February 5, 2013 Did you know you can get a free mini planner and the Simplify Your Life Once and For All ecourse when you subscribe to the weekly newsletter? Im a college student and its hard to get up and make breakfast early and have enough to last me until im out of class.
I make something similar to this (uses cream cheese instead of cottage cheese), and mushrooms were wonderful in it (along with the sausage).
However, honestly, I am very picky about my food, and, in my opinion, it will taste like ita€™s been frozen.

I have steamed a bag of chopped broccoli and sprinkled it in the bottom of the pan along with the sausage.
I believe organizing systems should be beautiful, practical, and functional, and I'm here to help you with that.
Fat free cottage cheese, 2% sharp cheddar, added frozen chopped spinach, onions and garlic. Ia€™m sure if I chopped the broccoli up smaller and put in a little less, I could get by with it.

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