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For last couple weeks I've been drawing up a longer and taller version of a Brockway Skiff. PC dories also have a ton of fullness forward (esp Terry Learned's boats) to keep from diving into wives. Probably the most FAQ, but I never did weigh it before selling it; guessing around 600 lbs?? Chuck, I really don't think you need them to be honest, as I really don't get any spray in my boat even in 15-20kt winds. If you do put them on, and I see you're in 'Bama, Southern Yellow Pine would be a good choice and easy to work with.
Thanks for the comment, I still go back and look at your skiff build every now and then - very impressive!

Recently I built the Lumberyard Skiff from Old Wharf Dory to replace a metal skiff that I loathed.
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At first I wanted to build a double ended version at about 21' long but after mocking up a 1" to the foot scale model I changed my mind.
She's gonna want to root in anything over a couple feet tall, and getting sideways in the surf has a particularly high level of sucking.
Laminated plywood or some other easy to bend lumber, maybe rip some 1" x 6" down? One take a good look at the outboard well arrangement that the PC dories use, can make launching and recovery a bit easier and safer for the guys pushing you out.

As for a cuddy and a hardtop keep it low and light, pushing out through the breakers can be a chore especially once the wind is up!
As I get closer to Davids age (old) I seem to get chilled easier, so cabin setup may end up heavier than the die hard PC beach launchers would build.

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