And none of this lean meat stuff either.  Untrimmed meat with fat.  Eat the skin on the chicken!
No sweeteners, no chemicals, no processed food, no fruits, vegetables, grains, nothing but basically meat and water. Tagged no carb diet weight loss, zero carb foods, zero carb recipes, zero carbohydrate foods. I am definitely a ZC eater, as nearly all carbs and dairy cause me grief, but I don’t lose weight as I think I should. Going from a carb based diet to zero carb is a pretty rough transition, although your reaction seems pretty harsh!
I’m thinking you missed the part near the bottom of the post where I made an update to the post? So I guess I am just basically VLC (Very Low Carb) which only gives me a loss of 1-2 pounds a month. I really appreciate all the people who come to visit even though I don’t post very often!
If you support what we do and appreciate the free information that we provide to then please consider purchasing through our links. If you’re starting a low carb diet, on Atkins Induction or trying to enter ketosis quickly, eating the right zero carb foods seriously step up your game.
Many vegetables have no carbs or almost no carbs, including cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, spinach and celery. Heavy cream and whipped cream are excellent options, each having only trace amounts of carbs. There are more than 60 zero carb spices to choose from – but these eight special spices speed up your fat loss. Now Foods erythritol powder is a natural sweetener that’s non-GMO, low glycemic impact and zero calorie.
A complete list of zero carb and almost zero carb foods, arranged by food group and total net carbs. Taking a hybrid approach to weight loss, Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Primal, and Weston A Price guidelines. Since April 6, 2015 I have been eating from the animal kingdom only, mostly meat and some eggs with dairy in the beginning (but no more). EyesightCannot see well in the dark, night blindness encroaching, fuzzy vision in the evening when reading20% improvement but this area needs more work. DepressionTaking 20mg Celexa for depression, but still depressed.Tried to go off of meds and crashed, so am back on them. AllergiesMy eyes would severely water in the mornings and I have also been susceptible to spring allergies.Zero allergies even though it's an early spring here and the pollen is everywhere.

Based on my results, I have decided to go another 30 days on zero carb (and longer), and then get some blood labs and a DEXA scan to check my vitamin and mineral levels.
I think if ZC’er transitions back to Paleo, they will initially gain a little weight due to the added carbs.
I did a zero carb experiment on Hubby this past weekend, and he too has experienced lower blood sugars. As for meat quality, I just last night found that grain-fed meat can derail any well-planned meal intentions…ground turkey, for example.
Now that I have an answer on the fiber thing, I’ll quit worrying about it, and BRING ON THE FAT! Then I ate another one, then another  and then I was off to binge land.  When it was over I knew. Just embarking on this jouney myself, couple of months ago gave up sweetners after a serious two-decade lasting addiction and yesterday declared war on bread with the intention to start ZC. Here are plenty of options to make flavorful, satisfying meals with zero carbs or almost zero carbs and a few suggestions to make things more interesting. According to USDA food lists, Camembert, cheddar, Munster and parmesan cheeses have zero carbs. Atkins prefers sucralose (Splenda), but small amounts (2 to 3 servings) of saccharine (Sweet N Low) are also allowed. Severe cravings especially in the evenings and the afternoons.99% of the time have only had cravings for meat and fat.
I will definitely share my results on this blog and keep you all updated, as I want you to have the best information possible on my experience with a Zero Carb diet. I am LCHF which already makes me a social outcast when it comes to gatherings with food and I do drink wine. I’m planning on staying on this WOE for awhile to see how it goes but will be getting some labs to make sure things are ok.
I can’t see zero carb WOE causing protein B-12 or iron deficiencies though as meat has so much of all of those things.
Seemed easier than I feared because I love (LOVE) bread but in the night I was sick as a dog, gagged out the entire content of my stomach (sorry too much info) and wondered if this could be a side effect of a life long carb based diet – how did your body react in the transition period? Also some mayonnaise in the beginning, then switched to this avocado oil mayo (my one item from a plant). I don’t feel that keto is especially flawed, and it can be good for a lot of people though. I think I would not want to go on living without wine and I truly don’t drink that much or everyday.
I cook up 250g plain ground beef till it barely loses its pink if I feel like I need something.

I don’t mind getting rid of food groups that cause me heartache, cravings and general health problems for pretty much my whole life.
I will definitely be experimenting in the future, but not sure if I’ll ever get to full Paleo again. I knew that I was one of those people in this tribe of ZC’ers who could not tolerate carbs from the plant world. If I do get comments in the lunchroom or wherever, I just say that I eat low carb and that I don’t feel like eating vegetables today. I do plan on making some steak (or just ground beef) tartare and posting my method to the blog. I’m not saying I’ll never eat another carb, but I really want to feel this good for as long as possible!
He was very nice (has never been overweight in his life), but after over 40 years on diets (many prescribed by doctors) I was pissed at his effrontery. Also if I go out to eat, I try to influence the choice of restaurants and I always research ahead of time what options would be best for me.
The emotional side of eating for distraction from anxiety or depression (not so much entertainment for me) is a real challenge. Even the small amounts of carbs in vegetables (which taste sweet to me) can trigger me and cause cravings for other non-desirable foods. I am using some mindfulness techniques to help with that, and walks or bubble baths help too. But what I can say, is that the grieving over carbs in the evening on day 14 when you REALLY just want the comfort of eating a piece of fruit (or worse) is worth the prize at the end. Increased health and weight loss are purely side benefits of this way of eating. After a lifetime of failure in this arena, simply feeling good most of the time is great progress.
Have tried 3 times over 10 years to wean away, feel fine for awhile, and then the depression sneaks up on me.
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