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It was the best lesson for my 11 year old daughter, always look at the best, always look at what could be and always have a vision.
Hello Friends, I am the proud owner of Jestco Products Buffing Supply and I have a 1967 - 17ft Airstream Caravel travel trailer. Our buffs are 100% cotton and can be used with Jestco Products buffing compounds to buff your airstream camper to a mirror finish.
Our products are custom made, by my family business in the USA since 1980, using the finest materials. Buffing wheels come standard with A? inch center hole and fit the side grinder adaptor supplied. Just checking the Forum to see if anyone can recommed a decent aluminum boat polishing compound for my Alumaweld Formula Vee? Be prepared to dedicate 40 hours to it, it takes for ever if your boat is bad enough you think it needs it. To those who ask why I am 'polishing" my boat I would ask them to come over and see what 8 years of constant use and salt spray can do to a $50,000 Formula Vee! I put polishing in quotes because I want my boat to look good; just wait until they see what I can get for a well maintained boat if I decide to sell it. The fish that come to those who wait, might be the fish left by the people who got their first. I have a North River Seahawk (20' Aluminum fishing boat with offshore bracket) since April. It is in pretty good shape, but now I want to use Meguiers Marine Metal Polish and clean it up good. Going along with this, what can we do to protect the aluminum after its polished like that? Some of our metal polishes leave behind a protective coating, I know NXT All Metal Polysh does I'll have to check on the rest. Our old Marine catalogs before 2005 when we discontinued M16 would recommend M16 for brightwork, (shiny metal), on boats to protect them in marine environments.

I dont have any recent pictures of my boat, buy my friend Pat (Bagley) had the same thing done to his new Motion Marine. Actually I would have financed something like that as well as the TR 1 if I knew about them 5 years ago when I bought my boat. Well, I had 2 guys helping me polish my boat, before I found out about this wonderfull vinyl product.
Unfortunately I did all this before the Vinyl, so under all that vinyl is a nice shiny boat.
Heavy Cut Aluminum Compound is designed to be buffed with a Level One, Pre-polish, Acrylic, Wool Pad on a circular machine polisher.
At about 9 pounds, this polisher is an easy-to-use weight and size, and the side handle can be moved to the left or right to accommodate each user's preference--very handy.
I decided to buff this camper because of a bet that it couldnt be polished in less than 200hrs. These are the same buffs used by many professional in automotive restoration, custom motorcycle shops, jewelers, gun and knife dealers. Using an automotive paint stripper, I use aircraft stripper from automotive paint supply stores, brush on surface and scrap with scrap blade before it dries.
Use mineral spirits to clean the excess compound from the surface, especially around the rivets. Use the same process outlined in step (a-d) with the smaller 4 inch buffs to detail around the windows vents and lower trim areas. Using the buffer wrapped in the cotton cloth apply a small amount of Wenol polish to face of buffer (about the size of a dime). I had roughly 50 man hours into it, I had to buy a new buffer and some Mother's polish and Shark Hide aluminum stripper, to pull off the Sharks Hide I had on there since new in February. This is the polish that does the really hard work and, like the workhorse, gets very little attention. The variable-speed trigger switch allows you to vary the rate of speed when you're polishing, slowing down or speeding up depending on the application (0 to 2,800 rpm), so it's easy to be precise.

EZ-Way Metal Polishing has built its reputation on trust, reliability and above all quality of work. Your Airstream will require more attention to the front of the camper because of the pitting and road debris and will usually take more patience than the rear. Then he used Mother's polishing with the buffer and finished by hand with Heavy Metal Green.
It took me a couple weeks with a polisher starting with rubbing compond, rouge bricks, and working down to finer polishing rouge. Most of the articles I have read indicated that this process would take anywhere from 250 to 600 hrs. This pad requires your polisher be fitted with a 7 inch Hook and Loop Backing Plate such as our FBP-7C. Apply a 3-inch diameter circle of Pro Polish directly to the pad and place the machine against the surface before turning it on. I have developed the following process and was able to buff my Airstream to a mirror finish in less than 40 hours with the following process. Heavy Cut Aluminum Compound is designed to take weathered, chalky, dull and spotted bare metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and blended metals and create a uniform, SATIN finish ready for "Step Two", gloss polishing.
It quickly removes surface rust from chrome and will buff out harsh stains in stainless steel.
This is an ammonia-based paste, packed with diminishing-abrasives, formulated to stick to vertical surfaces to make large panel polishing quick and easy. Seems spendy, but we did 2 coats on my boat, and 2 coats on a buddies 21ft CustomWeld with some leftover for touchups.

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