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I guess all celebrities cant make the list but Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry and Lenny Kravitz are also celebrities that look younger than their age. At times, living the Hollywood life can be stressful, which can definitely make a celebrity look a lot older than they are. News anchor and actress Shauna Robinson turned the big 5-0 this year though it doesn’t show at all.
Gwen Stefani is 43 years old but the chic-rocker definitely knows just how to keep her youthful look. Stacey Dash is 46 and for someone who is pushing 50, we’d love to know her staying young routine. At 57, Iman hasn’t lost her model looks and she definitely could still tear up the runway. A lot of women dread hitting their 50’s but looking at Angela Bassett, she makes 54 look amazing. Other times there may be a young adult with the appearance of a middle aged or even older man.
Subtropes include Older Alter Ego, a magical ability for younger kids to temporarily turn into adults and back, and Plot-Relevant Age-Up, the same permanently. Similar, but not to be confused with Artistic Age, where this is due to art rather than in-story causes. It is revealed that Maria in Hayate the Combat Butler is only 17, but she is incredibly mature and everybody mistakes her for a beautiful woman in her mid-to-late-20s, leading Hayate to believe that he likes older women. Mildly subverted in Bubblegum Crisis: given how long ago sexaroids were labeled as illegal by the series start, we get the implication that while Sylvie and Anri may not be as old as they look (Sylvie appears in her mid-twenties while Anri looks to be the loli model), they're not single digit ages. Yagi Yuria in Shibatora works at a maid cafe, passing as over eighteen, but is really only twelve years old. Zelgadis the chimera of Slayers is 20 at the start of the Light Novel series, and his appearance appropriately matches his age. In Excel Saga, a paedophile takes a nine-year-old to a love hotel, only to learn that she's, er, "prodigious"*  meaning she was able to completely hide away her triple-g cup breasts. Harumi appears to be in her mid-twenties, but viewers who have a quick enough eye to catch her character stats just before the commercial breaks will be surprised to realize that she's only 3 years old. Yuki Nagato and her associates appear to be about fifteen, but as constructs of the Data Overmind, their physical bodies at least are only up to three years old.
In Planetes, a minor character is twelve years old, but since she grew up on the Moon with it's lower gravity, her growth rate was accelerated and her size makes her look like she's in her early twenties. In Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan, the title character has a nine year old sister that looks about nine years older than her.
Two of the Huge Schoolgirls are forced to pay full price for movie tickets, even though they're only 14-15 years old (While two of their classmates who are a couple months older but look younger get away with claiming to be elementary school students for a larger discount).
There's Chachamaru, who has been built two and a half years ago, but looks like a teenager. There is also Naba Chizuru, who is explicitly the youngest girl in the class aside from the android but is maternal enough (in multiple senses of the word) to pass for at least 20.
Jet of Cowboy Bebop looks like he could be in his forties or fifties, but is only thirty-six.
That's not even getting into Atsushi Munakata of the Amino Cyborgs, whose tremendous musculature and broad, dashingly handsome face make him look over 30, a fact that is actually commented upon. Pictured above: Lampshaded when Sena and Monta discover the identity of Musashi, who they only knew as the middle-aged looking construction guy who worked on their ever expanding clubhouse. Similar to Musashi, Yamabushi from Shinryuuji looks much older than he is due to his half-grown in beard. Lampshaded in a chapter where we learn they even have rankings for who has the worst case of "old man" face. You would never, ever know it by looking at him or hearing him talk, but Piccolo at the beginning is chronologically only eight years old.

In a similar vein, Cell is much, much younger than you'd expect - even with all the time-traveling he had to do to reach a timeline where he could absorb the Androids, he's still only in his early twenties. In Dragon Ball GT, there is an extreme case of this in the Shadow Dragons, who, though mature as any other Dragon Ball villains, are, by technicality, newborns, spawned from the dragonballs' misuse.
The main character Vash starts out in this form, seeing as he's really a plant-like alien who matures into a young child far more rapidly than a human would; when the series opens, however, he's Older Than They Look, seeing as he's existed since before the incident that initially colonized the planet. Guts from Berserk because of extreme amount of physical and mental stress looks to be about 30 or 40.
Umehachi, male protagonist of the manga Tende Freeze, is 17, but looks like he should belong in junior high. While Satella of Chrono Crusade looks somewhere around her late twenties or early thirties, she turns out to only be nineteen years old much to the surprise of Rosette.
One of the students in Doki Doki School Hours looks and acts like a middle-aged man even though he's still in high school. In Slam Dunk, Shinichi Maki, the captain of Kainan team, looks like he was over 35 but he is only 17. Reinforce Zwei, Hayate's Unison Device, joined the Space-Time Administration Bureau when she was 1 year old, looking much like she does now. Sette looks like an adult woman, but is the last of the Numbers to have been activated, and thus younger than any of the others (particularly Cinque, who is a direct inverse: looks like a kid, has the mind and skills of a seasoned commando). Occurs with the all young girls in Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance manga; they appear to be about three when they're born, and one quickly ages about 16 years in a matter of months due to her ability to shed her skin like a snake.
