A commenter mentioned that I should write  a post for newbies to Okinawa, since she will be here soon and all.
The Marine Corps has weight restrictions when PCSing to Okinawa (some of the other branches don’t have restrictions). If you want to have a plan in mind before you start driving around, there are numerous websites to check. Everyone will tell you they were worried about driving on the left side of the road when they got here.
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And almost everyone drives on the wrong side of the road at least once, just hopefully no one but you (and your passgener) notice!
If you have spider problem you need to talk to local villagers, there are many ways to keep spiders away without bug sprays. Spiders do not like the smell at all and will flee away and some things like Citronella and lemon will kill some spiders if too close.
HI just wanted to say I loved your ramblings .My husband and I were stationed on Okinawa so long ago ( 1972 ) and Loved it ! My husband just informed me a few hours ago that his reenlistment package had been approved and our next duty station will be Japan. My friends recently got engaged and are heading off to Okinawa in 3 months, any suggestions for a lightweight engagement gift that would be useful there? I know this is really old post, but its really the only helpful post on Okinawa that I’ve found, so I thought asking some questions was worth a try. Hey could you include something regarding the standpoint of education and the types of schools?
There are schools on all the bases that cater to the children of military and DOD civilians. Enter your email address below to have all of the latest posts delivered directly to your inbox. My husband has been here 3 years, the kids and I have been here more like 2 years and 10 months. I went to everything I could – festivals, tourist traps, beaches, shrines, castles, parks, and anything else I found about about. You are allowed like a quarter of your normal weight allowance, so it’s around 3,000 pounds.
We have a pretty big PX here, there are lots home stores and various places to shop off base, and if all else fails, there’s the internet. I am hoping that this will be our next duty station so I will definitely be coming back to this if it happens.

So of course I jumped online and came across your post which helped a lot so thank you for that! I was just informed of our move, should be at the end of may, but that time in between flies so fast.
Me and my husband will be going through our first PCS to Japan, so this will be very useful to us, thanks for sharing!
My fiance (soon to be husband) is stationed in Texas right now and just got the news last week that after his training completes he’s being moved to Okinawa.
I was imagining this teeny, little place where cars weren’t necessary and we would all quickly become bored and landlocked. Temperature wise, it doesn’t get much higher than 90, but the humidity is ridiculous.
My husband changed his company and they’re sending him to Okinawa at the beginning of December.
After the US handed control back to the Japanese everthing changed, it became much more EXPEN$IVE as a ny marine,etc will attest ! Enjoy this beautiful place , I still have so many memories and I loved being a miltary wife . We hate that we will be far from family but are getting ready to start our own so I am sure that will keep us busy. I know there are a lot of preschools and a Montessori school that people send their younger children too, but I really don’t know a lot about them. If you come here with the wrong attitude, you are going to have three years of hatred for this island. I wasn’t really familiar with Japanese food before coming here, but there is a lot that I love now.
I wish we would have eaten out more, but I think I tried every place I wanted to go at least once. I found some things that fit, but overall, it seemed like the biggest sizes, without hitting the plus sizes, were a smidge too small. If everything’s all right me and our little girl will join him for celebrating together Easter 2016. Anyway, great article and glad to see a serviceman’s wife posting good stuff like this for those coming behind her- keep it up! We ended up taking ours, but the movers couldn’t get the couch to fit into their crate. I’m not big on paying them to drive me somewhere and then having to be on their time, but I check the schedules to see what is going on for the month. As far as the driving itself, I noticed that for about 2 weeks, I paid super close attention while driving.

Your advices are great and would help me plan our move not wandering here and there without knowing what to do. So let’s NOT paint a shangrila picture about the place which will only disappoint the newcomers and naive. If there is a festival or something, I’ll do internet searches to find out where it is and go myself.
There are also lots of restaurants here that will serve more food that Americans are used to. I didn’t go to those as often, but I found much better produce at local stores and I bought fish a few times. This past winter didn’t require much in the way of long sleeves or jackets, but the first 2 winters here did. Some of the off basing housing can be small, but we had a good size 3 bedroom, 2 bath place off base. There is so much to see and do here and the best way to get started is to just get in the car and go. There are lots of places that take volunteers here – the USO, the Red Cross, the branch gift shops (if you are an officer spouse), but NMCRS was what worked for me. There are some for wives, some for each base, some for moms, some for fitness stuff, you get my drift. Once it gets down to a certain level, schools are closed, people are sent home from work, and everyone is put on lockdown. Now I could say NICER things but as a British foreign correspondent and radio shockjock I usually tell it like it is. All of our dressers, bookshelves, tables, and once we moved off base our fridge, washer, and dryer were all loaners from the gov’t. Volunteers do all the budgets, loan counselings, and give out loans, so it’s something valid to put on a resume. I have had many USMC friends over the years and have lived in the US since the 60’s on and off as a top radio DJ,etc. I have also been a guest at Pendelton, Paris Island and Kaneohe USMCAS, I am a former Commander RAN. I see cars on TV and in movies on the right side of the road now and it just looks wrong to me. The majority of damage comes from objects flying around that someone hasn’t taken the time to secure or move inside.

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