We are a team of virtual health coaches dedicated to help you achieve your health and weight goals through a well researched, credible, safe and fast acting meal replacement medical weight management program. Our clients lose up to 20 pounds a month, or 2-5 pounds a week without hunger, pills or extreme exercise programs with the help of a skilled, caring coach from the comfort of your own home.
I loved the shopping lists, meal plan, and the fact that it was flexible enough that I could switch out snacks and meals to suit what I was in the mood to eat.
I firmly believe that if we had taken a different route, that if we had not found Lisa, Katie would not be where she is today. I lost weight, got off my high cholesterol l medication, and knocked 11 minutes off my half marathon race time. After working with Lisa, I realized how important it is to take time for myself everyday and do something that I enjoy or that helps me relax.
As a runner, I knew that nutrition played an important part in the training process, but I did not know HOW to make sure I was properly fueling my body. I was surprised that my picky children and “meat and potatoes” husband embraced healthy foods!
I felt energized during my marathon training and was able to easily transition to vegetarianism with Lisa’s help. I lost weight, have clearer skin, more energy, a clear mind and best of all, more patience!
Lisa’s detox is an all encompassing approach to wellness–yes, foods, but also water, movement, meditation and oh, so important–encouragement and support! At the beginning of the 10 day detox, my family was totally against anything to do with it.
Thank you for everything – your passion for healthy living, the great recipes, the coaching and for believing that people can change.
I feel better, look better, am sleeping better, and cannot imagine going back to my old ways!
Lisa, I praise you for teaching me how to cook healthy, for introducing me to new vibrant foods and recipes, for supporting and loving me, for encouraging me to look inward and focus on ME. KIC is very friendly to beginner cooks in terms of prep, equipment needed, and cooking technique, so people really ought to have no excuses about trying KIC. An added bonus was that my husband and children enjoyed the recipes so I did not have to make separate meals for everyone while I was eating cleaner. Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling great due to eating fabulous whole foods, I was less anxious about what to eat and how I would find time to make it.
I loved that I was able to share anything about my experience without judgment with Lisa and the group.
I had increased energy, and I started sleeping through the night for the first time in a long time. I was skeptical at first about the energy but by day 4, I didn’t need the coffee for my 3:30 am departure!
My group was full of amazingly creative people and amazingly good people to lean on during the detox. I loved that the menu was all planned out for you in advance and that there was a shopping list as well. I never felt hungry while doing the cleanses and have taken the recipes and the ingredients to become my staples during the week, while still enjoying my weekends. My hubby had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol before we signed up, and this really helped us get a kick start to correcting those health issues.
During Kickin’ It Clean, someone at work randomly told me one day how healthy I looked which was the best compliment ever. During the month, I realized that is was really simple to eat clean; not nearly as daunting as I had imagined.
I have never tried to be gluten free, but during the month, I noticed how much better I felt when I didn’t eat gluten. People are often leery of diets and diet programs but Kickin’ It Clean isn’t a diet approach.
Incorporating green juice into our daily diet and routine has been one of the best decisions we ever made. I lost 5 pounds, and that is hard for me to do, since weight is hard to get off when you are 51 years old. Before the detox, I felt bloated, lost, and full of self doubt, but Lisa’s motivation is contagious!
I had read every book about healthy eating and had tried many crazy fad programs when I saw an ad for Whole Health Designs. I guess for me, the most important thing is that Lisa will be there with you every step of the way!! Lisa’s constant support and belief in her made all the difference when everyone else around her didn’t believe in her and our chosen method. Lisa taught me how to nourish my body with greens, exercise, sleep and a more positive inner self energy. I do not always think about food-what I am going to eat and when i am going to eat it; measuring the the right amount for a serving size. You have a wonderful passion and love for coaching and counseling people and helping them achieve their goals. I thought I was very knowledgeable about health and wellness (little did I know) but now I have a passion for more. During our initial meeting, she spent a lot of time determining my family’s needs and developing a program that would be right for us. Life as a whole is a giant balancing act and she focuses on all areas of her clients’ lives. I wanted to increase my energy, get rid of those pesky sinus issues I was having and most importantly I didn’t want to have to design any of it.
Vegetables that I would have passed over in the produce section are now some of my favorites!
I now pause when I go to grab a handful of junk food, or pause when I go to put a package of processed food in my shopping cart.
