Thirty days of targeted weight loss is a big undertaking that requires time, effort and planning.
No weight-loss plan can succeed without a major focus on healthy eating, and simplicity aids success. When it comes to exercising, variety is king: It challenges your body and prevents boredom.
A month of tough workouts can beat up your body, particularly if you haven't been exercising regularly.
She has more than 13 years of experience covering topics in economics, business, personal finance, fitness, health and nutrition. Choose foods from the outer aisles of your grocery store -- whole, natural and unprocessed -- and skip junk foods and sweets.
Budget enough time every week to complete four or five challenging workouts, each up to one hour, and don't miss a session.

Mix cardio work such as running, biking or swimming with strength exercises including squats, situps, pushups and lunges.
Hydrating properly before, during and after workouts helps circulate necessary fluids, vitamins and minerals. You can achieve the results you're looking for by following a well-designed program of exercise and nutrition, complemented with hydration, stretching and adequate recovery.
Base your meals around quality proteins, healthy fats such as avocados and olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Duration and difficulty will depend on your fitness level, but you should be tired, sweaty and perhaps a bit sore the next day. Once you have a solid foundation, or if you're already in shape, add in more complex exercises with kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells.
After a workout, you can get a great boost of electrolytes without the added sweeteners of packaged sports drinks by adding lemon or lime juice to your water.

McConnell holds a BA in economics from Bowdoin College and has worked as a strength and conditioning coach since 2009. Stretching after each session will also help your muscles recover, allowing you to push hard next time you hit the gym. One good rule of thumb for healthy eating: If a food has more than five ingredients, or if you can't pronounce most of them, pass on it.

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