Belly fat is a main problem for anybody who wants to lose weight or to have a strong and sculpted look for their abs. If you want to avoid the risks of fat belly and want to have a fit and healthy body you need to have a proper diet, proper rest and proper exercise.A  Yoga is a highly effective form of exercise which helps people to relax their body and to achieve flexibility in their body. In the beginning repeat the pose for at least 10 times, gradually increases the count when the body gets adjusted. Stand facing the sun in an erect posture, with palms joined together near the chest like doing a namaskar. Breathe in deeply and raise the hands upward, bend your body backward in an arched position with the face pointing towards the sky.
Exhale and bring the body from the arched position to bend down forward, till your head reaches your knee. Exhale and with the palms pushing the floor stretch your right leg back words to make it parallel with the left leg.
Exhale and lift the chest from the ground and arch back by keeping your arms bent at the elbow. Slowly bend forward exhaling so that your body will be parallel to floor, bend completely till your head touches your knees.
You need to repeat this asana for 10 times, remember to take an interval of 10 seconds between the repetitions.
This is a pose taken from Hatha yoga, which helps to stimulate the solar plexus center of the body.
When you reach the toes, try to pull the toes towards you so that you will experience a stretch on the hamstrings. Breathing in and keeping the tummy tucked in, continue in the position for about one minute initially. Slowly bring your body up, exhaling and come back to the original Padmasana position or sitting position. This pose is highly effective in preventing and relieving constipation and indigestion problems. If you practice this yoga posture on a regular basis, then you can be assured of enjoying a flatter belly in due course of time. Once you become familiar with this pose you can extend the duration to 60 seconds or even more. You need to start with 5 repeats of this asana initially and gradually build it up to 30 times. Sit in the Vajrasana position and slowly lift your body weight from the knees in such a manner that your entire weight is supported by the knees.
After inhaling and exhaling deeply one to two times, you should bend your back towards your feet. Hold in this position for about 20 to 30 seconds in the beginning and then try to hold this posture for a minute or even more.A  You should breathe normally in this posture.
This is yet another easy asana that will help you to melt the fat in the abdomen area by forcing the abdominal muscles to contract.
From the Vajrasana position, you need to rise in such a way that your body is parallel to your yoga mat and the weight of your body rests on your palms and knees.
Make sure that your knees are beneath your hips and your palms under the shoulder in this pose. After a deep inhalation, lift your head in such a way that your body now takes a concave structure.
Take a deep breath and hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds initially and gradually work it up to 60 seconds.
Now slowly exhale ad come back to Vajrasana position and relax for 15 seconds before repeating the next set. You need to work on this pose for 10 times initially and then slowly build it up to 30 times in a day. This is another yoga posture that will help in easily shedding off excess fat accumulated in your belly area, thighs and hips. Now take a deep breath in and raise your legs from the floor at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Now, after 30 seconds, exhale deeply and lift your legs further up so that it is at right angles to the floor. Inhale deeply and bring your legs back to the initial position that is resting it back on the floor mat.
Repeat this posture for 10 times initially and as soon as you come to terms with this pose, you can extend it to 30 times a day with a 15 second pause after each repetition. This is a pose that helps in giving a good stretch to your back, thighs, abdomen, arms as well as chest muscles.
After a deep exhalation, lift your leg backwards so that youa€™re your knees are in a position to touch your buttocks. Repeat this posture for 10 times a day during the initial stages and gradually build it up to 30 times a day with a 15 second break between each repetition.
Lie down with your chest hitting the yoga mat and with your legs slightly spaced out and your toes touching the floor. Keep the palms touching the floor and make sure that your hands are on either side of the body. Now breathe in and lift your head and your chest from the mat and make sure that you are looking at the ceiling. Now take a deep breath and now lift your body from the waist upward while bending backwards as much as possible. Repeat this posture for 10 times in the beginning and then try to work it up to 30 times a day. Keep your feet completely stretched out and place your hands on both sides of your body with your palms facing the ground. With closed eyes, breathe in and breathe out deeply while allowing your body to relax completely. You should lie down in this position as long as possible until your breathing returns to normal and your body is completely relaxed.
You should compliment these yogasanas with a healthy diet in order to achieve your goal of losing belly fat effectively and quickly.
A yoga sequence for depression would be one that involves a great deal of gentle asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.
