Many years ago when I was out of college, but still living at my parent’s house, I signed up with a similar diet plan with premade food. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you might be thinking, “Hey Anne-Marie, I thought you’re all about cooking from scratch!” Well, I am. I have to say that Jenny Craig’s food is so much better than the not-so-great diet food I had way back when. The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit also comes with information about the Jenny Craig weight loss program, how to follow the three day plan, and information on how to get a free initial personal one-on-one consultation at any Jenny Craig center or at Jenny Craig Anywhere. The only negative I saw with Jenny Craig food is that it isn’t gluten free and many of the foods won’t work with various food allergies. Posted in Dieting and Weight Loss Tips, Products and Equipment on October 11, 2015 by Anne-Marie Nichols. I think you’ll be really happy when you get back from Walmart with your Jenny Craig Starter Kit!
A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to test drive the Jenny Craig program and I was really impressed with the variety of tasty foods the program offered, how the program allowed you to supplement the Jenny meals with your own fresh fruits and vegetables and how truly simple it is to follow. Although I have had previous experience with the Jenny Craig Program, what I loved about this Starter Kit is that it is an affordable way to experience a condensed version of the essence of what Jenny Craig has to offer in a super easy, simple to follow package. Personally, the Exclusive to Walmart Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit was a good refresher to remind me of what I enjoyed about the Jenny Craig program, and with the free consult and $50 food certificate, I am very motivated to revisit this program.
Disclosure: I was provided with a free Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit and compensated for this post.

If you’re interested in a weight loss program like Jenny Craig that comes with premade food, it gives you a chance to sample it for three days without spending a lot of money.
I could easily bring the prepackaged food to work or to a friend’s house, and it helped me lose weight. The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit came with everything I needed for three days except for a few things like milk (you can substitute soy milk), fruit, salad, low fat salad dressing, and some fresh or frozen non-starchy vegetables. If you’re vegetarian or have food allergies or sensitivities and are interested in Jenny Craig, I would suggest calling Jenny Craig Anywhere and talking with a consultant. So I was excited to learn that Jenny Craig has partnered with Walmart in an effort to make their iconic weight loss program more accessible to the masses. This 3 day trial kit is the perfect way to try out Jenny Craig and get a sense of how the program works risk free.
I loved the 3 Day menu guide that lays out all the meals and tells you exactly what to eat on each day, what foods to supplement with (think salad, fresh fruit and string cheese!) and you even get a grocery list too. I also think it’s great way for Jenny Craig newbies to test drive this fabulous program for a minimal investment.
That way you can learn about the Jenny Craig weight loss plan and see if the food is to your liking before signing up at a Jenny Craig center or at Jenny Craig Anywhere, their one-on-one support program that’s done over the phone or on via Skype. Or more likely, you’re a mom who wants to lose some weight  to get into that beautiful dress you bought on sale for this year’s New Year’s Eve party.
Jenny Craig’s Weight Loss Starter Kit is filled with 23 meals and snacks that taste just as good as any regular premade foods you’d find at the supermarket.

Since the Chocolate Dream Shake was on the plan one morning, I added some espresso powder to it and had a delicious “mochachino” instead. Mostly I went out to eat with friends, and that’s when I started to gain a bunch of weight.
Who wants to cook special meals for one when you’re already cooking for the rest of the family? All you need to do is swing by Walmart, like you did when you picked up your Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit! It’s just convenience food that’s nutritionally portioned to help you feel satisfied and full at every meal. A weight loss program like Jenny Craig takes the hassle out of all that measuring, chopping and “cooking for one”!
You can read about Jenny Craig’s nutritional philosophy, the Volumetrics® Approach, on their website. I also added my fruit to my breakfast cereal, and my sauteed pepper strip veggies to my heated up Turkey Chili.

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