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Australian boatbuilder Roger Mutimer is developing an alternative to a high-performance stepped hull: a completely aerated hull. Recent tests show the hull with a Mercury 300XS racing outboard on the back; with 35 gal of fuel and she came in at 2,646 lbs. I remember a guy in NY (I think) that was playing with blowing pressurized air into the steps. I am sure it is a unique design for a V hull but the SCB 25 ft stingray Cat which utilizes an American Offshore hull with a shallow water modification and fishing deck by Simmons customs boats has run 73 mph with 40 gallons of fuel and 5 batteries with the Mercury 300XS racing outboard on the back.
All SPECMAR welded aluminum hulls have been specifically designed for welded aluminum construction and computer guided cutting.
At speed the AO cat runs with less than 1 ft of the bottom in the water and aeration is not necessary.

We have a large product line including Aluminum Drift Boats, Aluminum Monohull Boats, Aluminum Catamarans, Aluminum Special Purpose Boats, Aluminum RIBs (rigid-hull inflatable boats), Aluminum Landing Craft, and various styles of Aluminum Work Boats. A welder by trade, Roger Mutimer says he has been designing and building aluminum boats for many years; they range in size from 13' to 75'.
The run reached 70.1 mph and then the throttle was released, and the boat stopped as though he had put his foot on the brake. The lift generated by air passing through the tunnel gives so much aerodynamic lift and much less hydrodynamic drag that aeration of such a small running surface isn't necessary.
First of all, all my testings were carried out on Moreton Bay in calm and white cap conditions. The concept is not to try to get the hull out of the water, where you have no control, but to keep the hull on the water and use its movement over the water to draw air in so as to create a completely aerated hull.

A problem found with many of the stepped-chine racing hull is that everything stops at the step.
So when it comes down and hits the water, the water hydraulics up into the step, forcing the hull to go in the opposite direction.

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