I know the RIPPEDCLUB crew all BROUGHT IT this Thanksgiving and stayed true to your clean eating, right!!?? As I continue to share about how I have had my success, I am continually getting more questions about Shakeology. A lot of you know that one of the foundational supplements that I take DAILY and highly recommend to ALL people, working out or not, is Shakeology. This week I had the opportunity to really put Shakeology to the test and see if it could live up to its claims.

With all the health and weight loss related shakes and pills out there, you have every right to think that Shakeology is a scam. The reason being I assume, is because I make it very clear that Shakeology has been key in my success. I am starting a 10 day SLIM DOWN challenge with family and friends and wanted to invite MORE to get on board!!!
The Shakeology Cleanse is a 3 day nutrient dense calorie restrictive plan that will flush your system of undigested foods and toxins that have built up over time as the results of a culture’s diet that consist of highly processed foods.

This site is for your benefit and to help you reach your health and fitness goals, but this time I want to address something that has been nagging at me.

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