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Answer: It is not recommended unless it is made specifically for boat transporting since the wind may blow it off or at minimum scratch your boat up. Answer: If you have your boat shrink wrapped for transport make sure it is professionally done.
Boat builders and boat lovers alike are always coming up with awesome new ideas and innovations to enhance your entire boating experience. The Surf Gate, originally created for an on water event hosted by Malibu Boats in 2013 to enhance and improve the activity of wakesurfing on all levels. If you love boating then you’ve probably thought about working from your precious boat quite a few times.

We’re not talking about all of the regular eight or ten foot pontoons, popping up all over the United States.
Also view details on their Fishing Boats, Deckboat, Runabout, Utility Boats, and Jon Boats.
Take a look at their Orion Series, Saturn Series, Cruise Series, and their Starfish Series.
In some cases the shrink wrap comes apart during transport and causes more damage than good. More often than not, these new ideas are logical and useful that really makes you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before.

Imagine leaving your 9-5 and enjoying a life out on the water, while working on your own terms?
Today’s boats engines are better designed and better built to let you make the most of your time on the water! We carry an additional $200,000 insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen events.

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