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Alloy Yachts has recently launched its new flagship, an all-aluminium 67.2m sailing yacht named Vertigo.
Previously known as hull number AY41, Vertigo was built in 29 months, and has already set some significant records. With sea trials scheduled very soon, Vertigo will be delivered before the Northern Hemisphere Summer. Sailing Yacht VERTIGO is a Philippe Briand designed, Alloy Yachts constructed vessel of 220 foot in length over all with the interior design from Christian Liaigre.
With an air clearance restricted to 68m (for access to the Suez Canal) and a draft restriction of 5m, the designer of the AY41 Vertigo Sailing Yacht was particularly concerned with enhancing efficiency of the sail plan and keel.
Superyacht Vertigo is expected to reach a speed of about 20 knots under sail with a true wind speed of 20 knots. With a use of engine power she can reach a maximum speed of 17 knots and maintain a cruising speed of 12 knots with an estimated range of over 4000 nautical miles.
The main lazarette of the sailing yacht Vertigo is situated in the middle of the vessel rather than aft.
Particular attention has been given to the exterior relaxing areas, cockpit and flying bridge, affording the possibility to be outside and sheltered as you wish.
Inside Vertigo sailing yacht is extremely comfortable; light floods in all around, as the designer intended especially in the saloon on the main deck. The lower deck layout shows 4 x guest rooms and huge owner’s state room aft.  The passage from this cabin leads directly to the lazarette and swim platform.
Sailfish powercats were top-five aluminium fishing boats at Australia’s Greatest Boats three years running.
The Quintrex Hornet Trophy F500 may resemble a wakeboat but it still makes for a seriously practical fishing platform. Quintrex Hornets are well established in the world of tournament-style fishing boats, but on show at a Telwater-Quintrex media day, two new boats really leapt out from the pack.
This forked-bow proved intriguing, looking like a hybrid of a newer wakeboarding boat crossed with a dedicated tournament fishing boat. When standard hulls taper to a Vee, you naturally lose deck room or casting space on the bow.
Being a prototype-model, this boat wasn’t pimped-out with all the bells and whistles found standard on many tournament boats, but it had everything in the right spots for future customisation. At the helm, the console is compact and comfortable to drive using side-mount controls and non-feedback steering.
I was surprised to see only a 115hp bolted to the rump of this baby, as the norm on this style of boat would be to fit something resembling supersonic jet propulsion — Mach 4 with your hair on fire is standard for the bass chasers.
Alongside this healthy get-up-and-go, other ride characteristics included phenomenal stability both at rest and underway.

But beyond everything else, what every boat owner demands is a safe, quality ride and it’s fair to say the F500 delivers. This new Quintrex F500 is an absolutely unique machine on the water, and has a number of really good characteristics, from the layout to the performance.
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At 837 GRT, she’s not only the largest yacht to be launched in New Zealand but also in the whole Southern Hemisphere.
Mainsail and mizzen sail include roaches with have never been seen or used on yachts of her size. She will definitely outperform the already existing mega sailing yachts also with light winds of less then 10 knots.
The aft cockpit is especially well protected by a large hard-top that incorporates a louvre system and by lateral sliding windows. Amongst a lineup of the brand’s latest and greatest, the baby Hornet Trophy was a standout, but it was the prototype Hornet F500 that totally stole the limelight.
The result is best described as a tournament fishing boat that looks quite similar to a Malibu or MasterCraft, at least up forward.
By extending the sponsons forward on the F500, this has also maintained the beam width right through to the foremost tip of the bow, improving stability on the craft and creating a far larger casting deck with loads more storage.
I liked the fact they have dedicated dual-battery trays up in the bow, as boat this size would almost certainly cop a good-sized trolling motor, and likely use a 24V system which requires some serious power. However, the F500 Hornet is only rated to 115hp and after giving it horns on the water, I was more than happy with the performance from E-TEC.
The F500 also carries a bit more freeboard and higher decks than many boats, which of course, keeps you drier in the choppy conditions.
French duo Philippe Briand and Christian Liaigre are responsible for her very modern design both outside and in, and she has an interior layout that will accommodate 10 guests in a full-beam master suite, three doubles and a twin. Her almost vertical bow allows greater waterline length, thus making for a considerable improvement in speed both under sail and engine power. This gives the aesthetic a very sleek appearance to the AY41 Vertigo yacht which is unique for a yacht of this size.
The flybridge is open but on demand it can be protected by a removable bimini top and a large dodger. The perfect integration of deck saloon and cockpit create a seamless living area 30 m long. The bow design on this prototype had three tips, an extended port and starboard tip with one smaller centre tip. The result is a much larger boat internally and another positive attribute is the ability to comfortably fish two-up on the forward deck.

The rest of the casting deck comprises good sized storage lockers with significant volume due to the higher deck. Low down, the hole shot is gutsy and fast and once you hit the 4000rpm mark, it’s like a turbo kicking in, shooting you to Wide-Open-Throttle pretty damn fast. This all comes back to that innovative hull design — virtually a semi tri-hull with a deep-vee running down the keel before flaring to those outer sponsons. I found the hull to be relatively quiet and gentle on my spine when knocking through the chop, thanks to that new blade hull design. This also makes it suitable for bay conditions as well as sweetwater, where that extra elevation on the casting decks could make sight fishing a bit easier. This is another first on a boat of this size, made possible via the technology of mast builders Southern Spars. On the newest models, they’ve done away with the centre tip, creating a "V" shape within the bow, rather than a "W". Plus, with more hull on the water, the boat will track better when using the electric motor. This gives you a number of options — they can be left as standard storage, or converted to your requirements — say, an extra plumbed livewell. Down below, the console has been kept open which enables you to stretch out the legs or the space can be used to place an Esky or tackle box out of the way.
The hull remains level, even when knocked hard into turns and also interesting was the hull’s tendency to drift in turns. Overall the iconic Quintrex brand has done a great job producing a tournament boat suited to tournament angling.
A notable addition was the large anchor well — something not normally found on tournament boats.
At the stern we find another casting deck platform which also features deep spacious storage hatches and has a solid livewell for those bream or bass caught during tournaments.
Sure, there’s no major bling on this one, but the options list has enough on it to provide total customisation.
As a tournament or lure angler you might never use it and you’ve gained an extra storage bin, but if you’re a bait aficionado, this setup lets you anchor up with ease.
And this means it’s a vessel that will appeal to both standard lure anglers and tournament fishers alike.

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