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The construction process is similar to a traditional lapstrake boat and the Glouchester Light Dory - upside down on station moulds.
The plans call for the builder to construct a sliding seat mechanism out of rosewood and outriggers from steel or aluminum tubing. It almost seems like the two designers collaborated with each other to make the Row Wing perfectly adapted to the boat. The four attachments consist of two attachments on the gunnels and two attachment assemblies in the bottom of the boat. The Row Wing is assembled according to easy to follow instructions (or, probably, just common sense). Each leveling foot will attach to the bottom assemblies with a minor amount of adjustment, and you are ready to row. Two chines hull and a flat bottom, stitch and glue epoxy assembly, with fiberglass butt joins. The plans details all the parts dimension for both models, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, a complete building sequence in 3D and some detail pictures.
The junk rig sail is a major part of the design, with a hinged batten system that improves performance to windward.
Jangadas are traditional fishing boat on the north coast of Brazil, originally simple log rafts. The Jangada 488 is a special surf scow, with the choice of a Bermudian or a crab claw rig, barn door or lifting rudder, and optional seating wings. I recommend using epoxy, without glass fiber, on the bottom of the hull, chines and all edges.
The plans details all the parts dimension for both models, the parts nesting on plywood sheets for CE, US and Brazil formats, and a complete building sequence in 3D. 14 foot simple cruising sailboat for two overnight or three for a day cruise, design for protected or inlands waters.
The plans detail all the dimensions of the parts, how the parts nest on plywood sheets, a  complete building sequence in 3D and some detail pictures. I recommend the use of epoxy, without glass fiber, on the bottom of the hull, chines and all edges.

The plans detail all the dimensions of the parts, how the parts nest on plywood sheets, a  complete building sequence in 3D and a bunch of pictures of my own project. Editor says:  My fancies in boat building are always in a state of flux, especially when it comes to that next BIG boat I will build. To take my wife and I out in the waters of Puget Sound and Hood Canal, from the farthest southern shallow water reaches, to the San Juans via the backside of Whidbey Island and the Swinomish Channel. Ideally, I’d like to design my own boat, though that could be risky enough to make that a bit foolish. The designer says:  About once a year I drive along the Washington side of the Columbia river, from Vancouver to the coast. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a shallow draft houseboat to explore this area over a summer, and when my friend Brad asked me to draw him a motorized houseboat for use on the big river, I forget its name, that flows through Cincinnati, I immediately thought of my long time interest in floating the lower Columbia.
If the “Coupala” was the pilot house, the caboose would be about the same as RIVER WALKER, as these photos show! This boat’s concept calls for outboard power because that is the easiest to install and allows you access to shallow water without the worry of damaging underwater running gear.
The plans for this boat can be modified without much fear of hurting anything,; this is a very low tech ship. The materials specs are given at the end of this article but I never did work up how much of what you’ll need. It would be a boat that wouldn’t be ideal for high winds and huge waves, but with careful planning and enough time to be able to wait for good weather, it could explore Puget Sound, especially if you use the back ways behind all the big islands.
As opposed to the upper Columbia which calls for a different type of houseboat which RUFUS fits the bill for. It has a warm pilothouse with good visibility and a 3′ wood spoke wheel like a good riverboat must have. The rest of the space is devoted to seating, bookshelves, and a huge dinette table that converts to a monster bed at night. Access to the forward deck is via the wheelhouse’s side doors, and in the bow there is a long gangway controlled by a boat trailer winch mounted on the wheelhouse roof.
They usually have alternators on them so you can charge your batteries, and many today are even four cycle.

Hopefully she got the bow mounted hinged boarding ramp, the picnic table, and the beach umbrella…. You’ll see some little production cruisers with forward cabins smaller than this that sleep 4 people PLUS have the head. It also can serve as a diving board, although I wouldn’t do that in the Columbia if I were you! As the city sucks that huge lake down to nothing all sorts of neat canyons are coming back to view, and this guy would be a fine tool for exploring it all. Having the bed double as a table or couch may seem like trouble, but it really isn’t and it allows you to have BOTH a big dinette area and a huge bed.
He’s powered it most of the way to Alaska and back like that, quietly, running at about 7 knots which is a civilized speed, burning hardly any gas.
If there is such a thing as hell, it must be a place where you have to live in a typical plastic production boat interior….
We own an antique wood railroad caboose sitting right on the beach sand on the Washington coast.
He then trailered it to the Mississipi, launched, weent through The Keys, up the Intercoastal, into Canada, then down the Miss again to his trailer.
Pressure treated southern yellow pine is inexpensive and will serve for all structural parts.
It’s pretty hard to beat the modern small outboard for reliability and value for cost. This barge boat offers the potential for a great deal of recreational pleasure for a relatively small amount of money, as long as you don’t get carried away and start building her like she was some sort of classic racing yacht.

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