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Lund's meticulous design and engineering has created boats delivering the perfect balance of performance and strength. Lund’s exclusive IPS, IPS2, and IPS3 technology provides unmatched control and a smoother, drier ride. Lund’s pronounced center keel keeps your boat tracking true, and helps the boat react instantly to subtle steering movements, giving you the ability to maneuver with precision at any speed.
The flat pad in the center of the hull delivers clean water to the motor and gives maximum lift, reducing drag without sacrificing stability, for a greater top speed.
Precision molds developed by Lund give our Fiberglass boats true straightness within the composite fiberglass structure, providing durability and consistency in performance. From our automotive paint finishes to our carpet installation and marine grade treated plywood used throughout the boat, you can rest assured your Lund will turn heads season after season. Lund strategically injects closed-cell foam (formulated to handle marine conditions) into all our boats.

Designed for freshwater pickup, your catch receives a fresh intake of oxygenated water from underneath the boat. Our Prolong livewell is a two-pump system designed to allow maximum oxygenation, creating a healthy and calm environment for your catch. Our aerated livewell circulates fresh air throughout the livewell to keep your catch healthy while out on the big water.
Our SportTrak™ system allows you to mount and relocate rod holders, cup holders, and even downrigger brackets anywhere along the side of your boat. Our ProTrak™ system allows you to attach bumper cleats and covers to the outside of your boat. Lund’s lifetime warranty gives you the best overall coverage ever available on hull material and workmanship. It’s not uncommon to own a Lund for 5 or 10 years and get your original cost back on resale.

Every connection is tight and consistent, with uniform rivet patterns and construction with clean lines for unwavering performance year after year. Dealers love to see Lunds because they know they’ll be selling them off the floor in no time.
The longitudinal construction maintains the alignment of the boat and allows us to meet tolerances within 1000ths of an inch.

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