These days many so-called health experts are touting low carb diets as the ultimate solution to weight loss, the same way they touted low fat diets not so long ago.
Getting enough carbs in your diet is essential to high performance when you’re exercising. Over time the body becomes carb depleted and is forced to burn through other sources of energy, such as fat. Healthy carbohydrates are actually contained in many vegetables, fruit and other healthy foods, including whole grains. Snacking is crucial to maintaining energy levels through the day so you’re less tempted to rely on sugary treats to give you energy spikes. Like low fat foods, low carb foods typically use unhealthy substances like corn syrup or sugar to add the flavour taken out when the carbs are removed. A general rule of thumb to go by is ask yourself this question: Did this food item ever walk, swim, fly or grow and does it look fairly similar to it’s original form?
A low carb diet may sound like a great idea, but a balanced diet is the best sustainable way to lose weight and become healthier in the long-run. Weclome to the Low Carbohydrate Diets Blog, a blog dedicated to exploring the alternative theory about obesity called the Lipophilia Hypothesis! Feb 12, 2013The Best Diets for Losing Weight: Must They All Be Low Carb?The best diets should help us lose weight, avoid hunger and mitigate risks for diseases.
Based on the John Robbins work titled: Diet for a New America, the number of people in the US suffering from diseases caused by protein excess is a mind-boggling 40, 000, 000 compared to a measly 3 people suffering from the deficiency of this substance.
Judging from these, it may be time to revise the misinforming ideas on protein in our diets.
Let’s consider some factors on why a Low Carbohydrate Diet may be unnecessary and even detrimental to one’s health. Definitely cutting back on the ‘wrong’ kinds of Carbohydrates such as Cakes, Confectioneries, Bread, Polished rice and the like will be mandatory for weight-loss, but replacing them with high protein foods is- just as from the points above-unnecessary and actually harmful for overall health and fitness. So unlike stuffing in a load of protein-rich cheese, opt for meats like these to get all of your goodness! Most people have no problem drinking one (or even three) cans of soda per day, but wouldn’t be able to eat the equivalent amount of fruit. We had a really long conversation throughout my workout and I was brought to a realization that it isn’t actually natural to look like a bikini model all day long 365 days a year for the rest of your life.
It kills me to know that once you build something you can’t just relax and bask in all the glory.
Excuse me if I sounds like I’m a looks-obsessed little brat, but just expressing my feelings full blown.
Also, bikini and fitness competitors all have a competition weight and an off season weight. Also, I want to mention that the level at which I am training and eating is super vigorous. And just as science has proven that many fats are actually healthy and some fat is essential to the diet, we know that many carbohydrates are actually healthy for you. The initial weight you lose when you start a low carb diet is largely water weight lost through glycogen and sometimes lean muscle tissue. Most cells can use fats, proteins or carbs to produce energy but some rely specifically on carbs to function.
Weight gain is actually caused by too many of the wrong type of calories being consumed, compared to the amount of calories being burned, and even protein can be turned into extra weight if you eat too much of it.