That’s not to say that detoxing is easy (days 6-7 were hard for me, I wanted to give up). I learned more on this plan than on any diet or cleanse ever–real, usable things I will take with me always.

The recipes were fantastic and eating GOOD foods didn’t make me feel like I was depriving myself of anything at all. I am a three step cook and the majority of these recipes can be done in a few steps without a lot of extra skills needed. I love that there are recipes for burgers and burritos in KIC; it bucks the notion that clean eating is just salads all day every day. I needed to get back on track with my diet, and I feel a whole lot better for it (or, I did, until I had that restaurant meal last night and realize how awful that kind of food makes me feel, even on a short-term basis!). I lost 3 pounds, and I broke the sugar cycle, which was the biggest thing for me -no more soda (HUGE goal accomplished — whole reason I did the detox), no more honey in the oatmeal, etc. It’s a chance to find new foods that you may not normally eat, or eat in combination, and find out that they are actually good and do not require a lot of time and effort to make. It was an amazing experience, and I discovered things about myself that took me by surprise.
No matter how badly you might have been eating before, you can do this without feeling like you are sacrificing taste for being healthy.
Lisa’s detox programs are a great reminder of how to eat healthy and control your portions. I’ve been struggling for the last five years to lose those lingering pounds from two pregnancies. And ingredients that I would never think to purchase are now staples in our home…Thank you Lisa! All of the recipes were delicious, and I really loved that a shopping list was included ~ really helped me stay organized!
I received so many recipes that I should not need to go hunting for anything new to cook for months to come. The next step was convincing my meat eating father that juicing would help heal him AND it was tasty too!
I had on a whole just felt better, and I could not get over how good my skin on my face looked. The program is easy to follow thanks to clear instructions, easy-to-follow recipes, and an extremely supportive group of beautiful people sharing their incredible journey. I keep coming back to the detoxes for the group because it keeps me accountable and offers support. I was spending more time in the kitchen throughout the day but it actually felt much easier and less stressful because I had a plan. And I’m not feeling like I need to buy chocolate almond bark every time I go to the grocery store.
If we had taken the traditional route of psychologists, etc, I believe Katie would be just like others who struggle with anorexia – in and out of treatment, with no real cure. Lisa did not try to sway us to conform to healthy eating habits but worked with us in teaching us how to eat what WE liked but in a more healthy, more clean manner. I realized all the things I thought I was doing to be healthy and slim down were just working against me.
What I liked best about the program was that she didn’t ask us to give up any of our favorite foods. Throughout my program, I could really see a change in my energy level, and I just felt better overall! I say that, but her knowledge and gentle approach to every question and concern was such a blessing. By day 2, they were all in – tasting my food, talking it up to their friends, asking questions, etc. It’s the way Lisa lays it out compete with shopping list, that makes it doable for a mom of two with a part-time job.
She has tons of knowledge, and the best part is the fact that she cares so much, and it shows. I was surprised that the meals were so easy to prepare, so satisfying, and gave me so much energy.
In the days before the detox, I was excited about the prospect of learning to listen to my body again and Lisa never let that excitement leave. I love food so without great recipes, I think I would have strayed after a few days (or meals)!
I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for a while, but I was always intimidated by lengthy recipes and disheartened by not even knowing if the food would be healthy for me! I have more energy (even began to wake up in the morning with positive plans for the day, rather than dragging myself out of bed as had been the case), and more focus, especially for my kids!
Also, Lisa introduces a few need foods every week- so you can try new things without getting overwhelmed. It makes such a difference on your overall well being that giving up something you feel you have to have is just not true. I’m a big fan of the smoothies, and I would never have put kale in a smoothie prior to this.
Sometimes you think you need to feel bad to lose weight, but I’ve truly felt wonderful. For a busy mom, the schedule of meals and snacks helped me to stay focused and organized,but with the flexibility to shift around as my schedule or tastebuds changed. Since my first cleanse with Lisa, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I am almost to my goal weight!
I will pass on the information about KIC to friends and family so that others can join and reap the benefits! Now I can confidently give my daughter a healthy, filling snack any time she asks for a cup! After doing Lisa’s detox, my husband and I (yes — he did it with me) are so excited about the way we feel, we are keeping sugar, caffeine and gluten out of our diets permanently and keeping dairy to a minimum. Fitness and exercise has always been important to me, but for some reason I never really felt satisfied after a workout and I was so incredibly hungry! I have dropped a few pounds and for the first time in a long time I feel good about my body and appearance. Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and overindulging a bit too much, I knew Lisa’s program would not disappoint.
