So, of course I ate them because, really, how can I be expected to resist tender, golden potatoes infused with the flavors of grilled onions and garlic, crushed rosemary and smoked paprika? This is the kind of side dish that threatens to steal the spotlight from any grilled entree. I used dried crushed rosemary because I like how the ground texture spreads evenly over the vegetables.
So right up my alley Dara…the grill is clean and waxed (seriously!) and ready for some serious grilling and potatoes like this will be had by all! Grilled potatoes are golden brown and tender, and steeped in the flavors of grilled onions, garlic, rosemary and smoked paprika. I almost didn’t eat these grilled potatoes because the aroma alone was so intoxicating that I felt completely satisfied. If you don’t have the crushed version this time, replace it with regular dried rosemary leaves. I’m always looking for new ways with potatoes for barbecues other than jacket potato or potato skins.

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