Yes, I would like to receive occasional email offers from our affiliated websites, partners and sponsors. If you're thinking about skipping the gym today, maybe you should scroll through these photos first and think again. I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. Em, age 21, transformed her body in just 2 months by making sure she ate enough calories and exercising 3-6 days a week. Anon lost a noticeable amount of weight in just 2 months by switching to a vegan diet and exercising regularly.

Anonymous, age 20, lost almost 15 pounds in 3 months by eating more healthily and working out. Click here to see his diet & exercise regime in detail and to see more transformation photos. Some of these ladies are almost unrecognizable after they dedicated themselves to getting in shape. There were plenty of times when i wanted to throw my hands up and say “ah, what’s the use, the scale isn’t changing and i look the same.
I’m learning to love the fact that even at 120 pounds, I have stretch marks, that my stomach isn’t perfectly flat, that my legs aren’t sticks, and that I get stomach rolls when I sit down.

I understand that body happiness is so much more than having it look the way you want it to.

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