes—and I know we may not want to admit it—it might even be (gasp!) our fault as dog owners! Obesity is can potentially be very dangerous, and it certainly puts your dog at risk for a shockingly large variety of health issues. But it’s still slightly more than average, and this food’s other ingredients still make it a strong pick. As you can imagine, this extra weight can lead to serious health issues just like it can with adults. I feed a raw diet and used this method as recommended by the vet to successfully reduced my mini poodle to a normal weight.

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