Weight Loss Resources - Offers a nutrition database and tools for weight watchers, including food diaries, diet plans and low fat recipes. Weight Loss Resources Online Weight Loss Tools, Tailored to You! Keep a calorie counted food diary, use your nutrition profile to make sure you maintain a healthy diet during your weight loss. These are all organised group events, and most are for the purpose of raising money for various charities. The walk begins at Candlelighters in Leeds on 22nd April at 3pm and journeys across the region via a raft of sporting stadia, eventually finishing at Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield.
There are plenty of tranquil spots along the walk and the bluebells should be just coming into bloom.
A challenging hike with steep ascents and descents along the world famous Hadrian's Wall. Something for everyone in the grounds of Pollok Country Park - family friendly, wheelchair accessible and dogs are allowed. This challenge follows the stunning coastal path loop for over 105km right around England’s largest island.
The 8 mile walk is non-competitive and is designed for ramblers and hikers, following the same route as the main Marathon Race. Open to men and women aged 13 and over, the event starts at the Garioch Sports Centre in Inverurie before taking participants on a tour of the town in the twilight. Just Walk is open to anyone who is keen to get their walking boots on and hike over the picturesque South Downs in West Sussex. The walk starts at Battersea Park and travels past several iconic London landmarks including the London Eye, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Shard and more. This stroll along the Tyne will take you over the stunning Millennium Bridge and along river paths. The route starts at Lews Castle College heading past The Woodlands Centre and Cuddy Point, heading out towards the mouth of the Creed and heading back the same way to the Castle Green to finish. Walk from Eccleston, a charming Eaton estate village, along the Marches Way beside the River Dee into the centre of Chester. The Merthyr Walkathon takes your from the top of the valley, down, and back again, the perfect route to see a different side to the Merthyr Valley.
A charity pooch walk in aid of The Bobby Moore Fund in Weald Country Park, entertainment along the way.
There are 2 walks, 1 mile family friendly walk for thoses with small children or wheelchairs and a 5k walk for those more able as the walk goes through fields and over some sties.
Wheelchair and pram friendly route takes a scenic journey through parts of Knowsley Safari Park which are not usually accessible to the general public. Leaving from the suburbs of Richmond upon Thames this challenge takes you through the stunning scenery of Surrey and Sussex, finishing Brighton seafront. Walking challenge through Surrey countryside, starting and finishing near Guildford, taking in such delights as the North Downs Way, Greensand Way and the Devil's Punchbowl. Hike from Brighton to Eastbourne along the stunning South Downs Way and take in the far-reaching views of Britain’s finest unspoilt coastline from the chalk cliffs of Seven Sisters Country Park. Soak up Cardiff’s rich heritage as you walk past historic landmarks and tourist attractions while enjoying spectacular views across Cardiff Bay and the Bristol Channel.
Choose from 3 routes around this beautiful house and parkland, family friendly event and dogs are welcome. Trek the long winding Llanberis route to the summit of the highest mountain in Wales at 1,085m (3,560ft).
The Wirral Coastal Walk has been running since 1986 and attracts over 3,000 walkers on the day. Starting at Tynewydd Fields and continues down through the Valley via Treochy, Pentre, Ystrad, Llwynypia, Tonypandy,Penygraig, Dinas, Porth finishing at Rhondda Heritage Park, Trehafod. Starting at Cheltenham Racecourse, the routes use public footpaths and sections of the Cheltenham Circular Footpath, Cotswold Way and Winchcombe Way, passing through glorious Cotswold countryside and offering fantastic views. Enjoy the stunning North Downs backdrop on a fully marshalled route with plenty of refreshment stops. This challenging hiking marathon treks along the mighty Hadrian's Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site, past old Roman forts, settlements and stunning scenery. Shorter walk is a level route around the tranquil pond area, longer takes in woodland trails of Culbin Forest. The Heart of Sussex Walk on the South Downs follows one route starting at Clayton Windmills and walkers then join at the relevant start points for their chosen distance.
