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Indian breakfast recipes, indian breakfast dishes cooking, Indian food indian breakfast recipes, indian breakfast dishes how to make. ThousandsA of Mleccha cults like islam and christianity who followed anti-Vedic way of life came and got diminished with each passing 1000’s of years, the learnings of Hindu texts re-emerged time to time so that Humans know the real purpose of their existence and they do not indulge in anti-Vedic activities which include killing animals for meat eating. If one would glut him with the biesting, Agni, pierce with thy flame his vitals as he meets thee. May the God Savitar give them up to ruin, and be their share of plants and herbs denied them.
Even today, smart Indians practice this method of learning wherein discussion with elders help them to gain knowledge about major aspects of life. There is beautiful conversation between Bhisma and Yudhishthira on the habit of meat-eating (adharmic,A asurpana) and abstaining from it. Bhisma said to Yudhisthira what Rishis explained on vegetarianism a€?The highly wise seven celestial Rishis, the Valakshillyas, and those Rishis who drink the rays of the sun, all speak highly of abstention from meat. These verses is again in the Anushasana Parva section where there is a conversation between Yudhisthira and Grandfather Bhishma about the merits of abstaining from meat eating and the demerits and consequences for doing so.
Bhishma said “That man who wishes to increase his own flesh by the meat of another living creature is such that there is none meaner and more cruel than him. Ram tells her in verse 29, a€?I shall live like a sage for fourteen years, avoiding AamishA in forest, only living with roots, fruits and honeya€?. One needs to learn Sanskrit indepth to understand meanings and context before translatingA the verses of great epics like Ramayan. Just referring to this one sentence, there are several mis-interpretations made by Hindu bashers. The inference is that he will stay in forest, he will not resort to materialA forms of enjoyment and he will follow dharma ofA ascetic life, even in adverse conditions of forest.
She asks, a€?Oh, noblemana€™s son, that delightful deer is stealing my heart, oh, dextrous one, bring it round, it will be our plaything.a€? [3-43-10]. In the next eight verses she rejoices at the prospect of taking the deer back to Ayodhya where the animal will delight all the palace residents. It should be noted here that Bhagwan Ram was great archer and he could have used moorchhit arrows to make deer unconscious but since the deer was Rakshas, he was killed. The forest dwelling sages used kusa grass and deer skin as seats during the earlier ages when flora and fauna was in abundance.
In the 36th chapter of Sundar Kand, Hanuman assures Mother Sita that Bhagwan RamA would cross over the ocean and defeat Ravan. This statement in fact proves that Bhagwan RamA was a pure vegetarian never indulged in drinking or intoxicants.
Now let us dig deep the meaning and the verse which is cited umpteen times shamelessly by mlecchas to justify their acts of meat-eating. Let us first consider the Sanskrit second word a€?Mamsaa€™ which has another meaning in differentA context; the flesh of a fruit. When animals are slaughtered, they release toxic enzymes due to fear psychosis which is like poison for the humans.
Although some historians and anthropologists wrongly say that man is historically omnivorous, our anatomical equipment A­ teeth, jaws, and digestive system favors a fleshless diet.
The chart below compares the anatomy of man with that of carnivorous and herbivorous animals. When you look at the comparison between herbivores and humans, we compare much more closely to herbivores than meat eating animals.
People who eat meat areA subdued to the flavor buds of relishing meat, giving importance to taste over health.
Meat putrefies within 4 hours after consumption and the remnants cling to the walls of the intestines for 14-21 days. Non-vegetarians who call it natural, eat cooked meat, ironically if a deer is burned in a forest fire, a carnivorous animal will NOT eat its flesh. We are conditioned to believe that eggs, fish and meat are healthy for body as we are CONSUMERS for the 320A billion dollars non-veg food Industry. You can reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian.
If you look at the chicken and vulture (carnivores), these animals eat just about everything and they areA unhealthy birds.
There are a lot of misconceptions about being a vegetarian; protein is one of the main topics of debate as a lot of people incorrectly think that you can only get protein from meat. The three issues to consider in regard to Vedic vegetarianism are: spiritual, mental and physical (nutritional).
When animals are slaughtered, fear and aggression enzymes are shot into their muscle tissues. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients; the very thing the body needs to live a long disease and pain free life. Even in your case, if you are meat-eater, when you’ve felt ill, had diarrhea or were just a little sick to your stomach, no doubt you had not the slightest idea that you had been poisoned by scavengers living off the dead carcass you just ate.

