Reductil has been taken off the market because it has been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.
This is made even more worrying by the fact that the weight-loss pill was only available to those who are obese and already at a greater risk of developing heart problems. Since Reductil was introduced in 2001 there have been 2094 suspected adverse reactions and 17 deaths linked to the drug. Do you need to lose 20 pounds fast in a fixed time but need to know how many calories to consume in order to lose the 20 lbs?
Where do you find the most accurate information on how to determine your basal metabolic rate or daily burn of calories?
Are there free online tools that tell you quickly on how calories to eat to start losing weight fast?
But first, you need to know what your daily caloric requirement is so that you can start cutting back from that number.
One simple and easy way you can determine your daily caloric intake  for not losing or gaining weight is to do a test called Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test that is available at most W8MD weight loss centers.
The good news is that most insurances do cover this test and so there may not be any additional cost to you. Are there online tools that can give me a free and quick idea before doing the RMR test to know my caloric intake per day?
Although just a guestimate, there are some online tools that you can use to determine your weight neutral caloric intake by inputting your height, weight, activity level, age and sex.
Now, I know my basal requirement is 2500 calories, and I need to cut back by at least 500 calories per day to lose one pound per week.
The fourth thing is – what if your body slows down the metabolism when you start cutting back on calories? How can the W8MD’s meal replacements help prevent the starvation signal or body slowing down the metabolism?

By using protein nutrition with very little carbs, using the delicious and affordable W8MD low calorie and low carbohydrate, ketogenic meal replacement supplements, the body is going to sense that the nutrition is being provided on a constant basis like every 3-4 hours.
How expensive are the W8MD protein supplements for weight loss, such as the protein shakes,  bars, and other meal replacements? Our meal replacement options are very varied and have wide variety of protein bars, protein shakes, protein powder, protein cereals, various dinner items, lunch items, hot teas, protein desserts, snacks, and many different food items to satisfy your flavors, and nutritional requirements. Most W8MD meal replacements are Kosher certified and we do have these certificates available at the centers upon request.
How about speeding up my metabolism with a medication or two to help burn fat in addition to the diet? In order to assist you in fighting hunger, food cravings, and to speed up metabolism, our weight loss physicians can prescribe FDA approved weight loss medications including the new and traditional diet pills when appropriate in addition to a low calorie diet and increased physical activity! Disclaimer* W8MD medical weight loss centers of America is designed to provide general information on our insurance physician weight loss program locations, and general weight loss information. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act that mandates insurance coverage for obesity, you can now lose weight and have your insurance cover the cost of the W8MD physician weight loss physician visits! Weight Loss Doctor AppointmentsGreater Philadelphia Weight Loss DoctorAppointments, call (215)676-2334.
To begin to understand how many calories to eat in order to start losing weight quickly, you need to know some simple facts.
So, using this simple fact, let us say you cut down your daily caloric intake by about 500 calories a day, in about a week  or 7 days, you total caloric deficit is going to be (7*500=3500) equal to the amount of calories in one pound of body fat.
By measuring the amount of oxygen your body consumes in a fixed time of a just a few minutes (5-10 minutes) using a breathing test, the indirect caloriemetric test measures your resting metabolic rate. However, if you do not have insurance or have a high deductible plan, the self pay discount cost is only $50.00 for the RMR test, which is one of the most useful tests you can do as it gives very useful information as you try to lose weight.
Average American was surveyed as to how many calories they consume and they said 2000 calories.

This way, the body is not going to sense the starvation signaling which normally happens when you just cut back on portions without getting proper nutrition. Compared to an average grocery, self prepared meal ingredient costs of about $3.00 per meal, the W8MD weight loss protein meal replacements not only cut the calories down drastically but also can be a potential cost saving of about 20-30% compared to grocery food ingredient costs!
Tumpati, I can't thank you enough for helping transform my daughter Erin (lost 64 lbs*) into a much happier young lady and she looks amazing and also thanks for helping me lose 25 pounds I feel great - Lisa, Erin's mom.
W8MD medical weight loss website or any of our affiliated weight loss blogs is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In other words, each 500 calorie deficit from baseline translates to one pound of body fat in a week.
Then, they looked at the same peoples caloric intake and they were consuming about 3800 calories which means we underestimate our caloric intake by almost 100% due to the so called hidden calories. So far I have lost 42 pounds with 18 to go before by youngest daughter's 21st birthday trip to Hawaii. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about not only losing weight but improving their overall health , gaining knowledge about their bodies and nutrition and developing a healthier lifestyle.
So, let us say you want to lose 3 pounds of weight per day, you would need to be at least 1500 calorie deficit per day for 7 days so you are expected to lose 3 pounds. I can say it feels almost effortless, for with the elimination of most carbs plus the medication I have ZERO cravings and minimal hunger.

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