American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics maintains that the safest weight loss is about 0.5 kg per week. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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On the contrary, to have good tasty food is something fun, in addition, it is sometimes useful.
A 3 day diet is perfect if you needto lose weight for a special occasion, like a wedding, or agraduation, or even a job interview.

Your protein options:a slice of beef, chicken or turkey, or a small single-serve tin of tuna. However, if you are like many of us, got a few extra pounds this winter, then, first, you need to calm down – you are not alone, and second, read carefully our secrets, tips, how to lose all gained weight without a special diet before the long-awaited summer. Depriving yourself of 500 calories a day, you will lose a pound a week and it will be friendly and fastest way to lose weight without feeling deprived. Depending on howmuch you weigh now, you can lose five to seven pounds.This weight loss can help you to look great on your specialday because your clothes fit well.
Youll bebusy, and wont have time to spend thinking about food.Low Calorie BreakfastsDont try to cut calories by going without breakfast.

You can chop up apple and other fruitsfor a quick fruit salad to take with you to work.Once your 3 day diet is over, go back to eating a normal diet.
If you stay on a very low calorie dietfor too long, your metabolism will slow, which means that youll put on weight very easily.

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