Vegetables like spinach, asparagus and collard greens come in the list of vitamin K foods to avoid while on Coumadin. Coumadin, an anti-coagulant is commonly prescribed for the treatment of thrombosis, a condition that causes formation of blood clots. Note: This only means eating vitamin K vegetables in moderation and does not indicate to completely avoid them.
If certain foodstuffs decrease anticoagulant effects, then the intake of certain beverages amplify its effectiveness to a great extent. So, be it beer or wine, one should refrain from taking these alcoholic beverages, whenever taking these blood thinners. Studies also show that dietary supplements as well as certain supplements elevate Coumadin's anti-coagulation effect, and so avoiding them is recommended while on Coumadin. On the whole, when your doctor prescribes Coumadin, make him aware of the medications that you are currently taking, to avoid any possible drug interactions.
Also referred to as Warfarin, the medicine delays the time to form blood clots in the long run. There are certain chemicals in vitamin K foods that interact with Coumadin (warfarin) and minimize its efficacy. Whereas, daily consumption of moderate sources of vitamin K must be restricted up to 3 servings (1.5 cups). Consuming beverages that interact with this medicine and enhance its anti-coagulation effect is as good as taking Coumadin in high doses. It is observed that with tobacco usage, the amount of warfarin eliminated through the urine is excessively high.

Medicines like aspirin also act as 'blood thinners' and are prescribed to prevent recurrence of heart attack and stroke.
Leave a comment 192 ViewsIf you are pregnant, or have a plan to get pregnant, you should have to check your diet plan. Patients who have had a heart attack or stroke from blood clots are advised to take blood thinners like Heparin and Coumadin.
Thus, vitamin K and Coumadin interaction can make the medicine substantially ineffective, thereby increasing the chances of developing more blood clots. However, like any other medicine, Coumadin has its own side effects, hence taking it in the prescribed dose is necessary. On the other hand there are no restrictions in intake of foods with low vitamin K content but still one should avoid indulgence. This in turn will reduce the blood thinning effect of the medication, thereby increasing the risk of blood clots.
Keep in mind that intake of foodstuffs that provide moderate to high amount of vitamin K is restricted for patients taking Coumadin. As a woman, you have to make sure that you are taking the proper vitamins and nutrients for your health and your baby. However, its ability to prevent blood clots can reduce considerably if vitamin K is included in the diet. So, for best results, one should minimize intake of vitamin K rich foods whenever taking a daily dose of Coumadin. So, it is best to quit smoking permanently but if not possible, stay away from any form of tobacco as long as you are taking Coumadin.

So, those taking aspirin should avoid taking any other blood thinning agents like Coumadin.
This is because, their excess consumption could hinder the efficacy of Coudamin, which is definitely not helpful from a health standpoint. You may miss the bag of potato chips in the night, and try to take the properly follow the pregnancy nutrition. It is best things to avoid the junk food during pregnancy because it is filled with dead calories that only increase the pounds and not offer any nutrition’s to your baby. It may be difficult to skip the cup of coffee in the morning, but you should really try and limit the amount of caffeine you consume while pregnant. Tran’s fats affect the baby’s brain developing procedure, and decrease the fat in amount in the breast milk, fat is important for the baby during the nursing.
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