It's easy to monitor what ends up on your plate and in your mouth when you're cooking at home.
Keep cholesterol and saturated fat levels in check by ordering lean cuts of red meat, choosing poultry and fish more often, and limiting the amount of cheese. Instead order dishes that have more vegetables-or order more vegetables as side dishes-since vegetables naturally contain very low amounts of carbohydrates. If you're not a particularly adventurous eater or live in an area with few ethnic restaurant choices, good old American standbys probably make up the majority of your meals. As I mentioned on my low carb peanut butter balls recipe, this month Better Breakfast Month, so I’ve decided to round-up some of my favorite low carb breakfast foods here on The Low Carb Diet. For all my low carbers, I’d like to challenge you to try at least one of these that may be new to you!
Dishes that are heavy in animal protein and smothered in cream sauce or cheese may be low in carbohydrate, but they're certainly not heart healthy.
In this article, we'll tell you how to go to various types restaurants -- from American and Mediterranean to Asian and Italian -- and enjoy your meals while ensuring that you keep your carbs in order. Use these pointers to include the carbohydrates so crucial for energy and overall good health while maintaining the variety so critical to success and changing eating habits for the better. Instead of having protein as the center of your meal, push it to the side (unless of course it's vegetable-based protein such as soy or beans), and load up on green, yellow, orange, and red foods. If you just can't stop at one piece, select the darkest, most hearty-looking piece in the basket and ask the waitstaff to remove the rest. There's no reason to skip dessert, but there's also no reason to consume a piece of chocolate cake large enough to feed several people. Whether you’re looking for a food you never thought of or you might have forgotten, I have your general breakfast needs covered!
Avocado – Avocados have a lot of healthy fat and fiber compared to their relatively small amount of carbs, so the net carbs are rather low. Almond Milk – This one can be one of the most difficult transitions because most people are so accustom to dairy milk.

If it happens to be Silk’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, then you may want to join their eNewsletter to get a free coupon to try it, plus chances to win awesome prizes each month. There is no additional cost to you, and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. All recommendations throughout this and other posts are not intended as an alternative, treatment, or prevention of diseases, medial treatments or advice. Many restaurants, though, have begun to pay attention to diet trends and help customers eat more healthfully.
Red meat has the same amount of protein as poultry and fish, but (depending on the cut) it has much more saturated fat and cholesterol. Eat your piece of bread when you most enjoy it-on its own while waiting for your dinner, as an accompaniment to your salad, or with your main meal.
The low-carb foods that crowded supermarket shelves and highlighted on restaurant menus still have calories. It’s perfect because it’s a whopping 0 carbs and packs a bunch of delicious flavor. Feel free to choose between typical pork or turkey bacon.
You can enjoy eggs in any of the following ways: boiled, scrambled, sunny side-up,  poached, quiche, frittata, or omelet.
Whenever I’m feeling lazy and just want to whip up a good ol’ pancake I take out my CarbThin Zerocarb Protein Bake Mix Vanilla and follow their pancake recipe. What I’ve found is that I actually prefer Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, its slight almond taste is elegant and low carb. The reader takes full responsibility for counting nutritional information such as carbs, while trying any and all recipes.
They're naturally low carb, full of flavor and nutrients, and guaranteed to fill you up, not out. Many people discovered during the '90s low-fat, no-fat craze that it's possible to eat fat-free cookies and still get fat!
One of the easiest to find peanut butters that I found with a decently low amount of sugar was Peter Pan Crunchy, at about 3 net carbs per serving.

Just remember, what you want to do is include more healthy carbohydrates in your diet, not eliminate most carbohydrates.
We make all the cholesterol we need in our livers, so try not to add excess cholesterol in your diet. Vegetables don't have to be flavorless; just avoid drowning them in butter, cheese, or cream sauce. Lower-fat cuts of beef include eye of the round, top round, round tip, top sirloin, bottom round, top loin, and tenderloin. Look for (or ask for) vegetables that are roasted, sauted with herbs, prepared with olive oil, or prepared with garlic. A large chicken Caesar salad (without the croutons of course) is absolutely low carb, but it can still pack close to 1,000 calories.
If the dish you're ordering doesn't come with a vegetable you like, scan the menu for one you do. In today's sedentary world any extra calories, regardless of where they come from, can lead to weight gain. Sorbet with fruit, a fruit crumble or crisp, or even an apple tart all contribute some nutrients. It also pays to read labels carefully: Look for the small print that can clarify misleading information related to portion size. And they're all healthier than a bowl of chocolate mousse, which is primarily fat and sugar.

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