Alternative thyroid treatments are a safe and effective way to naturally overcome most thyroid problems. Unfortunately these day the way most thyroid problems are dealt with is through medication.
There are various aspects of a person's life that can be changed, or at least modified, if they want to improve their thyroid functioning as well as overcome any low thyroid symptoms they may be experiencing.
In this article we will cover a range of strategies to help you improve your thyroid function. Your nutritional habits should be the first place you consider making some changes if you are considering alternative thyroid treatments. What you eat on a regular basis has a direct impact on the amount of essential nutrients your body receives in order to produce thyroid hormones.
Regular consumption of junk foods (which tend to be very low in nutrient content) or excessive alcohol consumption, often results in a person's body becoming deficient in a range of nutrients. T4 (thyroxine) is considered to be the 'inactive' thyroid hormone, whilst T3 (tri-iodothyronine) is the 'active' form.
In order to reduce stress levels in your body and the impact cortisol has, it is essential that you incorporate techniques to help your body manage and deal with stress more effectively. You may also like to consider using a herbal supplement to help your body deal with stress more effectively. Reducing your stress levels is one of the simplest yet most effective alternative thyroid treaments available.
The strategies mentioned here are all useful in helping to reduce your body's stress response and therefore your body's production of cortisol. If you suffer with low thyroid symptoms or any other thyroid problems, using alternative thyroid treatments, like supplements becomes essential. Here's a list of all the nutrients required for optimum thyroid hormone production and conversion: selenium, tyrosine, iodine, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and various B vitamins. It contains a range of 7 powerful 'Superfoods' that will provide your body with a range of antioxidants.

The major problem with using thyroid medication long term is that the thyroid hormones being produced by your body naturally gets shut down. Therefore, after a few weeks of T3 use (in conjunction with regular testing), once the rT3 levels have normalised, you can stop taking the T3 medication.
There are so many benefits to ensuring your thyroid gland functions normally and your thyroid hormones remain within normal ranges. Alternative Thyroid Treatments Article Comments Not rated yetAccording to the National Women's Health Information Center, 1 in 8 women will experience a thyroid disease or disorder during their lifetime. Subscribers to theQuick Weight Loss E-Zineget a FREE copy of my 'Secrets of Weight Loss' Special Report (Valued at $27).
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Facts about the hCG diet — it can be a powerful weight loss program IF the hCG is real, full-strength, prescribed by a medical doctor and purchased from a US pharmacy. Whether you have difficulty losing weight or are suffering from diabetes-related issues, PCOS, infertility, seemingly incurable migraines, or a host of other conditions. Using a physiological approach (meaning we treat your WHOLE body, not just the symptoms), our physicians diagnose your health issues and then prescribe treatments using top quality US FDA-approved bio-identical hormones or medications, along with individualized diets to maximize your health benefits. Call 801•393•3586 any time to listen to our free 24-hour phone consult, or leave a message to schedule your personal consultation!! We offer individualized diets, physician-prescribed and monitored hCG diet program with pure, prescription-strength hCG injections as well as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This involves simply providing the person with the hormones that aren't being produced in their body, rather than addressing the reason why their body isn't producing the hormones in the first place!
Practices like meditation, yoga and perhaps even psychological counselling in a group format or individually are all very effective.
If stress is a major issue for you then I strongly recommend using a standardised supplement containing the herb.

Low cortisol affects the T3 receptors in the body in addition to reducing the body's ability to transport T3 within the cell itself.
Chelating or 'clawing' involves removing the heavy metals out of your body through the use of specific supplements, which are considered alternative thyroid treatments. This is certainly not the best way to deal with thyroid problems but tends to be the approach used by the vast majority of medical practitioners. Our physicians diagnose and treat Metabolic Syndrome, Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), thyroid conditions, etc.. At Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Clinic we dig deep to find the underlying causes of your health issues, then our physicians, dedicated staff, and nutritionists work directly with you help solve your health problems! Furthermore, rT3 also inhibits the conversion of T4 into T3 again, reducing your metabolism. Each of these techniques are effective at lowering the level of cortisol in your body and therefore improving thyroid function.
Depending on the amount present in your body, the process may take several months or years to get the levels down to within the 'acceptable' range.
This means that the reduced rT3 levels won't have an impact on the conversion of T4 into T3.
Our doctor-supervised HCG diet can be far more effective with minimal risks and much lower cost. We prescribe bio-identical hormones for highest effectiveness and to avoid the side effects of synthetic hormones.

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