Have you ever wondered what a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan for Indians looks like? Now stop wondering! We all know that Losing Weight is not easy, in today’s hectic and high-pressure world. And compounding this challenge is our sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and easy fast-food options that are packed with unhealthy fats and refined, processed ingredients! We’re pleased to share that the Indian Thali or the traditional Indian diet, I.e the food that most Indians eat at home on a daily basis is actually very close to a balanced nutritious plate concept. So stick to your regular, homemade food and simply make sure that you follow a few basic principles of balancing your meals (a free sample of our Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan below will help demonstrate how to balance your meal) and reap the slimming benefits of a healthy diet.
Remember of course, that eating out is allowed and build that into your Diet because Binge Eating happens when you suppress your cravings. So build a Cheat Day into your Diet Schedule where you eat what you love, with no guilt – because its planned!
This Sample Diet Plan has been planned for a normal healthy Adult North Indian Overweight Woman wishing to lose ? Kg per week so make sure you get your Diet Plan customized to your profile!
We here at Team ObiNo are committed to helping you lose weight on your own by providing you with the most relevant, thought-provoking and informative Indian content on weight-loss. A healthy diet is a crucial part of an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle, and over the past few years, there has been a serious shift toward focusing on internal health, rather than dieting to try to lose weight or achieve a certain look. As long as small inputs of food hit your system often, your body doesn’t think ‘FAST’ and start hoarding fat. A common problem is feeling hungry before sleeping so plan a big bowl of Fruit (not Watermelon) or a glass of milk, without sugar pls to counter this.

We cater specifically to the Indian lifestyle and mindset and focus on Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Motivation and Support to help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals! However, it is important to do your research and familiarize with research from different nutritionists, doctors, and health experts. Instead it thinks ‘FEAST’ and goes into high gear to process those calories…speeding up your metabolism.
By relying on information that you were taught as a child, or by only following the instruction of one doctor, you might be missing out on valuable information. Yogurt, milk, juice, breakfast cereal, and other products that are advertised as having extra added Omega 3s, Vitamin C, Calcium, or antioxidants are popular choices among people who want to eat only healthy foods and meals. For example, drinking orange juice that has extra added calcium might seem like a great way to achieve your recommended calcium intake; however the calcium that is added to orange juice isn’t always the type or strength you need, and orange juice does not make it easy for your body to absorb. Most vitamins and minerals have specific foods or other nutrients that need to be taken with them in order for optimum absorption, so throwing added nutrients into everything usually isn’t very effective.
It’s just messing with nature.Natural Food for Better HealthIf you really want to eat healthy foods and meals, your best bet is to eat natural, unprocessed food. If vitamins and minerals are what you seek, it’s best to get them from their natural sources, rather than as supplements tacked on to other processed foods. Vitamins and minerals in their natural forms (in the foods they naturally occur in) are made to be easier to absorb, so they will be more effective and have a better and more positive impact o your body and overall health. Take some time to learn about what combinations of foods are the most powerful and will benefit your body the most, and plan your meals accordingly.

There aren’t heavy legal restrictions on what can be classified as organic, and many brands will use the organic label simply to sell their products, even if they don’t quite fit the organic description. You should always do a little research on the brands you are interested in buying to decide if they really are free of chemical pesticides, genetic modification, and other potentially harmful procedures.
You might also want to look at the organic regulations in your area to determine just how easy it is for companies to earn that designation for their products.If you aren’t certain that the produce you are buying actually lives up to its organic title, there is a simple solution to ensure that you are getting the wholesome, organic food that you need: grow it yourself!
If you have space for a garden, you should take advantage of it and try growing your own vegetables.
You’ll know where they came from and will feel more comfortable eating them, and will be saving money and trips to the grocery store as well.Eating healthy foods and meals is a noble goal, but if you are not careful, you can easily be fooled into eating things that aren’t the best for your health.
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