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We Offer All Our Galvanized Dexter Axles with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Adjustable Spring Seats included with your Axle Purchase. These hand winches can be used for pulling trailers, cars, boats, bikes, caravans and many more.
Class 2 hitches are medium- to heavy-duty hitches suitable for midsize and larger vehicles, including minivans; this class is not recommended for use with compact cars.
February 22, 2012 Part of successfully building a tiny house trailer is making sure that the actual trailer is street legal including weight limits, width, height, and length allowances, proper lighting, and safe wheels and tires. A week ago we purchased a Haul-Master Deluxe 12 Volt Trailer Light Kit from Harbor Freight for $24.99 as well as a wiring set for about $4. Our tow vehicle already has a 4-pole vehicle end for the hitch so we knew we were in business with this affordable kit.
If no wiring holes are present on your trailer first drill holes suitable for the screws included in kit.
Use the Metal Frame Clips included in the Mounting Hardware Package to mount each half of the Split Y-Style Harness down each side of the trailer. Connect the YELLOW and BROWN wires to the left hand Stop-Tail-turn Light with the Wire Nut Connectors included in the Mounting Hardware Package.
Connect the GREEN and BROWN wires to the right hand Stop-Tail-turn Light with the Wire Nut Connectors included in the Mounting Hardware Package. NOTE: We chose not to use the wire nuts and instead use heat shrink tubing so as to make a more solid connection that will last longer in transit and weather.
To see photos of our experience as well as a special photo of the Tiniest r(E)volution adding her experience to the mix please visit our Flickr site! Equip yourself with the skills to gain corporate sponsors and partners for your tiny house build.
Created and edited by Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Magazine is the only magazine for micro, tiny, small, and unconventional tiny house enthusiasts.

View on FacebookTiny r(E)volution 23 hours ago I am super excited to have heard from ClimateRight about a new product I am sweating to try! This hand winch is finished in Duracoat for added rust resistance which is better than standard Zinc Plating. These winches have been designed to operate under harsh conditions and offer benefits and features not available in other brands.2. These hitches can safely pull a cargo trailer up to 12 feet in length or a boat trailer up to 20 feet.
They incorporate heavier mounting hardware and utilize an under-car receiver attached to the vehicle's frame.
Both utilize weight-distributing mounting brackets to transfer the weight to all of the vehicle's wheels. These hitches are designed for use with full-size trucks and vans and are often used with three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks for commercial towing.
While we have already sandblasted our trailer, primed and painted it, replaced an old tire (which we have now decided to replace them all), and added new leaf springs and hardware, it was time this past Saturday to add the proper lights for breaking, turning, and otherwise signaling. Now I would love to say that the process of installing these lights was incredibly difficult and by installing them I was showcasing my electrical prowess.
You can see below the run of the wires from the rear of the trailer to the tow vehicle hitch. Run the YELLOW and BROWN wires down the left side and GREEN and BROWN wires down the right side of the trailer. Connect each wire from the Marker Clearance Lights to the BROWN wire on each half of the Split Y-Style Harness. If the turn signals on the Light Kit do not illuminate, check the connections between the towing vehicle’s wiring and the Color Coded Trunk Harness. Speaking of regulations, do you know what the maximum legal width is before you have to get a permit?

I appreciate your comments and while I don’t care for our blog to be in the news I would dislike even more us to make the news due to an accident.
This downloadable e-Book will give you the confidence and integrity to approach any sponsor with a Win-Win attitude. Available in PDF and for both iOS and Android devices, the magazine is a digital gem for the tiny house set! They have been a solid company since I heated and cooled our #tinyhouse back in 2010 and I have no doubt this new Ductless Mini Split (a DIY install, nonetheless) is going to be amazing for small spaces!
Hitches in this class can safely pull an automobile-transport or a boat trailer up to 24 feet in length. They are designed to handle very large loads such as large horse-trailers, enclosed car-trailers, boat-trailers of more than 24 feet in length, large campers, etc. Truth of the matter is it is rather easy to wire up a trailer and once you are familiar with what your hitch has, what your kit has, and what you need to be street legal, the rest is just a bit of elbow grease. The brighter Stop Lights should turn on only when the vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed, or when the vehicle’s turn signal is activated (ignition key must be in its “on” position).
And as an added bonus we have included templates for email requests, traditional letters, and even cold calls. Granted, I literally wrote the book on making a brand of yourself in the tiny View on Facebook·ShareTiny r(E)volution 2 days ago Now that we are #smallhomestead living my fields of interest are varying just a bit. Dexter Axle galvanized boat trailer axles are Hot-Dipped Galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance and superior protection from salt water.

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