We all know that going to bed on a full stomach can do more harm than good, but if you must eat late at night, these are the foods you should avoid. Any food that’s high in protein such as steak and lamb digest much slower than fresh fruits and vegetables. Feline obesity is a growing problem, one that can lead to numerous health issues such as diabetes and heart disease (both costly to treat). Bathing: Fat cats accumulate dander due to an inability to groom appropriately, especially in those hard to reach places.
After 8 months Buddy was down from 30 pounds to 23.4 pounds he is still a work in progress with his target weight being 14 pounds.
Diet: Buddy is still on Purina OM (overweight management) a high protein, low carbohydrate kibble.
L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is an essential nutrient that transports fatty acids to the mitochondria (the power plant of the cell) where they are used for fuel. We are now at the end of year 2 and Buddy weighs in at 19.6 pounds, still a substantial feline. As I mentioned his newfound agility is an issue as Buddy is a thief and a carbohydrate junky.

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From replacing caffeine with soothing herbal teas and sweet cereal with plain popcorn, you can make sure that eating late doesn’t result in a sleepless night.
As your mind prepares to go into sleep mode, your body will be working hard to digest all that protein.
Bathing made Buddy feel obviously much better plus there was a lot of post bath licking and cleaning to be done, it all uses up calories. He can empty one in no time flat, but it does involve batting and chasing and thus calorie burning. With his recent weight loss Buddy has taken over most of his cleaning & hygiene duties. Studies have shown enhanced weight loss, reduced storage of body fat, increased energy and reduces the risk of fatty liver disease in obese cats (Buddy).
From his initial measurements Buddy has lost 9 inches around his waist and a whopping 2 inches around his neck.
He routinely steals sandwiches, cinnamon buns, opens cupboards & steals liver treats, all of which work against the diet.

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If you’re eating late at night, stick to fresh produce and up your protein intake during the day. Cats are carnivores and in nature eat mice, one of the highest sources of taurine and no carbs. It backfired a couple of times when he pitched the food dispenser down the stairs, kibble everywhere enabling him to graze his way down.
Much like us the weight loss has tapered but Buddy is baby-stepping to a normal healthy feline mass.
When offered raw food a€?Buddya€™ gave us the stink-eye and promptly flicked it across the room. Buddya€™s first and subsequent swimming videos can be found on Balanced Paws Facebook page.

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