Keep in mind that yoga works on the foundation that one's body is made up of negative energy centers and these need to be activated in order for the negative energy to be released. The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. There are various forms of body postures that a person can do and also benefit from various forms of diseases by doing those. There are movements of joints to the ligaments of muscles which all help in certain ways to give you a stress relief and also the breathing enhances as more oxygen enters the lungs when you do these. Note: If you have dizziness, migraine or light headedness, or any form of illness or even spondylosis, then consult a physician before doing any of these and also do not at all try doing some of these postures as that can be fatal to your health. Now you will use the right hand thumb to close the right nostril side and at the same time you will use the ring finger and the small finger which were also stretched out to close the left nostril. This time again after you have tried pose 2, you will again go back to initial standing position and then stretch hands outwards and then bend the body down keeping balance on toes. This is done by relaxing the body and then you will fold hands together and give it a turn. This is requires immense practice regularly to do this properly and extreme amount of balance. Here you will be balancing whole body on any one leg for first attempt and then stretch the other leg outwards so that it becomes parallel to the floor. In this pose, you will extend legs wide apart and then close the hands stretched outwards and then bend to touch the floor with closed palms and stretched hands on any side that you start with. Here you will first stand straight and your hands will be at your sides and palms facing towards the front. In this pose you will close the palms in front of you and then you will lift the right leg bending at knees towards your pelvic area.
This is done in same way like above but here you will be holding both legs bend at knee to your abdominal region and your forehead should also touch the knee. This is another type and here after lying on stomach with hands locked at side palms facing ceiling, you will try to lift both legs backwards and up and hold at a certain position for 6 to 10 counts and then relax.
This is another type and here after lying on floor with stomach and palms facing ceiling, you will not lock the hands at side.
Here as you lay on the floor with your stomach, then you will extend hands and bend legs to reach them. You will sit in bent knee position and then extend hands separated apart and not joined at palms. First sit in yogic pose and then shift any side’s leg over the other side keeping the palm of leg on the floor. Here you balance your whole body on both of your palms in front of you as you bend knees and lift them up keeping the knees locked at your lower abdominal region. This is done by keeping one leg stretched outwards and the other leg should be at the side and palm of leg should be on floor.

This is done by lying on floor and then you will be holding both your legs near your stomach and hold them at that position for 10 counts. Here you lay with your back on floor and then you lift legs above and backwards till the toes touch the ground. Here the toes should again rest at floor but the hands should be holding them and not be on the sides of head.
Here you sit with legs stretched apart in front and your hands should be at the back with palms facing the floor. Following the above pose, you will now bring hands in front of you and hold the toes of the stretched apart legs.
A pregnant lady must think seriously about her wellbeing history before starting with the activities. Exhaling, wind your body from waist towards your right moving head and hands all the while to the same side.
Inhale and return to the previous position keeping up your hands shoulder level and parallel to one another. Inhale for 2 seconds and raise your heels and arms at shoulder level, palms confronting down all the while. Keeping your hands in the same position, breathing in, get up gradually and stand on your toes.
Begin on all fours, bringing the wrists underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips. Let the development in the spine begin from your tailbone, so your neck is the last part to move. Come into the posture by stooping on both knees at a marginally wide however agreeable separation separated from each other.
This separation ought to be more extensive than hips width (which could be discovered give or take by putting two clench hands between the knees).
No compelling reason to fixate on the separation, you can just conform once in the stance to whatever feels good. At that point sit on your heels (which ought to be confronting up), and incline forward gradually with your body, strolling your arms out long before you. Verify that you are inhaling while you come into the stance and are not holding your breath, particularly in the event that you are feeling any kind of pain. Yoga is a slower kind of physical activity and it is mostly criticised for not being a big calorie burner. I’m going to give you a break down of each so that you can decide which one is best for you. Astanga Yoga is a demanding form based on swift transtions from pose to pose and a hissing like breathing to control the breath being taken. Bikram yoga consists of  movements that are done in heat of around 40 degrees Celsius. The exercises done in heat are said to increase circulation and enhance cardiovascular activity.
Yoga may be a bit calm for some, but it is definitely a great way to maintain fitness, flexibility and most importantly add variation to any work out plan.
Many people find that it is easy to lose excess fat from other parts of the body and it is extremely difficult to remove the belly fat once it gets deposited. Practicing specific yoga asana helps to reduce belly fat and achieve stronger looking abdominal muscles.
So, to complete one round of Suryanamaskar you need to do 24 yoga steps.A  It is ideal to perform 12 rounds to get best results. When your body bends forward in this pose, the abdomen gets compressed this helps in toning the muscles of the abdomen.A  This is especially powerful in removing belly fat.
Apart from providing reduction of belly fat and toning of the muscles, this pose helps to stretch the hamstrings, hip and thigh muscles.A  This is a good yoga posture for people suffering from digestive disorders. In this posture, your knees will be exerting pressure on the abdomen, which triggers fat burning from the area. Take 15 second intervals between the repetitions.A  The beginners can practice the above pose with a single leg at first.
You need to hold this posture for about a minute or so to help in proper contraction of the abdominal muscles. You must now lift your head, chest and legs off the ground and while doing this you have to exhale. Now you will have to slowly relax and come back to the original position after inhaling and exhaling deeply.
