You will find that the Cardio Walking System is comprehensive because it combines the benefits of Power Walking, interval training and a healthy diet to help you get in shape quickly and easily. Power walking for weight loss has been considered a serious form of exercise that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Now that you have decided that walking is the  right form of exercise for you, don’t let the weather slow you down.
In essence Power Walking takes the concept of moderate walking as form of exercise to a much higher level. Power walking will provide similar results to those achieved by running on a regular basis.
You can burn up to 100 calories for every 10 minutes you are performing your power walking exercise. It is very important to stress that eating a healthy diet will help you balance your walking program and you will see better results quicker. If you can avoid bad cars such as sugar, white bread, and pasta you will notice that you will have more energy and you will feel healthier as well. After talking with our doctor and performing our own research, we knew we needed to make changes to our diet, but most importantly we needed to adopt an exercise program that would be fun and easy to do.
Cardio-Walking is a hybrid form of exercise that combines the best part of walking and marries it to the principles of interval training. If you want to learn how you can lose the weight you want by walking you way thin click here.
Depending on what part of the country you live in, the heat might become a bit overwhelming.
Well now that you’ve decided that you want to get in shape, and you’ve decided that walking is the best way to do it with minimum impact to your body, what walking equipment will you need? If you have ever  joined a gym, you know how expensive the monthly fees can be, and if you have ever tried to set up a home gym, then you know that the price of home gyms can be astronomical. This is one of the reasons that I prefer Cardio-Walking over any other type of fitness program or gym membership. Once you decide to follow a proven system such as Cardio-Walking on a regular basis, you will be happy to know that your costs will be minimal.
Another thing I like to do is use my favorite Cardio APP on my Smartphone while I am doing my Cardio-Walking. As you can see from the list above there are very little expenses you will need to incur when it comes to buying equipment in order to perform your daily walking exercise.
Cardio-Walking is all about going out and having fum while performing your walking exercise on a regular basis.
Before you begin a new exercise regimen for your dog, visit your veterinarian to get the go-ahead. Be sure to ask your veterinarian for recommendations on what and how much to feed your dog. Collar with ID tags: Just in case your dog gets away from you and becomes lost, always be sure that she is wearing a collar with current ID tags.

Dog license: Check with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog is current on any licenses that are required in your area. Sweater and booties for smaller or short-haired dogs: Depending on the weather, some small or short-haired dogs might do better wearing a sweater and booties. Head-halter or harness: It is safer to walk your dog using a body harness such as this one than with a leash attached to the collar. Mobile phone: Taking your phone with you ensures that you have a way to get help if anything unforeseen happens during your walk. Water: Anytime you take your dog for a walk, make sure that you bring water for both of you.
If your dog hasn't had much exercise in the past, you'll want to start slowly in order to minimize the chances of injury, sore joints, and raw foot pads. Don't be concerned if your dog doesn't lose weight quickly: slow and steady is a healthy way to approach weight loss in humans and dogs. Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. Power walking involves walking at a fast pace for a specific period of time, usually for 30 to 60 minutes. I prefer the Cardio Walking system because it adds an extra factor of success by adding interval training to my walking regime. Regardless of whether it’s too hot or too cold, you can find the right time of the day to get your walking done. It’s always good to drink water when you are walking in the summer to keep hydrated, and if it gets really hot, you can even pour some of it on your clothes to keep you cool.
If this occurs, and you feel a little dizzy, just stop walking, take a break and drink some water. This will get your body muscles prepared and you will have loosened your body for the outside winter weather.
Again this all depends on what part of the country you are living and how severe the weather is. But with a few precautions, you will be able to do your cardio walking throughout the year. You will easily be able to find them in your local sporting goods store or any major athletic shoe store. People are often busy, and it's easy to forget that dogs that are sedentary will gain too much weight just like people will.
Making sure that your canine buddy is fit and ready for weight loss will help prevent any unforeseen problems. Using the proper nutrition plan will ensure that your exercise efforts yield the best possible pay-off. If you will be visiting dog parks during your walks, make sure you know if they have any vaccination or permit requirements. Don't use a retractable leash because, among other things, it gets too long to maintain safe control of your dog.

Neck injuries can occur with collar leashes if your dog pulls or suddenly jerks in a different direction from you.
Make sure that you program in your veterinarian's number and that of the local veterinary emergency clinic. Just keep up with your exercise and nutrition regimen, and your dog will be healthier and happier. If it doesn’t work for you, just let us know and we will cheerfully issue you a full refund.
During that time your body will burn more calories because you will be walking at a faster pace than you would, if you were walking at a moderate pace. If you can commit to Power Walking five times a week, you will see positive results in achieving our weight loss goals.
Because Cardio Walking incorporates  the principles of interval training, the APP comes in handy.
Your veterinarian may also want to check for any medical conditions such as hypothyroidism that may be adding to your dog's weight problem.
When you visit the veterinarian, find out your dog's current weight so you will be able to track progress.
Some large dogs that tend to pull on a leash will do better with a head halter such as the Gentle Leader. Biodegradable bags such as these are a great way to soften your dog's effects on the environment.
However, avoid talking on or looking at your phone while you're walking unless you have an emergency.
The Hydro-go Pet Canteen is a great way to carry your dog's water for her, or you can use a top such as this to make any water bottle dog-friendly. Oz Show, a good rule of thumb for walking distance when your dog is starting out is 200 yards (about 2 city blocks) per 10 pounds of body weight twice a day. Not just overweight but obese.  This is not something we wanted to hear, but it was something we needed to come to terms with. In some instances we would lose a little bit of weight, but we wound up gaining it all back again within a few weeks.
Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment as a result of accessing information at this site. You can simply use your watch to guide you when it comes to timing your walking pace and when you need to shift from a moderate pace to a fast pace.

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