Of course you know that here at Treadmill Walking we’re super addicted to our treadmills. With so many different makes and models on the market, from the cheapies that you find in the department stores, through to the unbreakable commercial models designed for ongoing punishment at the gym, and all manner in-between, how does one decide which one is right? Our plan for this little blog it to review as many treadmills as we can get our hands on, which is probably going to mean a few excursions to the local gyms and department stores to give them all a good and thorough thrashing!

If you are looking for exercise equipment that will give you the maximum fitness benefits, then a treadmill is just the right choice for you.
The right diet is also crucial, and there are also loads of fat burning supplements on the market too, so we’re going to test some of them, as well a giving you loads of yummy recipes. So do compare treadmills reviews, on many websites and the old saying - the cream always rises to the top a€“ is useful when buying treadmills too.

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