Tsunade manages to be both this and Older Than They Look: in calendar years, she's about fifty or sixty, the same as Chivalrous Pervert Jiraiya.
Teuchi, the ramen shop owner, appears to be in his 60s at best but is only 43 at the beginning of the manga.
It's implied Kakashi was 6 when he became a genin but he looks indistinguishable from even the current cast, who were 12 when they became genin. Hana-chan in the final season of Ojamajo Doremi after she aged herself magically from a baby to a tween. Another Artificial Human example of this trope is Abe no Yasuaki of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de.
Isabella from Paradise Kiss is high school age, but dressing like a middle-aged Victorian lady makes her look remarkably older. Otaku no Musume-san: Taeko, a high school student who also happens to be a landlady, often is assumed to be a lady cosplaying as a high school student (mostly because the tenants are generally otakus themselves, so it's not a big leap).
Hibiki no Mahou has Asuma, a wizard who ages much more quickly than normal as a price for using magic. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, it's implied that Rei is in fact a 4-year-old with the mind of a 14-year-old as a result of being a clone. Yukio Oikawa of Digimon Adventure 02 would be in his early thirties, but you'd never know that by looking at his grey skin and sunken eyes.
Shogo Kawada should only be around a year older than his fifteen-year-old classmates but he looks much older due to his muscular physique, long facial scar and thick stubble as well as his mature demeanor. Also Mitsuko Souma has a very mature figure for her age and wears thicker make-up than the other girls, both of which she uses to her advantage in The Program, like Kawada, her appearance is also probably justified by her childhood trauma as a victim of sexual abuse. In Sailor Moon, when ChibiUsa and Hotaru are possessed, they take the forms of adult women, though they both are children younger than any of the other characters. Misaki Shokuhou, the fifth level 5 esper, looks like a buxom college or high school girl, but is actually in middle school. Honey Kisaragi passes for 16, but since she's actually the transforming android Cutey Honey, she was probably built more recently than that.
Akagi: Shigeru is only 13 pre-Time Skip but looks considerably older in the anime (he's more plausible in the manga). YuYu Hakusho has an early joke about this—a creepy one-shot youth gangster who kidnaps Keiko in the manga, who has an oversized head with overdeveloped bone structure and a load of stubble. Shinonome Nano from Nichijou looks and acts like a high schooler but she is actually only a year old at the beginning of the show.
Although there are no magical brews to stop the ageing process, some lifestyle choices, fashion and the power of skin care products and cosmetics can make you appear not a day over 20.
If you are able to create a certain lifestyle for yourself then, no cream, hair product or a piece of clothing can give you that youthful look you desire.
The more foundation, powder and highlighter you use, the more your fine lines will be defined. But now, with the media in full action and celebrities endorsing those pretty bottles, the skin care industry is a billion dollar one with the best-selling item being anti-aging products. When the skin turns wrinkled, tired, saggy and dull, it becomes a matter of consideration and people especially women want to revert back their skin to fresh one. These small crevasses appear on any skin complexion because of the gap between the skin cells. All these are anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatory agents that work together to nourish and renew the skin and make you look younger.
Sometimes few little things we do in life can also make us look younger than we really are. But, despite the stress of being a celebrity, there are some female stars who have found the fountain of youth and have somehow been able to maintain a look that is timeless. If, in live-action, their age is surprising to the viewer but not anyone in story, it's a bad side-effect of Dawson Casting.
It also becomes a Running Gag that Maria is irritated when people mention "young girls" as if she doesn't fit into that group. The fact that her mental maturity is normal for her real age, not her appearance, results in her being exploited by a number of other characters. In the anime though, his age is bumped down to sixteen (a Word of God statement in a film book), making him fall under this trope.
The episode in question was making as many jokes that couldn't be aired on TV as possible (it didn't, which was what the creators wanted), but everything was still played for laughs (all black laughs), which meant the paedophile left the under aged girl broken-hearted when he saw what she looked like, before anything awful happened. It's somewhat debatable since it isn't known how the whole system works, but with Nagato getting trapped in a time loop for hundreds of years (and mentally aging, as she alone retains full memories of the repetitions) the fifth novel inverts this and makes her Really 700 Years Old. However, since humans had been living underground for generations, without a sun or anything, they probably couldn't tell time as accurately, so who knows. One of them gets so mad, she uses magic age-reducing pills to turn herself into a small child, until she realizes (too late) that the cost of the pills combined with the ticket come out to more than she would have had to pay normally. This is lampshaded in the preview for "Waltz for Venus" where he tells us this, and says you shouldn't judge people by how they look, or how much hair they have. Some of the other characters don't believe it either ("There oughta be a law against players like him!").
He's even charged with pumping up the Japanese youth cup team before the game against America because he looks the oldest.

