We have taken the guesswork out of weight loss with a proven system that has helped countless people reach their fitness goals.
Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics and people with known medical conditions should consult a health care professional before adding any nutritional supplement to their diet.
I want to share with you my incredible weight loss success story and how I went from weighing at over 300 pounds to 130 pounds using two free supplements and making a few lifestyle changes. Last year while I was sitting in the mall food court eating burger and fries, I saw this drop dead gorgeous woman walking by me. After confirming with her that she was indeed who I thought she was, I asked her, “So, how do you stay so thin? I also found out during my research that Acai Slim and Colon Cleanse are offering risk-free trials for a limited time.
As both products are 100% natural, I could use them safely together to help me speed up my weight loss! I took one capsule of Acai Berry in the morning every single day the entire time I was dieting. I found out in my research that people who do Colon Cleansing alone without Acai lose unbelievable amounts of weight!
I also quit smoking, started cutting out processed and junk food from my household and started exercising more. April 21, 2015 By Peter Leave a Comment We are so excited to share our most recent Weight Watcher Success Story.
I had no concept of how many calories I was taking in for one meal, let alone an entire day. I drank 3-5 soda’s a day, rarely ever drank water and had bread with almost every dinner meal. I hated the idea of working out and could barely even walk a parking lot, let alone attempt anything more. I was tired of being tired and winded and using a handicap pass to park close to the grocery store so I didn’t have to walk far.
But after a few of my co-workers started a Weight Watchers group at my old job and started talking about their successes, I became intrigued. I told everyone at work I wasn’t going to the meetings with them, I had to start slow. I started scanning all my bar codes at the store, started actually reading the labels and focusing on how much fat, carbs, protein, and fiber were in the food I was eating.
I switched to lean meats, ground turkey, lots of chicken and fish and filled up on fresh veggies and fruit. I started making my breakfast and lunch every day for work, and on Fridays would treat myself to a Subway sandwich for lunch. When I went out to eat, I would research the menu before hand and see what the healthier options were. After three months of eating right, I decided the next step in my journey was to join a local gym.
At my one year mark, I had now lost 150 pounds, and by my 2 year mark was now at over 210 pounds lost. Although the number on the scale can be discouraging, what matters is for the first time ever I feel happier with myself. I still have 30 pounds I would like to lose in order to reach my next goal, but I know I will get there.
With the way insurance works, they consider the excess skin removal to be cosmetic and won’t cover the cost of the surgery.
I will have to come up with $24,000.00 out of pocket in order to have the surgeries I need.
What was your wake-up call or “A-ha moment” that caused you to sign-up with Weight Watchers? Before I ate tons of fast food, huge portions of 3-4 servings, lots of soda, lots of oil and butter.