I highly recommend Lisa’s detox to anyone who needs a good ole fashioned health boost but doesn’t want to forgo real food!

Through facebook posts and twitter conversations, I could really feel the leadership and support. I also liked the daily emails; they made feel that someone out there was interested in me being successful and completing the 10 days detox. KIC gave me a path to follow and that helped to dispel all these mental barriers I had around eating right and cooking my meals. I also liked that the recipes used some of the same ingredients over the course of the week, so food waste was almost eliminated.
Also I loved Lisa’s daily blogs and videos where we would hear about her experiences with the detox. We now have so many recipes to choose from that we’re not eating the same old thing over and over. Timing is important in order to have the most positive experience, because you might have a really hard time focusing during the first couple of days in a cleanse.
People should know that the detox is an important thing to do for yourself periodically and on a regular basis. I was really skeptical and didn’t think I would like it or be able to do it, but I was wrong!! I just adore you, Lisa, and really love how passionate you are about clean eating and your business. It’s also a lot of fun to try new flavor combinations to find something the whole family enjoys. I encourage everyone to try Lisa’s detox; it has changed how we shop for food and we now eat more at home. There is also plenty of support and enthusiasm through Lisa and the group that it really feels like more of a treat than a chore!
After working with Lisa, I now have a better understanding of how to fuel my body and what to fuel it with, so that I can actually feel satisfied throughout the day. I also realized the importance of sleep and how I need good sleep in order to keep moving and stay happy everyday. Lisa is a great listener, very in -tune to each individual needs and as long as you follow her advice, it will help you change your life for the better. It is a pleasant surprise to have so many take-aways from this including amazing recipes and a new outlook on how to eat more whole foods all the time. The blog entries and videos were wonderful as well as the quick responses to emails and tweets! I Love the food, love the enthusiasms, and I really appreciate Lisa’s generosity with all the bonuses!
I knew I could follow your meal plan and trust the quality and nutrition of the outcome, and that was mentally liberating.
I also had more energy and an innate desire to eat healthier (which I don’t normally experience! This is a program to jumpstart your way to healthy living, and I think everyone can benefit. A group of us did Lisa’s detox together and we enjoyed emailing, texting each other our thoughts on the meals, how we felt, etc… Doing with the group made it so much fun, and even though I said “no” to joining Lisa’s detox at first (I thought I couldn’t give up coffee!), I’m glad I changed my mind. Nothing too out of the ordinary, well, I don’t normally drink smoothies with spinach, but definitely food you find in your grocery store.
It’s a great time to do other extra self-care, like the dry-brushing, meditation, massage, naps, etc. Not only did I enjoy eating clean but there are some recipes that will stay with me forever! The most surprising thing was the way my picky children and “meat & potatoes” husband embraced the changes. I loved the recipes, and I especially liked how Lisa makes eating healthy and cleaner so easy.
I have found many gluten free alternatives to the things I love and have been enjoying them in moderation. I will continue to use these recipes in my meals and look forward to experimenting with them for new fruits and vegetables.
Lisa is truly an inspiration and with the support she provides I know I’ll be looking great by the time my wedding rolls around!
I found that it was a great opportunity to assess my eating habits and to try some new foods that I will now add to my repertoire. As someone with a busy schedule who wants to implement a big change in my diet like this, Lisa made it pure Bliss. I also noticed a positive effect on my mood and my ability to deal with stressful situations. The recipes were easy to make, and I had many favorites like the hummus, juices and the salads.
She made honors for the first time in her high school career and was awarded conference honorable mention for softball. The best hair and skin products are all natural products like coconut oil and dry brushing with rosemary oil. I finally could not deny it any longer and needed to make some changes, and it was a chance to get other sugars out of my diet.
And hearing the variety of challenges, the optimism and commitment, and Lisa’s positive, helpful and wise presence through it all, helped me stay strong and actually made it FUN! I’ve picked up some great habits these last ten days and plan to implement a lot of these recipes in my daily diet. The weight loss was a pleasant surprise and the amount of food (per serving)that we could consume was generous and tasted great! It was easy not to eat those things because I just loved the way I felt and didn’t want to un-do any of what I had worked for. She is chilled out and glowing which was an encouragement to go on because I was neither of those things at the start of this!

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