Juice cleanse, juice fast, whatever you want to call it–For (almost) four days all I ate was juice.
I looked at several different companies, such as Blueprint and Ritual cleanse which both offer organic produce. After looking at juicers on Craigslist (they run about $50 used), I ended up asking my mom if she had one, and *ta-da* FREE Juicer to borrow! I ended up spending about $65 at the Farmer’s Market, plus $12 at Costco for all my produce. So, about¬† $77 on produce total, but again you can probably do it for about $55 if you shop a little bit better than I did (I had a $3 whole pineapple, a $3.99 bag of organic spinach, and a romaine lettuce leftover plus a bunch of lemons and a few other stragglers).
You can also score a lot of great recipes for a juice cleanse through RawRaw Life’s ebook.
For the first day of my cleanse, I actually purchased the first two Blueprint juices from Whole Foods the day before. This is what I did right for my first juice day: I started on a day that Eric was working a 24-hour shift so that I would not be tempted by any of his food. I was over the juice though, and decided to break my fast in the evening, with a plate full of roasted broccolli and cauliflower. Well, I did gain it all back, because I was soo excited to be done with the juice cleanse that I went crazy and ate EVERYTHING in sight.
While juice fasting is hard, I did not really go hungry as long I kept drinking juice and lots of water.
For example, I’ll take a bite of donut and then feel disgusting for about an hour afterwards. I was looking at some of your articles on this website and I conceive this site is really informative !
Thanks for the tips, I really want to try to juice cleanse then get back to eating healthy.
I am really inspired together with your writing abilities and also with the layout on your weblog. I had to do a clear-liquids diet for a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, and it was hell… don’t think I could ever go liquids-only for a prolonged period of time after that! While I’ve never done an official juice cleanse per se, I did buy a juicer a year ago in order to get more fruits and veggies into my diet one way or another.
So then I just made one juice to drink throughout the day at work, but I got too busy after a few months of that and stopped doing it.

The benefits of such an endeavor are that it’s supposed to cut back on your cravings, rid you of your toxins and improve overall health. However, the costs were hefty–$200 for a 3-day Blueprint, and even with a discount code, I was looking at about $165 for Ritual. I used the Blueprint recipes (also listed at the bottom of this post) and calculated how much I needed for three to four days of juicing. The farmers’ market is on Saturday morning, so I figured the pre-bought juices would hold me over until I could get home to juice up my own concoctions. On the first day of my cleanse, I ran 10 miles, went to the Farmers Market, went to Costco, went to Whole Foods, came home and juiced enough for two days’ worth, went to get a massage (which helped a little), got a pedicure, and hung out with family. I stayed in my pajamas most of the day and didn’t leave the house, except to walk Bentley. I did sneak in a few cashews (maybe 10?) because I figured if I’m drinking them, then eating them is the same thing, right?
I had my cashew milk and curled up to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary on juicing and two men’s journeys on losing 100 pounds doing a 60-day juice cleanse.
So we did one together, but this time, we only stuck with it for one full day, and then incorporated salads and veggies for lunch or dinner. Almost every morning (I would say 5 out of 7), I start my day off with a green juice for breakfast, then I like to have a pineapple juice in the afternoon for a snack. And the first day, I just dumped the cayenne in there–who knew such a tiny spice could provide such a big flavor?! And it really is yummy, but I would suggest you have a really good blender to get those cashews all chopped up. The weight-loss is a great plus, but I need to get all the nasties out of me so when I do eat healthy it is effective.
I need to chew my food, plain and simple, and I think this would be REALLY hard to do especially working out as much as we do! I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a day on only juice, so I decided to just use juice as a breakfast and as what I drink with my lunch and for an afternoon snack in addition to a typical snack. As much as I do hate getting up to pee (I will hold it for as long as possible!) I like that it forces me to get up from my desk, since you’re supposed to take a break at least once an hour anyway to give your eyes a chance to rest.
It was heartbreaking–I needed a push to get me back on the healthy eating wagon, and what better way than to punish myself with a juice fast?
I ran 10 miles that morning (per my half-marathon training plan)  and I was definitely light headed on that last mile, having had only the first green juice to sustain me.

I hauled a cooler with all my juices in it and just drank a juice about every two hours or whenever I started to get hungry. I have been stuck in a rut for the past year, and I needed a little push to help me get motivated to continue eating healthy. It really helps with the cravings, and even better is that I am getting lots of good nutrients. On all four days, I left a little bit of the juice because I just couldn’t finish it.
At first I got discouraged because I thought it meant taking a lot of acids because of the idea of juice but the recipes are great.
I actually just pulled my juicer back out last weekend to make some fresh apple cider, so I may have to go back to making daily juices. Oz juice at the Whole Foods juicing station for my third juice–it contains the exact same ingredients as the Blueprint juice, except you need to add kale.
This whole time I was worried that I would be hungry, but I was actually shocked by how not hungry I felt. Being at work definitely made it easier since there was no food and no kitchen to tempt me. Whenever I eat crap food now, I definitely feel like crap and I don’t appreciate it that much. I actually forgot celery and just left it out, still tasted fine, and it produced a lot more than 16 ounces, depending on the size of your produce. I’ve used the new Beyond Organic Cleanse with great success and its cheaper than any of the best juice cleanses out there. BUT I will say this – I am impressed with this in that you did it, you are seeing results and you like them!! Gross but helpful bc we have enzymes in our saliva that get the digestion started on carbs. Probs not a big deal for a short juice fast but definitely a consideration if going a longer stretch.

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