I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what all you learn when you do start tracking. Your 3IMAX plan has been fantastic for helping me keep an accurate carb count and log my food into MFP.
I’m not much for posting, but did wanna let you know that at least one person (me) reads your blog everyday. I’m not sure I joined this mini challenge, but I am following the 90-day challenge on Facebook. I wanted to try a new drink, so I got some of those ICE drinks people have been talking about, but I don’t like the sparkling water. I thought it funny a short while ago when my grown son was raiding my refrigerator and Bob asked “WHY do you have so many EGGS in here? I’m not sure how many of you are actually following along, or even participating in this mini-challenge at this point. It didn’t come like I ordered it, or anywhere near as great as the last time I ordered it. My partner in crime Alicia Alarcon and I were even talking about you this morning and we both agreed that you helped us get back on track. The great thing is that those usual things stay in your own list, so it’s easy to add in as you go. That’s why I enter my ingredients individually, since I usually either special order or skip certain things that come with the meal.

I had begun the journey (this WOE), but have recently had a slight detour due to a move back from overseas and vacation…I say slight because I am still working at following the program, but am not as stringent as I was prior. I’m always searching Pinterest and finding new low-carb meals, but I struggle to find a variety of snacks.
And at this point in the day, with those three meals, I was at something like 14 net carbs and 750 calories.
Alicia Alarcon even started blogging again on low carb and I started a new instagram to post my food pics.
Someone who is making a bigger lifestyle change (like giving up soda or sweet tea) will lose faster. Add your desired amount of chiles and let it sizzle until the bubbles in the cheese all pop. That’s what I get for making a few (even low carb) allowances before going back to this 3IMAX way of eating.
The cottage cheese was not my thing until I started following you and now it’s always on my grocery list along with pecans and strawberries. I was eating AWFUL and gained A LOT and now I’m less than 9 lbs from my first mini goal!
The net carbs aren’t too bad if I use almond milk but I wasn’t sure if it would stall me out?
I’ve posted Ladybugs on a Log, Pepperoni-Goat Cheese Bites, and Cranberry Goat Cheese Celery.

Our family frequented Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix and my parent’s favorite was their Green Chile Burros. Allowances like overeating the Atkins bars, or eating the low carb chili – which is higher in carbs than I normally eat, and both of those kinds of things tend to induce other cravings. My change of heart came a few weeks ago when I made a Low Carb Chicken Enchilada recipe I found. And while cleaning my kitchen last night, I found the half a box I had left that I’d stashed in a far dark corner. Yes, 9 lbs that slowly kept creeping into my body that I had previously lost and now started all over again. That would work for a few days and I would have a small loss but then I shot right back up to where I started. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009 and after researching I decided this WOE would be better for my body due to insulin resistance.

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