You will need to touch your ankles by stretching your back in this pose and this will help in easily toning your abs muscles. Take your hands behind your body and try to hold the ankles of your feet, one hand after the other. It will not just help in decreasing your belly size, but will also help to improve your spinea€™s flexibility.
The knees have to be spaced out a wee bit so that the weight of your body is evenly distributed on both the knees.
You need to tighten up your buttocks and abdomen firmly so that you experience contraction in the abdominal muscles. Now tilt your back side slowly while moving your head backwards so that it touches the floor.
It is an asana that will help in strengthening your back muscles if it is done on a regular basis. It is also important for you to make sure that your body is getting the adequate hours of rest and sleep for these yogasanas to be making a huge impact on your body fat. Certain postures in yoga help to promote the production of hormones which in turn lead to positive feelings and a definite mood change. The breathing techniques incorporated in yoga help one to bring large amounts of oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body. It is best to go to an experienced yoga teacher who would formulate a yoga sequence keeping in mind that the poses are needed to relieve depression. A proper yoga teacher would also help in teaching you breathing exercises which if performed along with the yoga postures.
Certain health troubles and troubles regarding digestion to stress of various things, these postures will help you relax the body, make it more flexible and also make the hormones function properly.
The body becomes relaxed and it is said that these can help a person become relieved from any forms of stress related problems.
It is advisable that you always take supervision of an instructor or doctor, keep medicines, and doctor’s number at hand for any emergency. This is a very basic step which a person needs to do properly by keeping proper focus on breathing. So this form of yoga and the sound of this word “Om” will infact help you energize the brain and enhance the focussing power and also the power of remembering things, improved efficiency, be better able to remember studies.
Now go down by putting pressure this time on your toes so that you are slightly balancing yourself on the toes.
Hold that position and then fold one leg around another and balance yourself on a single leg. The two arms and the portion of body should be parallel on other side with the palms closed together and the first fingers pointing outwards like an arrow in front of you.
You will stand on your two feet which are slightly separated from each other and keep the body straight.
Next hold any leg up with both of your hands and bend it at the knee area to touch it near your upper abdomen.
First you will lie on floor and then stretch hands above your head resting these on floor and the palms should be joined. You will now extend folded hands from the pose 1 and extend body without bending to touch your toes. The hands will be moving up as well when you lift both the legs up, palms will now face sideways away from body.
The knees will rest on the back side of your elbows and this is again not for those having any headache related problems. You can try this by resting your hands and head on the floor and lifting the legs straight upwards.
Here you are required to bend the legs backwards as you keep head and forearms resting on floor. Hold the body at the back including this leg with your two hands as your face faces the floor. Now bend the whole body backwards to rest the head at the floor at the back near your toes and hold toes with hands. Your hands at this point should become joined at palm and be at front of your buttocks and do this by bringing them beneath the legs. Now keep right leg resting on floor with portion from knee to rest on floor and at the same time your hands should be facing the floor and left leg should be bent at knee with palm of feet touching floor.
For the individuals who are amateurs at yoga and have not been after an administration overall ought not to hurry into the same without earlier therapeutic assent.
Give a pleasant upward extend keeping in mind you breathe in, twist sideward towards your left. Have a go at imagining the line stretching out forward through the crown of the head and counter directionally through the tail bone.

I found it to be an extremely effective way of relaxing, de-stressing, stretching my hunched up study shoulders, and re-gaining concentration and energy.
In some cases I feel less at peace with myself if I’m doing yoga with a group of people. However it is a conditioning exercise, so the point of it isn’t the same as cardovascular exercise. This style  is most adequate for people who have already experienced another type of yoga or are aerobic or althetically inclined. It helps increase flexibility and reduces stress as the session acts partially as a mediation class. Heat also assists in warming muscles so this increases the flexibility to a certain degree.  The enhanced heat does come at an expense, most beginners will feel light headed during their initial sessions. Sedentary lifestyle, eating junk foods, stressful work all these contribute to the increase in the waist size of a person. Beginners may not be able to touch the toes at first, so try touching ankles or thighs instead. You need to remain in the position for at least one minute to get maximum benefit for reducing belly fat. The tension that you experience in the body after doing the Naukasana will be eased with a good back stretch in this Ushtrasana. There is no doubt that practicing the above yoga poses everyday for a minimum of 5 to 6 days a week will help you to see a visible difference in your waistline within a few weeks.A  So, start practicing these yoga postures from today and easily shed off the excess fat baggage that you are carrying around your abdomen area. There could be many reasons for depression - stress, a new job, a new home, illness, death of a loved one or even aging. For this you will have to keep the yogic posture and at the same time, you should close your eyes and try to calm the muscles in your body.
This requires balance and you will hold position for 10 counts to 6 counts and come back to original position. First stand relaxed and then hold right leg with right hand and then balance body on left leg keeping left arm stretched outwards.