Additionally, one can enjoy many other foods that he or she has never tasted because of the meat craze.
Thus food plays an important role in shaping up your metabolism and keep you brisk and active throughout the day. Breakfast recipes - tiffin varieties - simple indian recipes, (easy breakfast recipes, simple tiffin recipes, lite dinner recipes, lunch box recipes, simple indian meals and tiffin varieties, dinner ideas, weekend brunch ideas. Wherever discussion about meat is done, it is to inform meat-eaters that they should abstain meat eating as it is not healthy for mind, body and soul. 2) Samsparsika is tactual service such as garlanding, applying ungents, smearing sandalwood paste, etc.
It is not necessary that an alcoholic need to be educated about ill-effects of alcoholism, it is important for the teetotaler also to know about it so that he can spread the knowledge with others. The discourse provideA insights on the ill-effects of meat-eating for the people and society. The self-created Manu has said that the man who does not eat meat, or who does not kill living creatures, or who does not cause them to be killed, is a friend of all creatures. There are only fewA references to word a¤†a¤®a¤?a¤·, and over a hundred references to vegetarian diet. Chapter 20 describes MaaA Kaushalyaa€™s grievous lamentation on hearing from her son Ram, that He has been banished to the forest.
Otherwise, it shouldA be considered a disgusting act like its done in misinterpreting meaning of Shiv Lingam. Can we validly infer from this that RamA ate meat while in Ayodhya, and now He promises to avoid it in the forest? She clarifies that if the deer is to be killed at all, when Laksman had earlier warned it to be a demon, then they could use the deerskin as a seat (3-43-19, 20).
But then too, skins of animals who died naturally were used, to avoid killing of innocent animals.
He reveals that although Bhagwan RamA is in great sorrow of separation from Mata Sita, he hasna€™t fallen down to drinking or intoxicantsA (verse 41). In the South Indian temple town of Srirangam, even today, when priests offer mango to Bhagwan Ranganath, they chant the prayer, a€?iti aamra mamsa khanda samarpayamia€? (a€?I offer mango a€?mamsaa€™ -mango flesh- for the BhagwanA to eat).
Most of the habitual meat-eaters suffer from diseases like constipation, gastric disorders, tooth decay, cancer, ulcers, paralysis, high blood-pressure, indigestion, gas trouble, heart-trouble, kidney ailments etc. The germs that stick to the slaughtered animals are being devoured by flesh-eaters with the result that they fall victim to those diseases, which the slaughtered animals were infected. Non-vegetarian food makes man lustful, revengeful, wrathful, fierce, furious, ferocious, hardhearted, savage, brutal and barbarian; while vegetarian diet makes him kind, cool, compassionate, contented, soft, sober, civil and serene. Vegetarian’s brains is like a fountain from where pleasant jets of cool water spring forth. Even on most industrialized countries, the eating habit ofA meat is less than a hundred years old. If a person is suffering from constipation the rotting meat can stay in the intestines for months or years. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. Whether it isA from red meat which is wrongly promoted to be protein rich or white meat which has less fat compared to red meat; excessive intake of fats into your body can result in having a high level of cholesterol. Vegetarians get a lot of protein when they eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Vegetarian diets have a proportion of three macro nutrients which are complex carbohydrates, protein and fat.
The purpose of spiritual growth is to move away from the animal nature into the more human nature that BhagwanA intended for us to have.
Kirilian photography shows us that a force field still remains around dead or amputated flesh.
Meat can stay in the warmth of the intestine for at least four to five days until it is digested. The reason for this is that there are fewer ketones (protein-digestive substances) formed when vegetable protein is digested.
Statistics from studies in US show that every American has had food poisoning at least once.
Arjun has done many hit films and has many awards in his kitty including the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “Rock On!!” He is best known for his roles in Rock On!!, Rajneeti, Ra.One and Om Shanti Om.
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The toxic fluids generated naturally in the intestines of lioness, digests the tough particles and extracts necessary vitalities, suitable for the sustenance of lioness. Flesh-eater believes in violence, destruction and devastation; while vegetarian believes in non-violence, construction and creation.
Furthermore, the saliva in humans is more alkaline, whereas in the case of flesh-eating or preying animals, it is clearly acidic. If humans were truly meant to eat meat then we would be able eat all of raw meat with blood like lions in the wild do.

If you think that not eating meat is going to make you look scrawny or unhealthy please think again. Nutritionally, the alkaline-based digestive system of humans will not properly break down substantial acid substances of meat.