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Peoples Magazine Weight Loss Edition Eli Sapharti Weight Loss Success Story Lost 110 lbs and kept it off. I have always struggled with my weight from being in my teens with an eating disorder and as an adult after having my children. Our Oxyfresh Weight Loss System can help you achieve the fit, healthy, attractive body you?ve dreamed of having.
All my clothes were huge and I was super pissed that people would stare at me everywhere I went. It seems that these companies are trying branch out more into the regular consumer market now, and in doing so, they’re offering these products to try for a month free!
Here is the exact regime that the VD Model uses and I use to lose weight and keep in shape.
I was in my early 30’s and already had extremely high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic, completely inactive, and morbidly obese.
We would go to fast food or a local deli where I would get a sandwich on a roll, chips, a candy bar and sometimes a baked good. I never associated how terrible I felt after eating those foods with what I was actually eating. I knew I was a big girl, but I had this motto that I was going to live how I wanted to live and do what I wanted to do. I bought a food scale to measure portions, bought measuring cups and started scanning labels at the grocery store. I completely gave up fast food and set goals for myself that once I lost 50 lbs, I would reward myself with a cheeseburger from In & Out. I cut back on what I would order at Starbucks, opting for the low-fat milk or fat-free milk and sugar-free syrup. I brought healthy snacks to keep at work to satisfy cravings and always opted out of the cakes or sweets for birthdays at work. When you start at such a large weight, it’s a lot easier to lose weight than you think it is. I went in and signed up for Inshape, near my home at the time in Suisun, and met with a trainer for my one free visit.
I could only last half the class the first few times (1 hr class), but I stuck with it and after a few weeks, I was getting the moves down and felt absolutely amazing. It can look daunting from the outside, but once you get in the class, the energy takes over you and truly moves you.
I am active, tried snowboarding for the first time, love to hike, can kill an hour on the elliptical and can lift heavy amounts of weights.
I worked so hard to see muscles, to have a decent figure, and unfortunately it’s hidden under layers of skin. It gets in my way of working out and I get rashes from the skin fold, but still insurance will not cover the procedures. I was constantly hearing about points, them losing weight, seeing the foods they were eating. This blog chronicles the light, easy and delicious recipes, tips and hints that help me balance my love of food and desire to be happy, healthy and slim. As a wife and mother of 2 kids, it’s hard to find time for yourself and make sure that we also take care of ourselves so that we can be around to take care of family. To make matters worse I also ate a lot of fast food, smoked and never bothered to improve my lifestyle. She explained that the Acai Berry, a super-food from the Amazon, activates a process in the body called Thermogenesis (the process by which your body generates heat, burns fat, and increases your metabolism).
I have since continued to take the Acai Berry for its antioxidants and energy boosting properties.

I was married to someone who accepted me the way I was, but was also more fearful of losing me to another man if I lost weight instead of being a supportive husband. I was depressed, constantly defensive of what people thought of me or how people were looking at me.
I was too heavy and out of shape and what person who is over 400 lbs could ever lose that much weight?!!
I was tired of not fitting in a booth when I went out with friends and I was tired of having anxiety if I would break a chair at a restaurant or if the chair had arms, would I not fit? Everyone seemed so excited for me that I was completely committing myself to a new way of life.
I would slowly work my way up, from walking on the treadmill, to doing the elliptical for a few minutes, to riding the exercise bike and then doing a few light weight machines. I knew going to the meetings and being so open about my weight issues was not an option for me.
Eat whole grains, brown rice, wheat pasta, drink water and iced tea, eat lean meats, count my calories and gave up fast food. I can go hiking and snowboarding with my boyfriend and for once feel like I can accomplish anything. Since my weight loss story was posted, I’ve ran 8 half marathons and countless 5k runs.
I had had a bad day and went home and did my normal routine after a bad day… I ordered a pizza and 2 liter and downed everything.
The other product, Colon Cleanse complete she said, helps gently clean your system of unwanted junk and poop. I loved it and went 3 times a week, adding on 1-2 more times of cardio machines and weights. That night though, I was up sick and began thinking about my life and what a waste I had become. I lost the weight after baby #1 getting back down to 130ish but losing it with #2 was so much harder.
Include yourself in this online photo album and you will impress your friends and family … and inspire others to get on track and take off the pounds with Oxyfresh Weight Loss.
She said that these two supplements were reason she and so many other models manage to stay so thin! I was adamantly against it saying that when I was ready, I would lose the weight on my own.
My starting weight was 266 pounds and I was wearing size 20w in jeans after I had my son 4yrs ago. I love spinning, running 5ks and I have an amazing group of trainers that are showing me how to train effectively. I cut out fried foods and I portioned controlled all my food, all the way down to the salad dressings. My husband brought me an elliptical machine and I used that 30 minutes everyday when I felt uncomfortable going to the gym at 220 pounds. I fell in love with spinning at my local gym 4-5 times a week along with other class routines like Zumba. I ran my first 5k last year and I discovered through my personal trainer how much weight lifting is beneficial.
For example, eat brown rice instead of white rice, cut out surgery drinks, and before you sit down to eat ask yourself is this a healthy meal or could it have been changed to a better healthy meal.

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