Now you will extend hands upwards and then bring one hand down to make the palm meet the ground. Next you will be balancing whole body on this as you keep hands folded at palm in front of you and close your eyes. Now you will sit up straight without bending the body or bending the hands such that the hands now will remain straight pointed upwards towards ceiling. Now keep your hands besides you palms facing ceiling and hands should be stuck to the body and not bent.
Now you will be keeping body straight and palms locked, slowly lie down such that the legs are still bent at knees and they your buttocks will rest on the palms of your feet.
Bend the head such that it touches near the knee with forehead and then hold the toes with two hands.
Now exhale air burst out of your lungs in a bit rapid movement and inhale normally with nose. The hands should be stretched besides you on both sides near your head and not near your buttocks. Hold position for 6 counts and bring the right leg forwards and then extend left leg backward and rest it on floor from knee portion. Hold position for 6 counts and bring legs close to make them straight at right angle to your body. The initial three months are the most vital and possibilities of unsuccessful labor are high; accordingly most extreme alert is fundamental amid this present time.
I know several men who practice martial arts or do lots weight lifting who use yoga as part of their weekly workout routine. It is best to start your yoga practice with the help of a trainer, however the following asanas are easy to understand and practice.A  You will be able to control your body and mind in a better way when you start to practice the asanas apart from being able to reduce the fat deposits in the belly. The deep breathing helps in bringing a good level of oxygen to the body and helps in detoxification and burning of fat deposits in the body.
Lift your head towards the sky and keep your arms on either side of the right leg with palms facing the floor. Sip water in between the repetitions if needed and relax for about 15 seconds between each round. The steps are as said above and the difference is that you have to stretch one leg at a time. So if you have problems relating to digestion, you can use these to calm the body and also enhance the metabolic activities. After this inhale completely and deeply with the right nostril and then close opening with thumb. Then place the fist of your hand in grasped shape below your chin with your thumbs touching the throat. You will bend your whole body to hold your feet with two hands by wrapping your hands around them.
Now bend as much as you can so that the hands are kept parallel and your thighs are also parallel to the ground. Now hold pose for 10 counts or 6 counts if it is too difficult and then go back to standing pose. Be careful when doing this because this requires immense balance and extreme practice and supervision. Now hold position keeping body like that and not bend in any way for 6 to 10 counts and release and come back to standing position.
Lift the head too looking at ceiling keeping only the lower stomach on floor till your pelvic area. Stay in that position for 6 counts to 10 counts and then come back to sitting position which will be initially difficult but you will be able to do that with regular practice. Your left side’s leg should be folded in this case and your left hand should rest at elbow on the knee of the leg shifted. Bend the left leg at knee to touch the floor with palm of feet and again hold position with your two hands on sides of this left leg with palms on floor. Here’s a rundown of the top activities proposed for ladies to endeavor amid pregnancy months.
I’m talking about knowing your body, knowing its limits and knowing the energy you can gain from movement and proper breathing. I have taken the poses that I enjoy and kept using them in my stretches and even in my pre-training stretches for other sports.
Nowadays there are many Yoga burning exercise DVDs – what these trainers do is include yoga poses along with cardio moves, so as to get the heart going. Weight lifters can get very muscular and thus lose flexibility, so incorporating yoga into your workout routine can help you keep this flexibility and add length in your muscles.
People with belly fat are prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It has been found that yoga asanas targeting the core or abdominal area are more effective in removing belly fat than the crunches.
The bends also helps in improving the digestive power and strengthening the abdominal muscles.A  They get maximum benefit from this yoga asana and practice it daily in the morning facing the sun.
You can also meditate in this posture by keeping the palms resting on the knees as you keep them folded.
Now you will be breathing deeply inside with your nose to a count of 6 but keep your mouth closed. Your hands at this point will be sent to the back and should touch the area on the other side of knee or the back of knee.
A few years ago I also bought Yoga for Dummies and given I’m more familar with the poses, I now make up my own routine according to how much time I have.
They increase the tempo of the stretch as well so that it becomes more like a breathing and posed focused circuit training routine rather than the slower paced yoga pose by pose routine as we traditionally know it.
Having belly fat will affect the overall appearance of the person and this may affect the self-confidence of the person.
You should however follow a healthy diet, sleep at least 8 to 10 hours and not drink too much caffeine in order to gain benefits from these.
Whether you want to reduce belly fat for health reasons or for achieving a better looking body, you can opt for the various yoga asanas to reduce belly fat.A  Here are some of the top yoga asanas to achieve flat looking belly. You will focus on breathing and you can close your eyes and chant the word “Om” in a deep voice which is not necessarily loud but it such that it reverberates in your ears.
This requires immense practice and there are high chances you can lose balance and fall so supervision is very essential. Keep the both the palms facing the ceiling and then change the position of the right palm by folding the index and middle fingers to rest on the palm.

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