Like Paleo (see next slide) you remove all processed foods but you also up your fat intake. The Paleo or Palaeolithic diet is based around the idea of eating only what was available to humans in prehistoric times. Avoiding dairy can leave you dangerously low in calcium, while having such extreme restrictions on foods that aren't bad for you opens you up to losing out on much needed fibre and good fats. As the name suggests, this diet requires people to stick to a strictly vegan diet, but only before 6pm.
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The glamour model, 29, hit the town after revealing that she no longer speaks to her former housemate Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz following their dramatic love triangle. While many of us wish there were fad diets that work, the BDA - The British Dietetic Association - has given a few very good reasons to avoid certain dangerous celebrity diets.
The problem is we have a huge obesity epidemic where two thirds of us are overweight and one quarter obese.

The BDA suggests that you are likely to reach for foods that are high in calories, salt, saturated fat and sugar once you pass six o'clock. Although reducing sugar (especially processed sugar) is a good idea, you can't rid yourself of all glucose.

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