For many, ketones cause a trace amount of nausea which one normally interprets as a decreased desire for food due to this uncomfortable and slight degree of queasiness.
Also, their intestines measures about five feet long, not twisted and turned, layer over layer, compacted into a small area like the human intestine [which is twenty feet long].
Apart from his brilliant acting skills Arjun is considered as the Greek God of Bollywood because of his suave personality, good looks and a muscular physique. 12 south indian breakfast recipes-tiffin varieties, South indian breakfast recipes for tamil people in this post,i have shared the list of most popular south indian breakfast recipes that is commonly prepared in.
But RishiA Valmiki used special words like a¤­a??a¤™a??a¤•a??a¤¤a?‡ or a¤?a?‡a¤µa¤¤a?‡, which indicate a life long preference or habit. Here, the purity of Sanskrit terms is observed, it clearly says that the peel of mango is not offered but real fruit, mamsa. However, the main reason why most people go on vegetarian diet is due to the health benefits. Just imagine that cows, goats, gorillas, elephants, rhinoceroses and so on are all vegetarians (herbivores) but look at how tough these animals are.
This type of protein-rich american diet leads to liver toxicity, kidney overload and mineral deficiency diseases. Another myth that needs to be clarified is the so-called lack of calcium among vegetarians. The same science that attempts to ignore the existence of a force higher than man also proved that aggression levels are much higher in meat eaters than non-meat eaters! The enzymes within fruits and vegetables supply the body with sufficient nutrients that will always uphold a healthy state of mind. Worse than this, as it is shipped and stored, most frozen meat is thawed and refrozen many times. He believes that there is no shortcut to fitness and follows fit and healthy lifestyle, Arjun Rampal workout routine is a tough one, he does not follow any diet to stay in shape. That wretched man who, even knowing the path of dharmicA rites and yagnasA as laid down in the Vedas, would kill a living creature from a desire to eats its flesh, will certainly go to hell.
Those animals which are carnivorous like lion, wolf etc; are given by nature sharp teeth and claws in order to enable them to cleave the flesh with sharp claws and cut the same with sharp teeth. Moreover, lioness also drinks blood with the flesh or eats flesh soaked in blood, it also acts as diluting agent in her intestine.
When animal is slaughtered, the decomposing cells and partly oxidized waste matter, which are normally in the blood and tissues of muscles, are left in the flesh. However, the quality of this protein is so poor that little of it can ever be utilized by humans. Medical doctors have found traces of undigested meat remaining in the colon for up to several months. There are excellent, nutritious, and easy to prepare vegetarian dishes that are Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mid-Eastern, French, Spanish, etc. That man who having eaten flesh abstains from it afterwards acquires great merit on account of such abstention from sin. While human body does not have natural digestive system to break down flesh and blood, it instead turns into excreta, only rice and supplementary food (which become toxic too with meat) are somehow digested. Moreover, when the excretion and circulation of the slaughtered animal are suddenly stopped, the muscle cells which still live for some hours, continue to produce animal poison; and since there is no circulation to throw it out, it accumulates in the meat which is swallowed by man. The truth is that vegetarians suffer less from osteoporosis (a deficiency of calcium that leads to weak bones). Colonic therapists always see meat passing through people who have been vegetarians for several years, thus indicating that meat remains undigested there for a long time.
This abnormally high level of ketones is called ketosis and refers to the state of starvation that the body incurs due to the inability of the appetite to call for nutrition. He who desires to augment his own flesh by eating the flesh of other creatures, lives in misery in whatever species he may take his [next] birth. Most Americans who eat the wrong type of carbohydrates never recognize the high amount of complex carbohydrates required to overthrow this condition. He who arranges for obtaining flesh, he who approves of those arrangements, he who kills, he who buys or sells, he who cooks, and he who eats it, [acquire the sin of those who] are all considered as eaters of flesh.
Keep in mind that when the blood ketone level are too high it results in abnormally acidic blood called acidosis.
He went through rigorous workout sessions for two months to prepare for his role in Ra.One. On the contrary, the remains of flesh stuck on the liners of intestines cause gas and constipation leading to rise in different forms of diseases.
The prime danger of excess meat consumption is uric acid (the waste product produced in the process of digesting protein). Arjun Rampal workouts for 5 days a week, he focuses on two body parts a day like chest – triceps, back – shoulder etc.
More usable protein is found in one tablespoon of tofu or soybeans than the average serving of meat!

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