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I was full of obligatory optimism as I hitched the boat up to the Suburban and headed home.
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Maybe there is still room for improvement for this design but I think I have almost reached the limit.
I have no idea of outboard motors and motor boats in general so I am not able to give any information about powering the boat. I understand the limitations of working with only 2 sheets of ply make the materials a driving factor in these designs, most of which are brilliant (and have certainly changed my previous bias against plans based on materials limitations rather than use and ease of building).

I operate a boat with low freeboard, and not only struggle with powerboat wakes and swell, but have realized just how much the average powerboater relies on all nearby boats having significant freeboard.
I am not a naval architect nor do I ply one on TV but a three sheet boat capable of handling a 7 HP motor looks like an impossibilty.
The object of this exercise is to get a boat out of 2 sheets of plywood not to produce an optimal design. The Peeler is intended for smaller outboards, 8hp to 15hp, and with clean lines it will be just the thing for crabbing, fishing, exploring, or just knocking around. The Peeler has a heavier fiberglass layup than the typical CLC rowing or sailing boat, to handle rugged use.
The doubled "sheer strake" or "wale" is another handsome feature, functioning to stiffen the rail and also help knock down spray. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
Maybe not to stand up in and fly cast, but from the house or shore or dock out to the nearby hole where they are, perfect! I try to get the maximum out of the plywood to form a decent boat-like shape with a certain design aim and keep it as simple as I can.

Unfortunately Hungary is looking at an economic meltdown and further supplys of marine plywood may be doubtful. We'll keep you apprised through the spring as we put Peeler #1 through sea trials, capsize-and-flooding trials, and of course lazy-Saturday-fishin' trials. Sheer's off a bit, and maybe a little tumblehome on the transom instead of that chiney thing? Add the propulsive power trying to lift the nose and you need something to counter act this tendency. When you are limited to 2 sheets of ply you get what you can and alter your boating habits to conform to the boat's demands.

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