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I have had this Mesa 8 tent for 7-8 years and have never had a problem, except which way the rain fly goes. I have had very good results with all Alpine Design gear, but these water sandals bought a few years ago, but little used, just fell apart. Most recently, the name "Alpine Design" has been used by The Sports Authority for its house-brand camping gear. The skis and boots were developed over months of top secret design meetings, held in the dusty vaults of the Bally archive in Schonenwerd, after Wallpaper* united the two Swiss brands for its Handmade project. The zai for Bally ski features two groundbreaking world-first innovations: a natural leather surface and asymmetrical geometry. The skis also feature signature zai innovations including stainless steel upper edges and natural rubber trim.
The hiking boots are the work of Pablo Coppola, Bally’s recently appointed Design Director, with input from zai.
Simon worked closely with Pablo, whose impressive credentials include previous posts at Tom Ford, Dior, Burberry and Alexander McQueen. Simon took elements of shoe design as his inspiration when designing the ski, and spent hours pouring over the Bally archives before arriving at his final design. Bally’s Pablo Coppola was similarly enthusiastic about the project, despite not being a skier himself. Pablo has worked with some major designers in his time, but he was still impressed by the perfectionism that Simon brought to the project. Pablo and Simon trawled through Bally’s huge shoe archive together and found inspiration from classic boot designs from the 1950s and 60s.
The moon has been a source of fascination for centuries, appearing in numerous poems and artworks. The city everyone loves has been photographed, filmed, sketched, and painted countless of times.

Vintage Cars have an unmistakable charm, but Italian vintage cars are in a league of their own.
The Alpine Oxford, a new tan colored classic hiking-inspired low top shoe is presented as part of Timberland’s premium heritage line Abington.
The small village of Gateira is built on a hill overlooking the southern tip of Serra da Estrela in Portugal. The Garmont Radium features the Rapid Thermo Liner with 4 foam densities for specific comfort and support, a low-profile lacing system and extra reinforcement around the cuff for comfort and performance. The Garmont Luster is equipped with the VELCRO® Brand Fastener Power Strap for secure, broad, powerful pressure distribution and 4 wide open buckles that allow for easier, unrestricted touring.
The Radium’s responsive multi-injected lower shell and cuff are built from Pebax® for the lightest weight and least temperature sensitivity. The Garmont Radium Alpine Touring Ski Boots have a forward lean of 25 degrees to give you the most control possible and are free for walking. First a glued-in left sole floated away in the Yama River, Steamboat, Colo., where the hydraulic is located. As part of the same project, Bally has produced a hiking boot concept inspired by the zai design ethos.
Classic with a contemporary twist, their rugged, functional design is modelled on vintage Bally alpine wear from the 1950s. Simon, in keeping with zai’s focus on functionality and comfort, insisted on trying boots on himself before eventually choosing a favourite on which to model the new boot. Both items have since been included on a shortlist of ‘best designs’ chosen by Wallpaper* to be exhibited during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York throughout May. Complete with a set of contrasting dark brown laces that match the color of its padded ankle trim.
The construction of the Radium uses a high overlap flex insert to give greater walking freedom and which doubles as a handle for very easy entry.

You will often find the addition of layers of metal, carbon, bamboo, or other stringers in these. I use it every time I go camping! The original model can easily fit two people and their stuff (so long as it's not a giant backpack). Thinking the shoes were OK, I stepped on a rock in the river to get a grip, got swept backwards fast and banged my lower back hard on a pointed rock. The Alpine Oxfords are perfectly suitable for city living due its easy to wear silhouette, at the same time the Vibram sole keeps these low tops just as durable and rugged as the classic Timberland’s outdoor boots. Wrap design that allows the cuff and lower shell to function independently when hiking yet it buckles down securely to descend like the best alpine boots. A soft-silicone-like water-seal gasket between the shells overlap seals out snow and moisture. Wrap overlap design making the Garmont Radium built for lightning fast response and comfort.
Mine didn't come with a rainfly so I can't use it during bad weather, but it definitely stays put in the wind and although you do have to stake it down I've never had a real problem with being about to do that. The mountain is yours for the taking this season in the Garmont Radium Alpine Touring Ski Boots. Even though this unit doesn't use standard tension rods, the theory of the support is similar.

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