How To Turn On Your Own Unique immortality gene and more than outlive your Hayflick limit of 120 years (the medical limit our telomeres allow). Discover Two powerful protocols that will slow down the aging process in your cells and make yourself look younger!
Use these (listed top to bottom in order of importance) to stop the signs of aging and even reverse the damage.
We all know that health begins on the inside and you can supercharge your anti-aging quest by using all the tips that are in the Longevity Video Series. When it comes to developing healthy habits, it’s as easy as adding one new serving of organic fruits or vegetables to your diet.
It includes easy to make juices that include healthy fiber can actually prevent most diseases and cancers even before they form in your body.
You basically want to keep your bones strong, your muscles, joints and connective tissues flexible and firm, and your heart and lungs operating at healthy efficiency, so you can do anything in life that you want.
Getting rid of facial wrinkles is the #1 thing you can do immediately that helps you look many years younger!
Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it. Nuclear Radiation and our Drinking Water Supply – Detox Treatment For Radiation Exposure and Sickness!
It uses a wide variety of precise tests, procedures and equipment to identify diseases and symptoms, and is the actual strength of this system.
Unfortunately, modern medicine and it’s use of prescription chemical drugs frequently harm the body (and sometimes cause death) with what we term side effects. If you want to experience peak health, then it is most wise not to take things into your body that will cause you mental, emotional and physical harm and cause you too look like your 80 when you’re 40. Naturopathic and Holistic medical physicians and practitioners seek to find the source of imbalance in the whole person and recommend changes that bring the person back to a state of optimum health, on all levels.
Naturopathic or Holistic Alternative Medicine is founded on the unity of mind, body and spirit. Modern biology has demonstrated that we are not at the mercy of our genetic makeup, but instead control our gene transcription (which chromosomes are turned off or on) through our psychological state, emotional state, and interactions with our environment. Modern science also shows that our hearts, as well as our entire body has inherent intelligence “a non-local brain” that gives off energetic waves that can be measured with electronic equipment. David Wolfe, the founder of The Longevity Now program is an expert on the subject of sustainable herbs, superfoods and holistic nutrition, and I like using his products because they’re ethically produced and mostly organic. I recommend that you obtain organic products whenever you possibly can, because if you want to be at your best, then you don’t want to introduce pesticides and toxins into your body. Illness, Vampires and Spirits, Oh My – Why You Need Garlic In Your Home   Is Garlic Better than Antibiotics?
It is a natural supplement that activates your own bodies Telomerase, which is what protects and regenerates your Telomere Length and stops cellular aging.

Dave Waynorowski author of “The Immortality Edge“ reveals powerful anti-aging and longevity strategies that will help activate your potential to live 150 plus years! Eat the best foods you can, think positively and share your success with others.  You can find out more about Dr.
They are often compared to a natural form of Botox in their skin tightening and brightening results.
Allopathic Medicine (your standard Medical Doctor or Hospital) relies upon the concept of identifying diseases or their associated symptoms, and then prescribing drugs to manage or combat those conditions.
This model considers bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, cancers and other foreign invaders to be some of the main causes of our illnesses; therefore, antibiotics and prescription drugs, chemotherapy and radiation are prescribed to kill them, or they are surgically removed. This is accomplished first through a state of being (we are human Beings, not human Doings) finding the source of dis-ease (the absence of a state of ease, our natural state) and coming into alignment with our body’s wisdom.
If you just mask the symptoms of illness, and do not change the behavior, environment or underlying condition, it will surely return. That’s why most cancer’s return after surgery, chemotherapy and dangerous prescription medications because the source of the problem has yet to be investigated.
It is directly in line with modern quantum physics and mechanics, as well as modern biology.
Our bodies are the true healers; we only need to listen to what it is telling us through the symptoms and feeling that we experience. How we view and respond to our environment is what controls how our genes express themselves. This is called the “Wisdom of our Body.” Ancient cultures knew this and sought to provide our bodies with a balanced approach to wellness.
This includes keeping your body and mind moving through regular movement, resistance training and exercise, even if it’s just daily walking. It is called TA65 and is scientifically proven to turn on your “immortality gene” and not only slow down or stop aging, but actually reverse it! Waynorowski is part of the human genome project and lifetime researcher into anti-aging and longevity technologies and products.
There is an exciting video series LIVE from The Longevity Now® Conference, that shows you how to make everything in your life work so much better.
Most people learn best by actually seeing and doing, and that’s why I recommend going to a gym, taking a yoga, tai-chi or fitness class first. For complete health and fitness longevity anti-aging nutrition and research you will find the Longevity Series DVD’s invaluable. You can find the right anti-aging skin care product for your individual needs and see the exciting results for yourself.
It is a system that considers the disease or symptom to be the actual problem, bypassing the underlying causes that produced the disease or symptom in the first place. When they harm or kill someone, this is referred to as Iatrogenic (physician induced) medicine, and it is actually the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States!

The language of modern allopathic medicine is filled with images of war: the war on cancer, for example. This is where they match what the cause of your disease, illness or condition is, and recommend the best Herbal Remedies or Homeopathic Medicines to restore you to complete health. Holistic medicine includes ADHD natural remedies, acne home remedies, natural anti-depressants to name a few. Visit Natural Fitness Blog for more tips on how to achieve peak conditioning and health through natural fitness and performance nutrition. There are viruses and pesticides that are released when you eat these foods, and you will almost always end up with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) among other serious health problems.
You always knew you could look and feel years younger, now science makes it real for you.  TA65 is a natural supplement that reverse aging and gives you back your youth, literally. There is a great book an Australian Trainer who is focused on longevity and anti-aging nutrition and diet who has a great book you might want to look at, it’s called RawFit Longevity Diet. There are specific exercises you can do to keep your bones, muscles and heart healthy and actually look better than you did when you were younger.
Compare that with natural complementary medicine (herbs remedies, etc) and you can see what is really happening.
It can help you stay healthy, look years younger, feel years younger and perform at your highest level, all without a lot of stress.
Imagine your skin getting tighter, your hair returning to it’s natural color, length, thickness and fullness. And this is not just a healthy organ program, it gives you more physical strength, stamina, and you are biologically younger and it shows in your outer appearance! Have you noticed like I have, that most of these doctors are highly unhealthy, and usually sick when you see them! Therefore you cannot “kill” or “remove” one part of a physical body without affecting the whole. You can find a natural herbal remedy for a whole lot of dis-eases that need to be brought back into healthy balance in our bodies. It’s how your cells age and instead of producing new healthy cells, it makes cells with imperfections that age you (age spots, skin wrinkling, loss of elasticity, organ failure, brain aging and memory problems.
Your  body straightening up, excess body fat transforming into healthy toned muscle tissue.
Waynorowski, uses a few natural supplements that has proven to improve the biomarkers of aging, in laboratory studies as well as personally in his own life. If we said that the drugs are poisoning us rather than giving us side effects, we might not be so apt to use them on a long-term basis.

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