Don, Gaoh's opponent in the American game, is supposed to be 18, but looks closer to sixty with his white hair, massive stature, and heavily-wrinkled face. His former guardian at the orphanage doesn't recognize him until Livio's about to kill him. After learning it, Hanamichi immediately nicknames him "Middle-aged Man" and never calls him by his real name. She looks to be in her mid twenties or so, but in reality is probably only three or four years old tops considering Fate created her, and Fate herself is a another example as a clone with a copy of the memories from the girl she was cloned from.
However, she uses a powerful genjustu round the clock to make herself look like a twenty-year-old (or however old she needs to be to escape her creditors.) However, her most powerful jutsu of her own invention heals any wound she may receive, but at the cost of aging her far faster than her contemporaries.
The manga mentions that Abe no Seimei created him two years prior to the start of the story; Yasuaki's official age is 21. Her very mature and composed attitude only add to it, as do her knobbly, slightly manly hands. When asked over the course of the series about age-related issues, such as if he would go drinking with a group of other teachers, he always replies, " That would be illegal, as I am only three years old." For some reason, nobody bothers to question him on this. Amusingly, her mother actually works at a Cosplay Cafe and was mistaken for Taeko's friend when she turned up in her work uniform. On the other hand, there's no evidence the clones haven't been growing at a normal, human rate, so physically they could all be 14. Possibly a Justified Trope as he was forced to mature quickly in his first entry into the programme and his childhood helping his father in ..
She started life as a teratoma (a form of tumor) that had grown everything but a body while attached to an eighteen-year-old woman.
Most noticeable with Worst, who looks older than the rest (including older than her original), but is actually the youngest clone. However, since her power is Mind Control, it's theorized (both in-universe and out) that she is actually as old as she looks, but she's just shaving a few years off her age with her ability. This leads to much hilarity because, behavior-wise, he's not any different than a typical 10-year old (if just a bit too clueless). When you want to appear younger, you have to get an appropriate hairstyle that will not only enhance your physical features but also your personality. Go for light coverage, with eyes shades, lipsticks and blushes that give a dewy youthful look. They not only hydrate and moisturize your skin, but also make it appear healthy, smooth and youthful.
People hardly have got time to cleanse their face, let alone exfoliation, facials, and time consuming home remedies. There are so many skin care products in the market it becomes difficult to find a product that will give visible difference to the skin.
Noticeable results appear within 61 seconds which can be called as “magic right after you apply”.
So smile a lot, get involved in healthy activities, do not stress and always stay positive! If you cut out or cut down on both of those and start using a good anti-aging cream, you’ll start to look INFINITELY better in no time! The skin went through a huge makeover and went from that unhealthy grayish tone to a healthy glow, without dermabrasion or any other uber expensive procedures. If his self-proclaimed thirty-year drinking habit isn't an exaggeration, you can probably figure out why.
It's because that at 18, he contracted a terminal disease while doing alchemy research, so he made a second body to continue research and stop the funder of his research, Kagemaru. An alternate theory mentioned in the show is that the whole universe was recreated three years earlier, so * everyone* who thinks they're older than three is actually Younger Than They Look.
Although, supplementary material, such as the official anime guide, states that she is actually 18.
When he gets too emotional, the similarly adult-looking Mamoru Banba steps in to offer his own uplifting words. This is used for both a joke about him being much taller than Ed (who is slightly older) and a plot point when he's arrested as an illegal immigrant and the authorities don't believe he's really a minor.
If you count her life starting with her "sister", she's eighteen and Older Than They Look; if, like Black Jack, you count her life from when she was removed, she's less than a year.
She is teased at one point that, despite looking 16, she's technically the "younger sister" of Last Order, who looks 10. Here, we have revealed all the secrets that you may need to know how to look younger than your age. As a huge plus, some of the fine lines under my eyes are completely gone, I look so much more youthful. While some celebs choose to go under the knife to maintain their youth, others are naturally blessed with a fresh face that doesn’t seem to change. Compare and contrast Really Seventeen Years Old (where someone is younger than they claim to be). More often than not, Gourry (who's older and taller than Zelgadiss is; in the anime, he's the only protagonist who starts out in his twenties) is referred to as a boy.
He actually takes much longer to reach maturity than Piccolo Daimaou's other "offspring", who are full-grown when they hatch.
And later on in the series, Uozumi (whose the same age as Akagi), is mistaken for Akagi's father.
You can then chat with your hairstylist and get the particular style or modify it to adjust to your profile.Coloring your hair an appropriate color is also very important.
Apply highlighting powder on the inner corners of your eyes, to hide tired eyes and brighten up the whole face. Plus, the best thing is many of these products, if not all, actually work and give you the youthful skin you desire. We all know aging is subject to a multitude of factors and not everyone matures in the same way.
The writer said that Stiyl's battle with Touma was meant to be "old vs new" meaning magic vs science. However sometimes we can’t help but to gawk at the fact that certain celebrities look so young. The artist read that, missed the note after about Stiyl's age, misinterpreted it to mean "old man vs young man" and drew Stiyl as a man in his 30s. Ask your hairstylist for shades which give a more youthful appearance like red, brown, highlights, lowlights etc.

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