The popular actor, author, motivator, and Hispanic entrepreneur, Alejandro Chaban announced the launch of his much awaited and anticipated diet plan product line, Yes You Can!™ Diet Plan. Chaban chose the best and most qualified team of health experts and specialists - nutritionists, psychologists, chefs and motivators - to create the Yes You Can! You can subscribe to Entertainment Affair by e-mail address to receive news and updates directly in your inbox.
Doesn’t this look incredible refreshing!  I do believe I could drink a gallon of this fresh and fabulous Mint and Lemon Water!

I happen to have this beautiful glass of strawberry water in front of me as we speak.  It is fabulous! Just slice up that favorite fruit nice and thin…add it to some yummy water and feel refreshed!
Inspired by Chaban's own experience overcoming obesity, anorexia and bulimia, going from 314 to 154 pounds, the Yes You Can!™ Diet Plan is the only diet plan made by Hispanics for Hispanics, offering an easy, fun and healthy way to transform your life forever.
Determined to make weight loss and living a healthy life tangible realities for everyone (regardless of age, gender, culture or income), and knowing firsthand the ups and downs of obtaining weight loss successfully, it seeks to offer families, parents, youth and the thousands of people who write daily, a space where they can find a solution that works.

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