The routes take you along the River Lagan and canal system through a variety of wetland, riverside meadows and mixed woodland. 65km (40-mile) team walking challenge through North Yorkshire, taking in the incredible scenery of the coastal line and North Yorkshire Moors.
This is an extremely challenging 26-mile walk over the three highest peaks in Yorkshire: Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. Starting from the Olympic Park and following the River Lee out of the capital, the route continues across wild flower meadows, through farmland and quaint rural villages, before joining a direct route into historic Cambridge. Walk in the stunning surroundings of the 700 year old Ripley Castle on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This Millennium country park is a green flag award winning site, making it officially one of the best parks in the country. Walk around the grand grounds and beside the winding river spotting wildlife along the way.

This is the biggest charity hike in the Yorkshire Dales - a challenging 24 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing. An area of outstanding beauty, Lake Vyrnwy national nature reserve is, according to the RSPB, one of the best places for wildlife in the UK. The 2.5 mile walk is suitable for all ages and incorporates the iconic settings of the film, such as the Oakworth train station allowing all the family to be transported back in time. The walk will be followed by a bring and share picnic in the park, where you can relax, enjoy a well earned rest and meet the other walkers with stunning views across the River Thames.
This hiking marathon treks along the Cotswold Way, past picturesque villages, stately homes and the rolling hills of one of England's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Walk day and night and experience stunning views, dark pathways, moonlit canals and shadowy tunnels in this unforgettable adventure. This marathon hike journeys along the North Downs Way and through the beautiful Surrey Hills. This hiking marathon journeys along the Trans-Pennine Trail through the beautiful Peak District. This epic midnight challenge will see you climb the iconic Ben Nevis in a way seen by very few. Includes discounted entry to the house, a free birds of prey show and a chance for a picnic in the afternoon. An Eastbourne start, up the infamous Beachy Head, on through the Seven Sisters Country Park and along the South Downs Way. Choose from a gentle 2 mile walk down to Loch Leven, an area of exceptional wildlife, or a 6 mile walk where views open up towards the West Lomond and Bishop Hill. This challenge is not for the faint hearted and the terrain is extremely varied and involves some very steep ascents and descents.
Based in Seven Sisters Country Park, transport your ShelterBox collecting points along the way to be the winning team in this 1-day orienteering challenge. Taking you right through the heart of Llantrisant, you’ll walk along footpaths taking in the sights of the Rhondda Valley. Starting from London, heading west through some of the most historic and picturesque towns in southern England. This scenic walking marathon roves along the coastal paths and beaches of the Gower Coastline. Follows the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath and crosses from Yorkshire to Lancashire and back again. At 1,345 metres (4,412 ft) above sea level, Ben Nevis is the highest point of the British Isles.
Beginning with a steep 1746ft ascent to Hamel Down Ridge, you'll trek over a breath-taking land of myth and legend and several of its iconic tors, exploring one of the last true wildernesses in England. Fun and motivation go hand in hand in this challenge, you get a progress map that fills up with colourful country icons to show the destinations you have reached. Cut the crusts from three slices of plain white bread until each one weighs about 15g and then toast until just browned.
For each serving, place the bread on a plate, arrange the asparagus spears on top of the bread and then top with the egg. Easily calculate the calories in your own home-cooked recipes using our extensive UK food database, or get ideas and inspiration for calorie counted meals from the searchable WLR recipe database.
Hunger hormones can make weight loss harder, defeating willpower and tempting you to give up trying to lose weight.
We’ll also have a look at what can throw these hormones off balance and what you can do to minimize the risk of that happening. In one piece of research, scientists studied the effects of crash dieting on eating patterns and hunger hormones. Although the participants lost weight, very low calorie dieting reduced their leptin (appetite suppressing) levels by as much as 40%.
This means, you are more likely to come back to your old eating patterns and gain weight again after the diet. Weight loss = Calorie intake – (Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)* + Calories you burn through exercise). Ghrelin levels can increase by 32% with a single day of getting less than 7 hours of sleep.
Results of studies done on mice show that sleep deprivation causes greater food intake and higher NPY levels. Sleep deprivation causes an increase in appetite promoting, and a decrease in appetite suppressing, hormones. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health, USA found another way stress changes eating behavior.
