What is it that they know and do differently from the rest of us who each year, at the end of Ramadan, have wider waistlines and and are even further away from our weight goals and healthy goals. How can YOU make sure that you are able to fast easily, live your normal, everyday life, AVOID getting all those headaches, fatigue and extreme hunger pangs, and fast the way you were meant to, while at the same time avoid getting even fatter? How can you make this Ramadan the month of not only your spiritual renewal, but also the renewal of your body and health as well? If this is something that you’ve been struggling with, and you want to break through this frustrating barrier in your life, then you need to practice these 5 simple, unusual… counterintuitive, techniques that I’m going to share with you right now, that will show you how to lose weight in Ramadan. To be sure… I want to emphasize that this video is NOT about USING Ramadan as a weight loss aid. Most of us are taught that, since we will not be eating the whole day, we need to make sure we can eat all we can during Suhoor… Also, most of the suhoor meals are deep fried, high carb, triple bypass food-fests. NOTE: Another common cause of that massive headache is dehydration, so make sure you drink more water during your predawn meal.

This helps you maintain a more regular blood sugar level and makes sure that you are not too hungry when you wake up for Suhoor and overeat.
How to Lose Weight in Ramadan Tip #4: Use the Tarawih prayers time as a time for blessings, as well as a time for meditation and mental renewal.
What a lot of us have forgotten is that Ramadan is also supposed to be a time for detox and renewal for the body and mind as well. This too helps you to recharge your mind and body, and really improve your mental focus for the day. Now, if you make sure to practice each of these simple yet powerful strategies during your fast this Ramadan, you’re going to be amazed at the different that they make… not just for your Ramadan weight loss, but also with those horrible headaches and hunger pangs as well. At the same time, I would like to serve you even more, and give you another critical piece of the puzzle to make losing weight during Ramadan this year even easier for you. To help you with this I’ve created a downloadable hunger and fullness scale, showing you exactly how to tell when you’ve eaten enough, and beyond which point if you eat, it will affect your weight loss, your energy levels, and your fast.

I’ve also created a list of the right kinds of foods to have during Suhoor, so that you never have to worry about what to eat for Suhoor ever again, making sure you give your body all the essential nutrients and fuel it needs for the whole day, AND making sure that its actually food that you would enjoy eating… Because lets face it… who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and eat bland, boring food? AND, I’ll give you one critical tweak that I always make to my Suhoor meals during EVERY Ramadan… this is really my secret weapon to avoid those afternoon hunger pangs, and I always make sure to stock up on my “cheap lifesaver” before each Ramadan. Until then, always remember to live fully, take charge of your life, and make today, your day.
Eating some high carb foods like dates and porridge is a good idea to give your body a boost of calories it needs to run, but you need to make sure you don’t overdo it, and undo all your good work during your fast. I don’t have to tell you how important having a clear and focused mind is to help you lose weight in Ramadan, AND to perform all your daily activities, plus your religious obligations.

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