There are other problems with low-fat products – they usually loaded with added sweeteners. Low-fat yogurts are a popular item at the grocery store but you’re better off reaching for the full-fat kind instead. Yes, full-fat cheese is high in fat and calories but you only need a small amount to feel satisfied, especially if you choose one with a strong flavor.
Salad dressings are another source of “hidden” sugar, especially when you choose low-fat and fat-free salad dressing in a bottle. Egg Beaters may sound like a good option since they’re lower in calories but when you substitute Egg Beaters for whole eggs, you won’t get the benefits of the choline that’s only in the yolk of the egg.
Thank you for the tips-I enjoy whole fat yogurt and cheese but have read that milk is different. I all the time used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of internet so from now I am using net for articles, thanks to web. High carb foods can be your best tool to perform well while executing sprinting or power movements. Quality carbs come from whole plant sources such as whole wheat products, quinoa, oats, whole pieces of fruit, and carb-rich vegetables like sweet potatoes, and legumes. Sometimes a sports drink or a more processed version of the quality carbs can come in handy right before, during, or after hockey. It almost goes without saying but I will say it anyway; Research on endurance athletes is often not applicable to hockey players. You will sprint slower than your carb fuelled teammates (or carb fuelled competitors) and your training sessions will feel harder to finish.
My email will never be transmitted to third parties and I can withdraw my consent at any time. It’s true that fat is more calorie-dense that proteins or carbohydrates, but choosing the low-fat version isn’t always a wise investment. Low-fat versions of many packaged products contain added sugar or corn syrup that can send your insulin levels soaring and make it easier for your body to store fat.
Low-fat peanut butter may be lower in calories than regular peanut butter, but full-fat is still the better choice.
Low-fat yogurt is often loaded with sweeteners and starches and things you don’t need like modified corn starch.

It’s a better choice than low-fat and fat-free packaged cheeses that contain added sweeteners like corn syrup and artificial colorings and flavorings. When you read the ingredient list, don’t be surprised to find corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup listed as an ingredient.
Choline is a compound related to the B vitamins that has anti-inflammatory benefits and may be beneficial for your brain. When you do buy something packaged, don’t fall into the low-fat trap, especially when it comes to these five items. I encourage hockey players to test sports foods during off-season training sessions and to test eating quality carbs the rest of the day. Hockey and ultra endurance sports are so different when you look at what the body needs to do to accomplish the task.
If a hockey player is interested in eating low carb one day then the off-season is the time to do it. You need some fat in your salad dressing to help absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A,D,E and K from the veggies you’re eating. The yolk is also a good source of two antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin that are important for eye health. Simple unrefined carbs from white breads, processed cereals, and candies are the most confusing as there are many times when these are not good to eat and then sometimes they can be good to eat.
As a sports dietitian, I am trained to interpret research and then turn the research into actual ideas of what an athlete can eat to get a better performance.
It is also good to keep in mind that swallowing sports foods is not necessary for any activity lasting less than 60 minutes.
In recent years, every off-season has the media buzzing about some famous athlete who followed a low carb diet.
If the muscles you are using during this type of effort are missing carbs then your performance suffers.” There have been a few studies done on ultra-endurance athletes (think cyclists and marathon runners) to see if feeding them a low carb diet would help them use fat better during their long training sessions. However if the off-season goals for a hockey player are to build strength, speed, acquire skills, and cross-train to improve athleticism then all these goals will be accomplished faster when quality carbs are part of the diet.
She co-founded and chairs the Hockey Nutrition Network, an international non-profit organization dedicated to linking hockey players with top sports dietitians who have an expertise in hockey nutrition.
A very low fat diet makes it hard to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and increases the risk you’ll develop a deficiency of essential fatty acids, fats your body needs but can’t make.

When you do buy something packaged, be sure to choose the full-fat version of these products. Plus, the fat in peanut butter is mostly heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the kind that helps to lower cholesterol levels.
The best option is to skip the bottled dressings entirely and make your own with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If you want to lower the calorie content, mix Egg Beaters half and half with whole Eggland’s Best eggs, but don’t miss out on the benefits the yolk offers.
All serious hockey players should ignore media hype and aim to eat enough quality carbs such as whole grains to fuel the activities you are doing in the off-season. When it comes to nutrition for hockey players, carbs are always part of the equation in some way. There is a difference between swallowing and mouth rinsing and spitting out sugary products (which is a possible strategy for hockey players). Whereas ultra endurance sports demand the athlete to sustain a moderate intensity consistently often well over 2 hours. If you buy a packaged salad dressing, look for one that’s olive oil-based, has a short ingredient list and is as low in sugar as possible. I will write more about mouth rinsing in a future article and who would benefit from doing it. Normally a professional hockey player is trying to regain lean weight right after an 82 game season where they pushed their body to the limit.
This would be good except that two important facts from this research have been buried in the low carb craze. At least the research on every day low carb high fat diets in ultra endurance athletes gave a bit of helpful information to hockey players… actually it was more like a warning! You may be taller or shorter, heavier or lighter, a bigger snacker or not a snacker at all. For one, sprinting was harder for the endurance athletes on the low carb diet and two, their low carb diet during training did not improve actual performance during a competition.

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