In fact, it may become more difficult for people to control food cravings with increasing weight.
No matter how much leptin your body produces, it is an absolute waste if your body cannot put it to a good use.
When you become resistant to leptin, your brain stops responding to even to the highest of leptin levels (10-12). In a nut shell; the more weight you gain, the less sensitive your body and brain become to the effects of leptin. In the longer run; not only does ghrelin make you eat more, but makes you lose less fat as well. Although your ghrelin levels fall significantly, your body stops responding to leptin altogether.

This family contains a lot of important hormones, but the most important are: Peptide YY (PYY) and neuropeptide Y (NPY).
The participants of the UCSF Health Psychology Program were studied for their eating patterns during stressful situations. Also, researchers found a relationship between higher cortisol levels and impulsive snacking (24). You can keep a food diary and journal to help you identify problem areas, and learn how to lose weight a healthy way rather than a crash diet. Everything you need to get started losing weight - the all new Weight Loss Resources kit is back for 2016! This clever little disc takes the confusion out of working out BMI (body mass index) using metric or imperial measurements! With your help, this little book will give you a great start along the path of successful, long term, weight loss. This laminated A3 body mass index chart makes it quick and easy to see the BMI ranges as well as determine what weight range you are in. Use the calorie charts to find out how many calories needed to lose weight at a healthy rate. Handy food jotters to keep on top of calories consumed and exercise completed throughout the day.
All product names, trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks or registered service marks, mentioned throughout any part of the Weight Loss Resources web site belong to their respective owners. Weight loss program and diet tools for healthy weight loss Popular foods calorie counter and online calorie and nutrition databases.
Weight Loss Resources - UK calorie and nutrition database and personalised weight loss tools. Some sections of the route on uneven, rough and muddy terrain, sturdy and waterproof footwear recommended.
Longer option climbs through Middleton Woods to Mount Calvery, with stunning views of Ilkley Moor. The longer route is a challenging 5 miles through ancient woodland and Tucker's Bridge.
Suitable for all fitness levels, accessible for pushchair and wheelchair users on tarmac areas of the route.
At 1085 metres above sea level you will be at the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands. The landscape with its hedges and narrow tree-lined lanes has changed little over the centuries. Run, walk or dance your way through the rainbow - participants get gently peppered with brightly coloured powder along the course, on the Farnley Estates in Huddersfield.
A team of experienced mountain guides will be with you every step of the way, however, a good level of fitness with prior training is required.
The route begins in the beautiful New Lanark World Heritage Site and ends in the bustling heart of Glasgow.
4 miles goes through deer park, past the miniature railway and through meadows that reveal stunning views across Bristol. Your trek will cover nine miles and ascend to over 3,200ft where you’ll be rewarded with stunning views. From how to work out your calorie needs, to how to count exercise calories, to full nutrition information for over 22,000 UK brands and basic foods .
That is because hunger can often defeat your willpower and tempt you to give up on your efforts to lose weight. Although its levels fall during obesity, it still makes you eat more due to leptin resistance.
To make your weight loss plan a success, you need to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet rather than an almost starvation plan.
No aspect of your physical or emotional being remains untouched by sleep and your weight is no different.
Swedish researchers have found that increase in cortisol increases leptin resistance too (34). Within your hypothalamus, leptin signals that you have eaten enough and now is the time to stop.
From how to work out your calorie needs, to how to count exercise, to full nutrition info for 1000s of UK branded and basic foods. It will help you stick to your calorie allowance and show you how to make healthier choices in the future. Longer route includes a tough 1,450ft of ascent and along the dramatic Seven Sisters cliffs.
As you descend you'll witness the spectacular scenery of the highlands and lochs at dawn. They found leptin levels can be 318% higher in obese when compared to lean subjects (13). Once your stomach is empty, it signals your brain that now is the time to fill up your tanks (15)!
It is so potent that a single dose of PYY is enough to reduce your appetite by 40% for 24 hours (18)!

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