I know carrying 120kgs and running is a task, people would laugh whenever I would make any attempts to run, though I could run not more than 30secs in start.. It’s around this time I was introduced to a brilliant dietician who gave me a diet for next 3 months; and along with her diet, I had to religiously ensure that I walk 90mins a day, no matter what, though she insisted it’s not a diet it’s something which has to become a part of my lifestyle. I still have a target set by my dietitian to come to 64kgs for my height (5’5) and would gladly share my journey towards losing the last 15kgs as well as how I lost the past weight in next posts.
Thanks to WiseShe team who keep on sharing their’ members bitter but life changing experiences with us which encourages not only one but many. Yes i have lots of stretch marks and lots got avoided as my dietitian suggested me to get twice a week massage done with olive oil. Yes my dermat suggested bio-oil, yes yoga helped me a lot, mostly in toning, as u get more toned your skin gets it gets more tightened and resulting in lightning of those stretch marks.
Ur an inspiration to everyone who reads this fat or thin.Superb Job with wat u have done for ur self.
I am currently on a very similar path Swati we do share a lot in common, I have always underestimated walking for weight loss, its time I take it seriously. Marilyn Rowe Horton has been writing for 16 years, working in the fitness industry since 2005.
Running can be used as a tool for weight loss, no matter your goals or your current conditioning.
In the beginning of your running regimen, you can likely only run for short periods of time. As your endurance increases, you will be able to jog further for longer periods of time between breaks.

Fast or slow, you will be burning essentially the same number of calories per mile when running. Galloway states that in order to mobilize fat and lose weight, "it is better to run 40 to 60 minutes three times a week, than 20 to 30 minutes six times a week." These longer training sessions help you to lose unwanted weight while building endurance and overall fitness. And I remained like that for many years, until during teenage I started pilling on like crazy. She is a regular half-Marathon runner, trekker and off-late a fitness freak, who was dealing with weight issues since past 7-8 years. The speed that you start out jogging or walking depends wholly on your beginning fitness level, but will likely increase with time, endurance and practice.
The more miles you are able to accumulate during your runs, the more calories you will be burning and the more unwanted weight you are going to be able to shed. According to authors Michael Mejia and John Berardi in their book "Scrawny to Brawny," high-intensity running burns approximately 1,323 calories per hour and low-intensity running burns approximately 514 calories per hour in a 150-pound person. You can incorporate 40 to 60 minute runs into your training through long, slow distance or speed work with periodic rest breaks, and your body will respond by burning calories and losing weight. Though I kept myself active with various activities like swimming, yoga, gym, spinning, zumba, Pilates at various point of my life and even though I would lose weight, I would successfully manage to gain all up. And I decided it’s time I take some serious action, around the same time of the year, I came across a friend who ran Half-Marathon, and I decided that I would too run 21kms for the Standard Chartered Marathon January 2013. I continued with improving on my walking as well as running, and I was showing good signs of improvements too, but I wasn’t regular with my diet, and when I stepped on the weighing scale again on December 2012 I weighed 119kgs, merely 1 kg loss, against all the running I have been doing there was no really substantial effect. I too have started running plus jogging plus walk (mix then in one session) again from yesterday.

I was taking massage till last year but with other oils like Coconut mixed with Camphor and Sarson oil (Mustard oil) and sometimes with Johnson’s baby oil too.
Either way, lacing up your running shoes and heading out the door is a step in the direction toward improved health and weight maintenance.
Jeff Galloway, Olympian and running coach, estimates in his book "Galloway's Book on Running" that "running burns about 100 calories per mile," no matter the pace.
The harder you push, the greater the calorie-burn, even if you have to take breaks between high-intensity run intervals.
Keep in mind that your body tires of doing the same workout every day, no matter the sport. I couldn’t manage the consistency whenever it comes to exercise and reduce extra fat. Do not push yourself to go faster than you easily can, as that will keep you from running as far or for as long as you could at a slower pace. If you head out to run three miles every day at the same pace your body will slow its response to your efforts, and your weight loss and performance will likely plateau. Change your training up from day to day, incorporating fast and slow days into your weekly run plan, and your body will continuously respond to your training.

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