The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet consists of professional workout log sheets, a success journal to record one’s fat loss, the supplementation guide, a pre-program quick start checklist, a quick reference manual called The XFLD Cliffs Notes, the diet manual that includes all the specification about what to eat, when to eat it, and food and nutrition charts and lists. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The paramedics took my heart rate, my blood pressure and even my blood sugar (ouch – I hate needles). For many years I had the lightheadedness and have fainted a couple times during my workouts. LVH is also that condition where sometimes you hear of a high school football player just up and dying or an elite athlete up and dying when they are seemingly healthy. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Nutritionist Joel Marion is been receiving a great deal of interest lately.
Winning a Transformation Contest is how I got my start in the fitness world close to 10 years ago, and this past June I had the pleasure of hosting my first one! You just saw what’s possible, now you can join them in losing up to 25 pounds in 25 days for an old raggity $5 bill. I had a few very tough days, may have involved some crying and anger, followed by laughter and energy. I struggled with my energy levels but realized this was only for a short period of time and the results were worth it. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet will make you curse, get angry, take you to your breaking point, make you feel confident, make you lose fat and drive your focus up 3 notches.
Just make sure to switch back to eating Skinnylicious Cooking recipes following to make sure to keep your hormones balanced and your fat loss GONE FOR GOOD! I did the XFLD as well, and I lost 2kg, but I think I gained a lot more muscle as I shrunk at least 2cm everywhere. I would like to repeat it at some point to get some more fat off and boost the metabolism, but I was wondering – how do you stomach all the BCAA pills???
Hi Flavia, I understand that you went on Joel’s Xtreme Fat Floss Diet because you wanted to drop 5 pounds of fat for your photo shoot.

I also did Joels XFLD last year and droped 15Kgs in the 25 days it was awsome and got me to my goal weight. Hi Sue…in order for it to work, you have to follow it 100% but for sure you can stop once you reach your goals…thanks! Hey Theresa, I did cheat on my cheat days and it is important to re-fuel your body for another 4 days of intense dieting.
Is this a realistic diet for a 63 year old woman who babysits for two toddler grandchildren and takes care of her 95 year old mother.
I did this diet of Joel’s last year for a month to do some last minute bikini prep for my bday at the beach. I am very afraid of crash dieting because they’re unhealthy and make you fat most of the time. What happens when you stop this “hot” XFLD afterwards when yu go back to eat normal? Also, would you be able to give me an example of what you had for a meal on say, the “carb” day?
You mention often that Joel tells you exactly what to eat in the plan…I purchased the Xtreme Fat Loss diet yesterday and there is not a blow by blow list of what food to eat in what combination. Would you mind telling us exactly how much weight or fat or inches you lost in those 20 days please, Flavia? My boyfriend at the time, Vince Del Monte, seized this opportunity to make this trip extra valuable by adding a photo-shoot. People don’t understand what extreme dieting is and it is tough to see family and friends while carrying around the magic bullet to make shakes for your shake only days (which were yummy).
This plan is backed up by science and strategy, but make no mistake, this is not for everyone! I must say it is the hardest diet and program I’ve ever done but is garanteed great results! I would only reccomend it if you think you will be able to come off properly without binging afterwards.

The Cheat To Lose book is not as intense…same concept but stretched over a longer period.
I thought I’d share my personal experiences of the ups and downs I faced, while helping me get photo-shoot ready for one of my happiest memories in my life.
So here we are at Bush Gardens with the fitness crew and I was complaining about 5 pounds of fat I still had to lose for this photo-shoot and only had a month to do it! Every 5th day we made it a date and had so much fun meeting for dessert, or having popcorn at the movies.
If you are finding what you are doing is working for you, you should stick to the this diet.
I’m already very slim, but would like to lose a little extra fat, so I would like to try this diet. Looking to lose weight and tone for my son’s wedding in Turks and Caicos at beginning of July, but am a little leery of my ability to follow through on this extreme diet.
Same for my program…I provide guidelines based on your weight and anount of exercise you do.
There is a lot of guidance and Joel also has a support team that can help you with anything you’ll need. I also love that everyday is something different and you only had to get through that day…getting through that day was the goal and tomorrow would be something new. But at the end of the ride will have experienced the fastest and most exhilarating transformation ride of your life.
On tha fasting day I did not even wanted to eat because of the high food level I had taken in the day before. It helped us with will power…after being on such an intense diet, you are able to say no far easier.

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