With modern technology, it is made of the extracts from the plants growing in Yunnan, the kingdom kf green vegetation , which is effective for slimming and beauty and has been used for thousands kf years.
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It is not possible to list the risks associated with every weight-loss product on the market, due to the large number of products available. Your health care practitioner needs to examine you to determine whether the benefits of using a prescription weight-loss drug would outweigh the risks in your specific situation. Taking several different kinds of weight-loss products together, or taking weight-loss products in addition to other health products, without discussing possible risks with your health care practitioner -Certain kinds of weight-loss drugs and natural health products may interact with each other, with foods you eat, or with other medications you take, increasing the risk of adverse reactions.
Buying weight-loss products online from unreliable sources -Anyone can put up a Web site and offer health products for sale.
Stimulant laxatives (Senna, Cascara, Aloe) may be authorized for oral use as laxatives, but are often promoted for off-label use in detoxifying or cleansing regimens, which are becoming increasingly popular. Talk to your doctor or come in and speak with one of our Carmi Remedy’s Rx pharmacists before you take any weight-loss product.
Product description: Schisandra is native to East Asia, and its dried fruit is sometimes used medicinally.

Weight loss ingredient Guarana Extract Guaranaine10%-20% Guarana Extract Common Names: Guarana Extract Latin Name: Paullinia cupana What is Guarana extract?
Product Description Newest Moxibustion Foot Fumigate Machine Introduction Moxibustion therapy is one of the external therapeutic methods. Come in and talk to your pharmacist at Carmi Remedy’s Rx pharmacy, just up from Penticton Regional Hospital in the Carmi Medical Dental Building, and we would be happy to review your current medications and supplements to determine what weight loss aids may or may not be right for you. As well, health products for weight loss may not be recommended for individuals with certain health conditions.
If you order health products from unreliable sources, you have no guarantee that they will be safe, effective, and of high quality.
This makes it difficult to identify the content of each ingredient or determine whether some combination(s) of ingredients could harm your health. Products containing the herb Ephedra (or one of its active ingredients, ephedrine) and the herb bitter orange peel (or one of its active ingredients, synephrine) are often promoted off-label for weight loss. However, there are serious risks associated with chronic use of laxatives or combining multiple laxatives together, including the risk of electrolyte disturbances that can affect the heart, as well as create bowel problems.
While the original food may pose no risk when consumed in moderation, there could be significant risks in taking a much higher dose in the form of an extract. Whatever you do, make sure you avoid the urge to skip meals or join any fad or restrictive diet.

They can help you by discussing your goals and accessing what weight-loss products may or may not be right for you based on your age, your physical fitness, lifestyle, and what medications and supplements you are taking.
Certain NHPs promoted online for weight loss have posed serious health risks because they have been mixed with prescription drugs or contaminated with heavy metals. However, Ephedra and ephedrine are authorized by Health Canada as decongestants (conventional or traditional herbal medicines) and in homeopathic medicines. Studies have shown that dieting can cause short-term weight-loss followed by a regain of the lost weight in 95% of dieters. Others products ordered online from unreliable sources, including prescription drugs, may be counterfeit, or contain ingredients other than those being advertised. Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) peel is used in traditional Chinese medicine for several conditions, including abdominal pain and constipation, and is used in food to make marmalade, but it is not authorized for the purpose of weight loss. Chronic and repetitive dieting may cause excess weight gain as a result of disruption in appetite mechanisms and metabolism.(2) The healthiest way to be at your optimal weight is by simply making healthy food choices and exercising regularly.
Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet and avoid overly processed foods with high sugar and low nutrient density.

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