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Photo 2—Left, a coarse 3M® Roloc™ Bristle Disc did a good job of removing paint around the repair after it was hammered back into shape. For the patch, we cut a single piece of 745 (12 oz) Episize™ Glass Fabric for the outside and three pieces (in diminishing sizes) for the inside. We started with the single layer outside patch, applying it to the hull centered over the hole and smoothing it into the thickened mixture (Photo 6).
Photo 6—A single layer of glass was applied to the outside of the hull and smoothed into the thickened epoxy.
Photo 7—Three layers of glass were laid in position on the inside of the hull and lightly squeegeed to remove trapped air. Stick N Bond RV Tank & Roof Repair Kit, 6" x 6" Patch, AluminumRepairs tanks, roofs or any surface where tensile strength is desired and flexibility is not essential. CUSTOM BOAT MFG BOAT COVERSABOUT CUSTOM BOAT MFG BOATSBased in the state of Louisiana, Custom Boat Manufacturing Incorporated features an abundant range of flat-bottom and utility boats. John Kennedy offered his old 15' Michi-Craft canoe, saying he would bring it down from his cabin at the end of hunting season.
The metal had yielded, so we cut away enough of the torn edges to allow the aluminum to lie fair. Stopper holes were drilled at the end of each tear, and the surface was prepared by wet sanding with 80-grit.

Working away from the canoe, we stacked up the three inner patches and squeegeed them to make sure there was no entrapped air. Click Here ALUMINUM FISHING BOATS - WALK THRU WINDSHIELD ABOUT WALK THRU WINDSHIELD BOATS  Calling all fishermen! Assembling tough aluminum-welded workboats, the vessel built by Custom Boat Manufacturing are crafted to the specifications of the buyer.
Not smiling, he asked a few weeks later “just how big a repair we could handle.” It turned out John jack-knifed his utility trailer on an icy road, punching a fist-sized hole in the stern quarter of the canoe (Photo 1).
Cut up and placed in the green city recycling bins, the canoe could be gone the next trash day. A hammer and an auto-body bucking dolly gave us reasonable control in getting the hull close to its original shape. Finally, we mixed 406 Colloidal Silica with the residual adhesive in our cup to make a thickened mixture suitable for filling the holes and cutaways in the canoe (Photo 5).
We then centered the stack of patches over the hole on the inside of the hull and carefully laid it into place (Photo 7). This “toughened” fairing compound smoothed the outside for better hydrodynamics and the inside for cleanliness and additional scuff resistance.
Checking the mental Rolodex for the friend with the TIG welder and the associated skill to weld such wounds in thin gauge aluminum was another option.

We drilled stopper holes at the end of each tear to reduce the potential for crack propagation. Or perhaps finding another friend, who is convinced that a torch and brazing rod in the hands of an artist will solve almost anything.
We then checked the outside of the hull to make sure that the pressure on the adhesive in the holes was not pushing the outer patch out of fair.
It can easily be stored as well as attached to a trailer so you don't have to worry about storage expenses!
Our 16,000 square foot factory is fully complemented by state-of-the-art machinery and a dedicated staff of marine design and fabrication professionals.
We used a coarse 3M® Roloc™ Bristle Disc to remove paint both inside and outside, giving ourselves plenty of bonding surface area around the hole (Photos 2 & 3). When satisfied with the patch placement and fairness, inside and out, we let the patch cure overnight.
Check out the Photo Gallery for some examples of what we have custom fabricated for some of our customers.

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