Replacing carbs with red meats or other foods high in saturated fats(we’re looking at you, egg yolks) can actually be far worse for you than sticking to a high carb diet. Restricting carbs too much can make it difficult to even get to the gym, let alone successfully complete a workout.
This sounds like a good thing—after all, fat loss is the primary goal for most people—but this kind of diet can lead to overly high creation of ketones. Bad carbs, much like bad fats, can wreak havoc on your body, putting you on an energy rollercoaster.
They are also called complex carbohydrates because they contain lots of nutrients and often include high amounts of fiber, a special type of carbohydrate that aids the digestive system. These foods can also contain a host of nasty man-made chemicals designed to increase flavour. Subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on that orange button, and you will get instant updates whenever we add new content.
When the average person embarks on a diet or fitness regimen in the aim of losing weight or building muscle mass, what they are usually instructed to do is to eat lots of protein and go on a low carbohydrate diet to accomplish either of the goals. Based on misinformation to this effect, several people view the daily consumption of a high-protein diet as beneficial.
Several people subsists on fruits and green leaves exclusively or starchy root vegetables, fruits and leaves only and are in top shape-I’ve seen and am one of them.
People have fasted on water only for several days and were actually stronger for the process!
Based on research, the need for amino acids is highly exaggerated as only 16% or our body is Protein. Research has been done on the diet of the aboriginal tribes living in the Mountains of Hagen. For optimal health a wise combination of your organic, seasonal fruits, roots and veggies is the best and safest way to go. In effect, your body has to work harder so youa€™ll burn more calories in the process,a€? says Amanda. First cut up some strawberries and soak em in vodka for as long as you can bear to wait (if you do it overnight it’s even better) 2. Unless you eat a lot of honey, it’s actually heard to be on a high fructose diet if you are depending on nature only to get your fructose. I'll post updates on my progress or lack of it, current health information, recipes, articles, workouts and quotes. When I say I may not be able to keep this up year round, I mean eating super duper clean and doing cardio 2x a day 6 days a week plus weight training.
And I don’t have time to proof read it because I am gonna be late to training but ya here you go.
Once your body adjusts to the diet, you’ll soon find yourself gaining weight again, often even more than you started out with.
This isn’t dangerous for everyone, but people with existing medical conditions can develop ketosis, a debilitating condition which makes the blood acidic and can quickly become fatal. Carbohydrates provide instant energy and protein gives you the steady stream of energy you need to keep your willpower high and stay out of the candy aisle.
The best way to get healthy is by eating more foods that are inherently healthy, not foods you have to take the bad stuff out of to enjoy. The great apes are primarily fruit eaters (although with substantial amount of leaves in their diets) How similar are humans to them?

I am so sad that these flat abs and those lean arms may go away if I don’t keep up this regimen.
I do know that REAL fitness models have to eat strict all the time and when they have shoots they go SUPER strict.
Once the bikini competition is over, I plan to continue eating clean, just not crazy clean. The need of protein for the human body is about a nickel’s weight worth, the excess is basically excreted in urine. You get there but you gotta keep it fresh to keep things looking good, keep the business flowing.
Since we are able to utilize and assimilate a large amount of our needs of these elements, we are able to build the Nitrogen into our body as protein. He said that when he was competing he’d go up 20-30lbs in the off season and then just shed back down when it was time to hit the stage. Why?Almost all of our weight loss plans are built around the idea that a€?a calorie is a calorie.a€™ But is that really true? This process is done by natural bacteria action that is capable of converting it to our use. Meanwhile, eliminated in their fecal matter was a protein of around 15 times more of what was ingested. My bikini competition is this Saturday and I will look the tightest and leanest I have ever looked in my life.
Most likely because it’s just not a weight that their body is designed to be at without the meticulous up keep. Continue reading "Weight Loss Plans Based on a€?Eat Less and Exercise Morea€™ Dona€™t Seem to Work. People who smoke though cannot pick up Nitrogen from the air so easily but might still get enough from proper foods. It doesn’t like losing weight all the time so it will become efficient and figure out how to keep fat around even when your workouts and diets are nuts.
Why?"Aug 25, 2012Weight Loss Help -- Find Out Why Eating Less and Exercising Does NOT HelpWeight loss help almost always comes in the form of strategies to cut calories. It’s just not where your body was naturally meant to be if you want to do other things things with your time.
It really is a lot of work and I honestly feel like you need to get paid to put yourself through this! Continue reading "Health-Eating-Politics author Ellen Davis Offers Dramatic Insights "Jul 13, 2010Facts on Obesity and Diet from Real ExpertsGet the facts on obesity and diet from top experts in the low carb community. Eventually our convo got a little ridic with me being all low carb, emotional, moody, and living in a fantasy land.
Exclusive interviews!Continue reading "Facts on Obesity and Diet from Real Experts"Jul 13, 2010"Cereal Killer" author Al Watson: an Exclusive Interview.

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