Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Personally, I like to think of the body as a complete working entity, and not a collection of individual parts, so I prefer to hit all the muscles of the upper or lower body together in each workout. Just as with full body routines, begin each workout with a compound lift in a lower rep range. Order does matter to a certain extent, but it’s more about making sure the muscles are warm. Oh you’re amazing Tara…thank you SO much for posting this sample split routine! I go to the gym four days a week to lift, as well, and I think that’s my magic number, too ?? I honestly think it works best for me! Do you mean you like plyometrics, or that you like the fact you haven’t done them in a long time?? There is another thing I forgot to ask you … Here you have different exercises in each workout, is that super important? As for repeating accessory exercises more than once a week, you lose a training effect to a certain extent as your body will adapt to the exercise much faster. First, let me say I love the material on your blog (though it can be a tad confusing since your training methods seem to have changed quite a bit), and your approach to training, fitness, and nutrition is refreshing. I usually do one post-workout and one on a rest day, but never within 24 hours before a leg workout!
My opinion has been different in the past, and I’m sure it will change in the future, but for now four is my magic number. For example, with two leg days, one day could focus on quads only, while the other trains hamstrings and glutes.

This means that for an upper body day, for example, I will perform a couple of exercises each for my chest, back and shoulders. Then move on to your accessory exercises, using a mixture of pushing and pulling exercises to hit all the muscles of either the upper or lower body. I tried full body workouts a few times just to change things up, but I didn’t like it at all! For example, if I decide I want to do back squats, lunges, leg press, leg extension and glute bridges, I start with squats, but does it matter in what order I continue? You always want to do the compound movements first, and leave any isolation work to the end so you don’t pull anything. I usually take a rest day during the middle of the week, but sometimes I go straight through and enjoy a three day weekend. I mean, are there any ill effects of repeating some of the exercises (for example, I do back squats, leg extension and leg press in both of my lower body workouts of the week)?
It is a lot for your CNS to handle if you try to do the same compound exercises more than once a week.
I have so much more energy when I do lift, plus if I try to do more than two days in a row of lifting, well, day three just ain’t happening. I would keep it the same but make the rep ranges of your accessory exercises slightly higher (say 10-12) and possibly superset a few of these to encourage more fat loss.
When someone has time to lift four days per week, I recommend two upper body and two lower body days.
Upper body day one can be something like back and biceps, while the second session may focus on chest, shoulders and triceps. I have used last week’s full body workout as a template, mostly to show you how easy it is to switch between the two if you need to!

Or for upper body, for some reason I like to alternate between push and press exercises – for example, I start with bench (push) and then continue with rowing (pull), triceps press (push) and so on.
That said, I generally put exercises like leg extensions and leg curl near the beginning of the workout to warm the muscle thoroughly before trying things like glute bridges. For example, if you did one back exercise, and then 2 chest and 1 shoulder exercises, you wouldn’t want to then do another back exercise as the muscles would have cooled down and you risk injury.
If you want more, you could create a little circuit of box jumps, jumping lunges and pop squats ?? Let me know if you try it! My legs have always packed on muslce faster than any part of my body, so one day seems to be sufficient. It can be done during certain periods of high volume, but I wouldn’t recommend repeating such a program for longer than six weeks. I haven’t even heard of some of these exercises haha, do you know of any particular Youtube channel that shows well the correct form? I think you should always do a mix of pushing and pulling in every workout (too much pushing can again cause injury, so you don’t want to devote a whole day to pressing). If you have no real desire to do isolation exercises, and you have no dreams of becoming a bodybuilder any time soon, you don’t need to do bicep curls! In contrast, my arms are *extremely* resistant to bulking up, so I like to give them a bit more attention. Or is it better to first do all push exercises and then the pull ones, or maybe even on separate days?

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